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Strangle Skeptics in Bed! Romm's Climate Progress features threat to skeptics!

A comment on Joe Romm's Climate Progress blog threatens physical harm to those skeptical of man-made climate fears. The June 5, 2009 comment, posted at 3:01 PM, under the name "Creative Greenius" warns any dissenters from man-made global warming fears that "an entire generation that will soon be ready to strangle you and your kind while you sleep in your beds." A man named Joe Galliani appears to be the man behind the comments and the Creative Greenius website.

Romm, a former Clinton Administration official, touts New York Times columnist Tom Friedman praising Climate Progress as an "indispensable blog." Romm was also named by U.S. News and World Report as one of the "top 8 Washington players on energy and the environment" and dubbed an "Influential Liberal Climate Change Expert" by the magazine. Romm also debated Climate Depot's Executive Editor Marc Morano on Roll Call TV about global warming and energy policy. ( See: Morano debates former Clinton Official Romm - April 6, 2009 )

This latest threat made against skeptics comes just days after the influential website Talking Points Memo prominently featured a public call "to jail or execute global warming deniers."

The full post of the Climate Progress comment is reproduced below. Climate Depot has also captured a screen shot of the comments in case they rapidly disappear like the Talking Point Memo article.


Talking Points Memo (Almost) Obliterates Skeptic Executioner

Earlier this week our Climate Depot pal Marc Morano caught an anonymous blogger for Talking Points Memo, who calls himself (or herself) "The Insolent Braggart" (with the URL extension "crazedandconfused"), with a post that called for the jailing or execution of "global warming deniers."

The post's entire text:
At what point do we jail or execute global warming deniers

June 2, 2009, 9:42PM

What is so frustrating about these fools is that they are the politicians and greedy bastards who don't want a cut in their profits who use bogus science or the lowest scientists in the gene pool who will distort data for a few bucks. The vast majority of the scientific minds in the World agree and understand it's a very serious problem that can do an untold amount of damage to life on Earth.

So when the right wing f***tards have caused it to be too late to fix the problem, and we start seeing the devastating consequences and we start seeing end of the World type events - how will we punish those responsible. It will be too late. So shouldn't we start punishing them now?


'Execute' Skeptics! Shock Call To Action: 'At what point do we jail or execute global warming deniers' -- 'Shouldn't we start punishing them now?'

A public appeal has been issued by an influential U.S. website asking: "At what point do we jail or execute global warming deniers." The appeal appeared on Talking Points Memo, an often cited website that helps set the agenda for the political Left in the U.S. The anonymous posting, dated June 2, 2009, referred to dissenters of man-made global warming fears as "greedy bastards" who use "bogus science or the lowest scientists in the gene pool" to "distort data."

The Talking Points Memo article continues:
"So when the right wing fucktards have caused it to be too late to fix the problem, and we start seeing the devastating consequences and we start seeing end of the World type events - how will we punish those responsible. It will be too late. So shouldn't we start punishing them now?"
The article also claims the "vast majority" of scientists agree that man-made warming "can do an untold amount of damage to life on Earth."

The full text of the Talking Points Memo is reproduced below:

(Note: The entry is posted under the anonymous byline "The Insolent Braggart")

Cloud Lightning

US: Powerful storms hit Oregon

Oregon thunderstorm June 2009
© unknown
Intense thunderstorms pounded Central and Western Oregon Thursday, toppling trees and knocking out power, but apparently causing no serious injuries.

The storms began early in the afternoon and moved north toward Portland, which saw strong winds, heavy rain and a lightning show at rush hour. Several cities saw golf-ball sized hail and there were unconfirmed reports of funnel clouds and tornado activity.

The National Weather Service lifted a severe thunderstorm watch early Thursday evening. The watch was expected to stay in effect until 9 p.m., but the storms were quicker than expected.

Power outages were reported across the storm area. Portland General Electric said about 50,000 of its customers had no lights as of 6 p.m. The utility said the hardest-hit areas were in Salem, Silverton, Woodburn, West Linn and Oregon City.

