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Homes evacuated and roads cut off as storms hit southern France - 4 inches of rain in just 5 hours

The Auberge de Fourcès is one of the businesses to be severely affected by flooding
The Auberge de Fourcès is one of the businesses to be severely affected by flooding.
Homes and businesses had to be evacuated and roads remain closed in parts of southern France after heavy storms brought severe flooding and mudslides overnight June 8-9.

There were more than 100 fire brigade interventions, particularly in the towns of Eauze, Montréal, and Fourcès in Gers (Occitanie).

Homes and businesses were affected, including those in the central square of Fourcès, where the restaurant Auberge De Fourcès was completely flooded.

Forecaster Météo France said that more than 100 mm of rain fell in the north-west of the department between 21:00 and 02:00, causing severe damage in places, and leading to the rehoming of 33 people, of which nine people needed to be rescued.

Comment: Further south a day later: June storms hit Spain's Costa Blanca sparking shocking flash flooding

Cloud Precipitation

June storms hit Spain's Costa Blanca sparking shocking flash flooding

Storms have hit the Costa Blanca sparking shocking flooding in the area just hours after officials warned about strong currents in the sea around the area pulling people out to sea.

British holidaymakers hoping to leave behind the rain by heading to Spain have been met with torrential downpours, hail, strong winds and flash floods.

Images from Costa Blanca showed submerged streets, overflowing rivers, and fast-moving water barrelling across dry fields before crashing onto highways.

Hail stones have fallen in some parts of the Valencian community, which includes the provinces of Alicante and Valencia, with more predicted today, while Benidorm is on a yellow storm alert with the possibility of rain put at 100 per cent.

Cloud Precipitation

Floods kill at least 3 in northern Vietnam - nearly a foot of rain in 24 hours, more heavy rains forecast

Flood waters submerged buildings after heavy rain in Ha Giang city in northern Vietnam on June 10, 2024.
© AFPFlood waters submerged buildings after heavy rain in Ha Giang city in northern Vietnam on June 10, 2024.
Flash floods have killed at least three people and left one missing in northern Vietnam since Saturday night, the government said on Monday, and more heavy rains are expected over the coming days.

The victims include a 3-year-old boy and his father and a 42-year-old woman, all in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang, the government said in a statement.

Floods triggered by torrential rains over the past two days have caused floods in several parts of northern Vietnam, including Ha Giang, Haiphong and Quang Ninh.

Rainfall ranged from 112.6 to 295.4 mm in the area over the past 24 hours, according to data from the National Centre for Hydro-Meteorological Forecasting.


Popocatépetl volcano in Mexico launches 26 emissions in 24 hours

The National Center for Disaster Prevention ( Cenapred ) announced this Monday, June 10, that in the last 24 hours the Popocatépetl volcano has released 26 emissions accompanied by water vapor, gases, and ash , in addition to 209 minutes of tremor (movement of magma inside the crater), according to its most recent report together with the Institute of Geophysics of the National Autonomous University of Mexico ( UNAM ).

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Trailer swallowed by sinkhole in Madera, California

A sinkhole opened in the roadway in Madera on Monday, causing a trailer of fertilizer to fall into the hole, according to the California Highway Patrol.

A truck driver suffered minor injuries in the crash about 10:25 a.m. on Avenue 13 west of Granada Drive, and the street was expected to be closed for weeks as piping below ground was damaged, according to the CHP and city officials.

The city of Madera also asked its residents to reduce water use to aid workers trying to fix the pipe, which does not carry drinking water, officials said on social media.

"This is NOT a drinking water issue; drinking water remains safe and unaffected," the city said on the Madera police Facebook page. "However, to assist in the repair efforts and prevent further complications, which could result in sewage backup, we ask that you please refrain from non-essential water use."

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Truck falls into sinkhole in Fairlawn, Ohio

A service truck fell into a sinkhole in Fairlawn.

The sinkhole was found in the area of North Miller Road and Sand Run Parkway and the streets are closed while crews investigate.

The driver of the Fairlawn Public's Work truck had to climb out of the truck himself and pull himself to safety.

Crews were able to pull the truck out of the sinkhole and tow it away.

Akron Water is also at the scene due to a water main break in the area.

It is unknown what caused the sinkhole to form.


Galveston, Texas beachgoers watch enormous waterspout soar to the sky

Joshua Nørregaard spotted the giant waterspout near San Luis Pass Bridge on Monday morning.   Joshua Nørregaard
© Joshua NørregaardJoshua Nørregaard spotted the giant waterspout near San Luis Pass Bridge on Monday morning.
Gigantic, whirling columns of air and water mist were spotted off the coast near Galveston on Monday morning, alarming some Texas beachgoers.

The waterspouts, as they are officially called, could be seen from San Luis Pass Bridge and Freeport.

While local residents said the eerie columns of rotating air are not uncommon, Joan O'Connell, who spotted the giant waterspout from Pointe West Bayside, said it's the largest waterspout she's ever seen.


Section of Wyoming's Teton Pass road collapses

teton pass sinkhole highway closed landslide
© WYDOT Teton County
It's unclear how quickly it can be rebuilt

A large chunk of a twisting mountain pass road collapsed in Wyoming, authorities said Saturday, leaving a gaping chasm in the highway and severing a well-traveled commuter link between small towns in eastern Idaho and the tourist destination of Jackson.

Aerial photos and drone video of the collapse show the Teton Pass road riven with deep cracks, and a big section of the pavement disappeared altogether. Part of the guardrail dangled into the void, and orange traffic drums marked off the danger area. The road was closed at the time of the collapse.

The section that failed first drew attention Thursday when a crack and drop in the road contributed to the crash of a motorcycle.

Cloud Precipitation

Severe flooding hits Laos capital Vientiane after heavy rains

Laos capital Vientian was left grappling with sudden flooding following two days of heavy rain from Sunday, inundating many areas.

Photos shared on Facebook reveal knee-level flooding in Dongdok village, Xaythany district, causing severe traffic congestion. Residents, frustrated and angered, blame poor drainage management.

"I think the problem is not just the rain itself but also the arrangement of drainage pipes," commented one Facebook user. "It always floods in this area whenever there's a little heavy rain."

"Drainage pipes should be installed at a standardized level and cleaned annually," another user remarked.


Heavy June snowfall in Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland

© Vatnajökulsþjóðgarður
The northern viewing area at Dettifoss waterfall has been closed due to heavy snow accumulation on the trails leading to the falls.

This was announced in a Facebook post by Vatnajökull National Park. The area has experienced significant snowfall over the past few days and the post warns that conditions are extremely challenging, cautioning that hiking to the waterfall is not advisable for just anyone at this time.

After a cold spell in the northern and northeastern regions, caused by a low-pressure front, Iceland's weather appears to be taking a turn for the better, with temperatures in the south expected to reach as high as 15°C this week.

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