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Mon, 25 May 2020
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'Snow in Central Park! In May!': Rare snowfall ties 1977 record

NYC snow
© Seth Travis/Twitter
Snow fell in Central Park early Saturday morning, tying a record for May snowfall set in 1977, according to the National Weather Service. "In New York City at Central Park this morning, it was- it tied for the latest snowfall we've ever seen," said CBS News meteorologist Jeff Berardelli on "CBS This Morning: Saturday."

In upstate New York, a significant amount of snow left the region looking like a winter wonderland - in the middle of spring. According to Berardelli, the disorienting May weather is due to the polar vortex, which normally only touches down in the winter.

The polar vortex is a massive whirlwind of frigid air that typically circulates around the Arctic Circle. It tends to sink down into the U.S. a few times each winter. But this past winter it did not - and instead the vortex was unusually strong and stationary, keeping cold air locked far north.

Comment: The month of May brings record (sometimes historic) cold to both hemispheres


Thousands of dead fish clog Montelindo River, Paraguay

dead fish
Thousands of dead fish fill the water in Montelindo River, Paraguay.


Tornado hits Apodaca, Mexico on May 8

Strong Tornado Hits Apodaca, Nuevo León State, Mexico - May 8, 2020

Cloud Precipitation

Over 123,000 affected as floods ravage Kasese, Uganda

More than 100,000 people have been affected by floods that hit Kasese District on Thursday destroying gardens, bridges, schools, houses and other properties.

Mr Asuman Baluku, a resident of Kisagazi Village, Nyamwamba Division, said his family is homeless.

The father of eight revealed that he received a phone call from his sister at around 2am on Thursday night asking him to move his children from the house after reports emerged that River Nyamwamba had flooded.

"I got stuck after dropping my children at the neighbours because the floods had already cut me off and swept off all my properties. I am now stranded with nothing to eat," he said.

Mr Hamanda Kikundi, also a resident, said the floods swept away his garden of vegetables.

Cloud Precipitation

Hailstorms and unusual heavy downpours damage fruit orchards and other crops in Hazara, Pakistan

Heavy downpour and hailstorm has damaged vast swathes of ready crops of wheat and tobacco. Hailstones damaged tomato crop, however the worst hit were orchards of apricot, plum, walnut, apple, peach and grapes in the Pakhal Valley of the district.

The hailstorm and persistent downpour has caused millions of rupees worth of losses to farmers, locals said. Farmers of Pakhal Valley have demanded of the K-P government to declare emergency in the area and provide them relief.

Growers across Hazara division were narrating tales of colossal losses owing to the heavy rainfall during the last two weeks. Unusual rains in May has damaged ripened wheat grain, fruits on trees and exacerbated chances of flash foods.


Double sun halo surprises residents in Cuba

Double sun halo over Cuba
The ring around the sun seen this Friday surprised many in the capital of Cuba.

Heaven in the city of Havana has given its inhabitants a double show in less than a week.

As happened on May 2, this Friday, Cubans could see a solar halo from various points in the capital, which generated great expectation.

The event this Friday was even bigger, because at times a double ring was seen around the Sun, as reported by the Forecast Center, of the Cuban Institute of Meteorology, through Twitter.

The optical phenomenon was captured in photographs that were shared on social networks.


'Sure doesn't look like May': Lake-effect snow blows across Lake Superior coastline

Unseasonable weather conditions hit the coastal towns along Lake Superior in northern Michigan on May 8, leaving behind several inches of snow.

On May 7, the National Weather Service out of Marquette, Wisconsin, tweeted about the cold forecast: "Colder temperatures are on the doorstep. A surge of winter-like conditions will return tonight into Fri. with some lake-effect snow."

This video was taken from the NWS Marquette office, showing their forecast come to fruition. The caption with the video said, "Sure doesn't look like May 8."

Snow flurries were also reported across Ohio and Pennsylvania on May 8.

Credit: NWS Marquette via Storyful

Comment: The month of May brings record (sometimes historic) cold to both hemispheres


Some parts of Ontario are now covered by snow in May and it looks like winter

Ontario Woke Up A Massive Heap Of Snow

Ontario woke up a massive heap of snow
The unusual snowfall originally predicted for this weekend hit parts of northern Ontario today, and it has blanketed areas of the region in fresh powder.

The unseasonable snowfall is the result of a polar vortex sweeping over the region that's expected to last throughout today and into the weekend.

Comment: Related: The month of May brings record (sometimes historic) cold to both hemispheres

Snowflake Cold

May snow and cold in Norway

snow map
May 05 - Minus 17 degrees on Hardangervidda tonight

"Sandhaug in Hardangervidda had a total of 17 minus degrees, " Meteorologists wrote on Twitter.

In Hardangervidda, temperatures of around zero degrees during the day, says Tone Christin Taule, on-duty meteorologist at Vervarslinga in Western Norway.

Comment: A continuation of the recent snowy weather in the region witnessed at the end of April:

Also related: The month of May brings record (sometimes historic) cold to both hemispheres


Snowfall a month early in Argentina

Enough snow to require chains.

4 May 2020 - The first snowfall of the year occurred in Bariloche, Argentina. (Almost 1 month before 2019 snow)

Rio Negro city of Bariloche this Monday it registered the first snow fall in some neighborhoods.

In this way, winter was brought forward a month with the first snowfall of the year. In 2019, the first snow fall was on the summit of the hills on April 5, although the city was covered in white on May 29.

Comment: Also pertinent: The month of May brings record (sometimes historic) cold to both hemispheres