Temperatures were in the mid-70s in the Willamette Valley when the storm hit, but quickly dropped into the lower 60s. Dan Keirns, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Portland, said the storm was the type usually seen midsummer, not late spring.

Cloud Lightning

US: Severe thunderstorms strike Central Oregon

Dramatic, even explosive thunderstorms slammed Central Oregon Thursday, pelting the area with more lightning, intense downpours and golf ball-sized hail and knocking down trees and power lines, cutting off power for thousands and causing it to flicker for thousands more.

The National Weather Service issued a severe thunderstorm watch for the region through 8 p.m. and also a severe thunderstorm warning at mid-afternoon as one of the larger storms located south of Culver, moving north at 20 mph.

Downed lines blocked Highway 126 near Cloverdale for a time, and other downed trees were reported in Deschutes River Woods and southeast Bend.

Police and fire crews scrambled to calls about possible lines and trees down as the skies turned very dark and storms swept through the area before a brief respite, even sunshine at mid-afternoon.

About 2,400 Pacific Power customers lost power at 1:40 p.m. for almost two hours due to a storm in the China Hat Road area southeast of Bend. Another 1,000 Central Electric Cooperative customers lost power for varying lengths as the storms moved through, news partner KBND radio reported.

Cloud Lightning

Russia: Tornado Hits Suburbs 30 Miles Outside Moscow

Yesterday, several strong storms clashed above the small town of Krasnozavodsk of the Moscow region. The resulting tornado shredded through the town, overturning cars, uprooting trees and destroying homes. After devastating Krasnozavodsk, the tornado tore through the landscape 30 miles outside of Russia's capital.

Cloud Lightning

US: Oregon blasted with 24,000 bolts of lightning

lightning Albany Oregon
© phtogirl
While many of Oregon's forest protection districts have not formally entered wildfire season, Nature made an unofficial declaration of its own during the past week. A barrage of more than 24,000 lightning strikes ignited fires across the central and southwestern regions of the state. The Oregon Department of Forestry's firefighters and private forest landowner resources have been busy extinguishing the fires.

In the Oregon Department of Forestry's (ODF) Southwest Oregon District, 32 lightning-caused fires have been reported, with the largest about five acres.

"This one occurred in the Applegate drainage," ODF's Greg Alexander said. "On the first day of the storms, it was very dry, and then we had some moisture in the following days."

He said the district has experienced lightning daily from May 29 to the present. Reports of fire continue to trickle in, with three new ones detected on Wednesday.

Bizarro Earth

Nearly 60 buried in Chongqing, China landslide

© Unknown
At least 59 people were killed Friday in a massive landslide in a remote mining area of southwest China, officials said.

A section of a mountain in Wulong county in Chongqing municipality collapsed onto an iron ore mine and six houses, cutting power and telephone lines in a large area, according to a report posted on the Chongqing government website.

Fifty mine workers as well as nine residents were buried under the rock and earth, the report said.

"Fifty-nine is only a preliminary estimate," said an official from the county's Tiekuang township, who would only give his surname Zhang.

"Telephone communications have been cut, and there is no mobile phone signal," Zhang told AFP by phone.


Earthquake Magnitude 6.3 - Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido Earthquake 1

- Friday, June 05, 2009 at 03:30:34 UTC
- Friday, June 05, 2009 at 12:30:34 PM at epicenter

41.858°N, 143.399°E

Bizarro Earth

US: Tornado Cuts Swath Across Southern Georgia

A gas station was "ground zero" Thursday for a tornado that dropped out of a line of severe thunderstorms that cut a swath across southern Glynn County, toppling trees, downing power lines and launching part of a dock across neighboring yards.

The Sunoco Fuel Center at Interstate 95 Exit 29 took a direct hit from the 4 p.m. storm. The front windows crashed inward, the back wall blew out and water gushed out the rear of the building after the twister ruptured a pipe and tore off part of an awning.

Cashier C.J. Larry and several customers were inside the store when the storm hit.

"The front doors were flapping, then all the plate glass fell in," he said.

The power went out just as the storm hit and ceiling tiles and light fixtures were knocked out or pushed up into the ceiling.