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Thu, 26 Nov 2020
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Toronto crushes snowfall record with 19.4 cm falling on Sunday

Toronto crushed a snowfall record for Nov. 22 with Sunday's winter storm, but all that snow should be gone by the end of the week with the arrival of warmer temperatures.

Environment Canada had issued a snowfall warning, and the weather didn't disappoint. According to the weather agency, 19.4 centimetres of snow fell at Pearson airport, breaking the previous Nov. 22 record of 7.6 cm in 2007.

The last time a similarly significant snowfall occurred around this time of the year was nearly 70 years ago on Nov. 6, 1951, when the city was hit with 13.2 centimetres of snow.


Flash floods hit Calabria, Italy - 18 inches of rain in 48 hours

Floods in Crotone, Calabria, Italy, November 2020.
© Government of Calabria
Floods in Crotone, Calabria, Italy, November 2020.
Over 200 people were rescued from floods in southern Italy over the weekend 20 to 22 November after more than 450mm of rain in 48 hours.

Torrential rain the Italy's Calabria Region caused severe flooding in the provinces of Crotone and Cosenza, causing widespread damage. The regional government has requested a state of emergency.

Italy's fire and rescue service, Vigili del Fuoco, said teams had carried out over 400 interventions for flooding and rescued 200 people.

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7 killed in landslide caused by heavy rain in Antioquia, Colombia

Landslide in Puerto Valdivia Antioquia Colombia, 23 November 2020.
© DAGRAN, Antioquia
Landslide in Puerto Valdivia Antioquia Colombia, 23 November 2020.
More people have died in landslides caused by heavy rain in the department of Antioquia, Colombia.

The department's disaster authority, DAGRAN Antioquia, reported that a landslide struck in the village of Cachirime in Puerto Valdivia, Valdivia municipality on 23 November 2020.

Two commercial buildings were buried in the landslide. After search and rescue operations were completed, DAGRAN Antioquia confirmed that 7 people had died and 12 were injured.

The fatalities in Puerto Valdivia bring the total number of rain-related deaths in the department to 17 since the start of the second rainy season in September this year. According to DAGRAN, landslides caused 1 fatality in Yarumal and 5 in Dabeiba, while flash floods caused 1 fatality in Betulia, 1 in Chigorodó and 2 in Mutatá where floods struck on 21 November after the Sucio River overflowed. Three minors were rescued by helicopter.


Rare tornado outbreak hits northern parts of Turkish Cyprus causing widespread damage

Damaged buildings and vehicles are seen in the aftermath of a tornado, in the Girne district, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)
Damaged buildings and vehicles are seen in the aftermath of a tornado, in the Girne district, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), Nov. 21, 2020.
Tornadoes hit the Girne (Kyrenia) district of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) late Friday, inflicting significant damage on businesses, homes and the power grid.

Coastal settlements of Ozanköy, Çatalköy, Karşıyaka and Lapta Hotels Region were particularly damaged with strong winds ripping off rooftops, trees and power lines. Three people were slightly wounded due to falling objects.

The Teknecik Power Plant, the main electricity plant of the TRNC, was also affected as a transformer blew up, causing blackouts in the town of Girne and adjacent settlements.

Comment: As well as tornadoes in this region, medicanes are becoming part of the new normal, but not as a result of 'climate change' (formerly referred to as 'global warming' by the MSM).

See main comment on this article: Unusual Mediterranean cyclone 'Ianos' hits Western Greece

Other rare or late-season tornadic activity elsewhere includes:


86 km long road closed after foot of fresh snow fall in Kashmir

Razdan Top, Gurez

Razdan Top, Gurez
The 86 km long Gurez Bandipora road closed for traffic, after Razdan top received 12 inches fresh snow which led to the slippery condition of the road.

Officals told that Boder Roads organization is on job to clear snow on Gurez bandipora road, adding that Gurez recived 5 inches snow at Dawar and adjoining areas, how ever mechanical engineering department has deployed two snow cates to clear interior roads.

Sub divisional magistrate,Gurez Mudasir Ahmad told KNS that they have dumped food and supplies and the DG set fuel, which will suffice till May while medicines have also been stocked up in the Gurez Valley.

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Cyclone Gati hits Somalia as country's strongest storm on record after explosive intensification - at least 4 dead

Tropical Cyclone Gati

Tropical Cyclone Gati
The system's winds increased by nearly 70 mph in just 12 hours.

Tropical Cyclone Gati struck the arid nation of Somalia on Sunday as the equivalent of a Category 2 hurricane with 105 mph winds, making it the strongest storm on record to hit the country. The cyclone made landfall after undergoing an extraordinary period of rapid intensification, at one point attaining the strength equivalent to a Category 3 storm, with 115 mph maximum sustained winds.

Its landfall was farther south than any major hurricane-equivalent cyclone on record in that part of the world as well.

Comment: Somalia's strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded could drop 2 years' rain in 2 days

Ice Cube

Extreme freezing rain storm cripples Vladivostok infrastructure, 5 days later residents still without electricity and heat

© Sputnik / Tatyana Meel
Some residents of Vladivostok are now on their fifth day without power, after devastating freezing rain fell last week. Many have been moved to temporary accommodation, while others complain of no water or heat.

Vladivostok, Russia's Far Eastern capital, is no stranger to extreme weather, but the latest situation has caught even its residents by surprise. In certain districts, where electricity and water have not yet been restored, the military is handing out food and water from temporary field kitchens. As of Sunday, despite power being returned to most homes, around 60,000 residents still remain without electricity. Other nearby cities, such as Artyom, are also affected.

Comment: SOTT logged this event when it occurred 5 days ago but to see that Vladivostok - a region that is used to extremely low temperatures - is still struggling to cope, gives us an idea of just how unusual this event was.

And it's not just Russia that is extraordinary cold:


Rare late-season tornado confirmed in Ontario, Canada

Ontario storm damage
© westernuNTP | Twitter
The tornado damaged several properties as it tore through the northern part of the community, though no injuries were reported.

The strong storms that rolled through southern Ontario last weekend have produced at least one tornado, a rarity in November.

The tornado happened in the early afternoon on November 15th, cutting a path through the northern GTA community of Georgetown, with downed trees and some roof damage reported, though no injuries.

The Western University-based Northern Tornadoes Project confirmed the tornado on Friday, estimating the twister had EF1 winds of 135 km/h and a damage track of 3.7 km and a width of more than 300 metres.

Comment: Record-breaking winds shake ground, send debris flying in Ontario


Large scale dust storm covers Upington, South Africa

For several days now, a zone of active convection has dominated South Africa. Somewhere it becomes the cause of thunderstorms with hail and downpour, and in the city of Upington, South Africa, November 21, 2020, it caused a large-scale dust storm of the "hubub" type. The passage of a dust storm ended with a powerful downpour.

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Growing sinkhole concerns residents in San Diego, California

A gaping hole in an Allied Gardens hillside has many residents worried of a potential catastrophe.

Outside of John and Sandy Knox's bedroom window is a massive sinkhole that has already swallowed up their tree. The couple fears their home could be next.

A broken-down drain pipe that is 50 feet deep and 60 feet wide is believed to be the cause of the hole.

On Tuesday, ABC 10News spotted City of San Diego crews taking measurements and assessing the sinkhole.