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Tue, 15 Oct 2019
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Earth Changes


Rewriting America's History

America had a very hot, dry past, and previous generations endured extreme weather which the current generation can't comprehend. In this video I show how and why the heat of America's past is being erased by NASA and NOAA.


America's Deadliest Law

The EPA CO2 Endangerment Finding, issued under the Obama administration, is the biggest threat to America's future. It provides climate alarmists with the legal basis to shut down the energy supply which our civilization depends on.

"He who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities"
- Voltaire


2 year old killed by pack of dogs in God's Lake, Manitoba

canine attack
© Angela Antunes / CC by 2.0
A pack of dogs in Northern Manitoba killed a two-year-old boy. Police claim they attained a report of a dog attack in God Lake Narrows on early Monday afternoon from a band councilor.

Officers arrived on the scene on Monday at noon and found the boy with life-threatening injuries in a wooded area not far from where he lived. He was then pronounced dead at the scene.

The assumption was he wandered away from his home at God's Lake First Nation into the wooded area, and that was where the attack happened.

The community members living near the forest were forced to shoot several dogs returning to the area.


Woman killed by her 2 dogs in Widnes, UK

Pictures posted online show two dogs believed to be those involved in the attack

Pictures posted online show two dogs believed to be those involved in the attack
A woman has died after she was attacked by two dogs, police have said.

Neighbours said mum-of-three Elayne Stanley, 44, was mauled at the house in Graham Road, Widnes, on Tuesday evening.

They reported hearing screams from the terrace house before police arrived to find Ms Stanley seriously injured.

Cheshire Police said one of the dogs had to be destroyed while the other had been captured and taken to a secure kennel. No arrests have been made.

Officers made repeated attempts to capture both animals, the force said.


Walrus attacks and sinks Russian Navy boat in Arctic Ocean

Miru, a female walrus at the Ocean Park in Hong Kong.

Miru, a female walrus at the Ocean Park in Hong Kong.
A Russian Navy vessel out on a science expedition was attacked and may have been sunk, not by an enemy ship, but by a walrus protecting its calves, officials say.

The joint expedition by Russia's Northern Fleet and Geographical Society was sailing in the Franz Josef Land archipelago in the Arctic Ocean last week when the incident occurred.

Russian military officials said in a statement that the vessel was attacked as researchers were making a landing at Cape Heller on Wilczek Land, an island on the archipelago.

"A group of researchers had to flee from a female walrus who attacked an expedition boat when protecting her cub," the Russian military statement reads, according to the Barents Observer, an English-language news site in the region.

Solar Flares

A summer without sunspots?

The sun on Sept. 22, 2019--as blank as a billiard ball
The sun on Sept. 22, 2019--as blank as a billiard ball.
Could northern summer 2019 go down in history as "the summer without sunspots"? From June 21st until Sept 22nd, the sun was blank more than 89% of the time. During the entire season only 6 tiny sunspots briefly appeared, often fading so quickly that readers would complain to Spaceweather.com, "you've labeled a sunspot that doesn't exist!" (No, it just disappeared.) Not a single significant solar flare was detected during this period of extreme quiet.

This is a sign that Solar Minimum is underway and probably near its deepest point. For 2019 overall (January through September), the sun has been blank 72% of the time, comparable to annual averages during the century-class Solar Minimum of 2008 (73%) and 2009 (71%). The current Solar Minimum appears to be century-class as well, meaning you have to go back to the beginnning of the 20th century to find lulls in solar activity this deep.

Contrary to the sound of it, "Solar Minimum" is not boring. During this phase of the solar cycle, the sun's magnetic field weakens, allowing cosmic rays to enter the solar system. This doses astronauts and possibly air travelers with extra radiation. The sun also dims, especially at extreme ultraviolet wavelengths, causing the upper atmosphere to cool and collapse. Space junk accumulates in Earth orbit as a result. Finally, streams of solar wind punch through the sun's weakening magnetic field, lashing Earth with gaseous material that can cause geomagnetic storms. (One such stream is due later this week on Sept. 27-28.)

Comment: NASA predicts the weakest solar activity in 200 years


19 killed, over 300 injured after 5.8-magnitude earthquake strikes Pakistan-occupied Kashmir

Pakistan earthquake damage
An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.8 today struck Pakistan , causing buildings to collapse and roads to crack
At least 19 people have been killed and more than 300 others injured in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir on Tuesday after a 5.8-magnitude quake jolted several cities in the northern parts of the country including capital Islamabad.

According to US Geological Survey, the epicentre of the quake was near New Mirpur in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of police in Mirpur, Sardar Gulfaraz Khan, said that at least 19 people were killed and over 300 injured in Mirpur and surrounding areas due to the powerful quake.

Pakistan Meteorological Department's earthquake centre said the 5.8-magnitude earthquake was located near the mountainous city of Jehlum in Punjab province.

Some houses collapsed in Mirpur following the earthquake, Deputy Commissioner Raja Qaiser said. Parts of a mosque also collapsed in the area. Emergency has been declared in hospitals across PoK.


Yup, it snowed in Flagstaff, Arizona on the first day of fall

The first day of fall in Arizona brought with it a buffet of weather: rain, wind, a tornado, and even snow!

Nearly all parts of the state -- northern Arizona, the Phoenix area, and southern Arizona -- saw rain and thunderstorms on Monday. More than three inches fell in some parts of the Phoenix area. Viewer video captured what appears to be a tornado in the New River area. Parts of the east Valley saw flooding.

And in Flagstaff, snow fell on the San Francisco Peaks, according to the National Weather Service in Flagstaff, and at Arizona Snowbowl.

"Yes, it did snow on the San Francisco Peaks this afternoon!" according to a tweet from NWS Flagstaff. "Our best estimate is that snow and graupel fell down to 11000-11500 feet and probably got several inches deep at the highest elevations."


Second September snowfall hits the Alps

The past 24 hours has seen a second wave of September snowfall in the Alps, with ski areas above 2000 metres in Austria where five glacier areas are already open seeing snow flurries.

Above 3,000 metres 5-15cm of snow accumulated at some areas, including the Stubai glacier , pictured yesterday:

Stubai glacier,

Ice Cube

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence


Big-time ice
Climate alarmists want to redesign our entire civilization, economic system, lifestyle and energy infrastructure - without any debate. Carl Sagan said "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." In this video I show that Arctic alarmist claims are indeed extraordinary - but only in their deception.