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Race against time to combat dike breach in China's second-largest freshwater lake

Thousands of rescuers, including firefighters, hydrologists, volunteers and police, have joined hands to protect people's lives and property following a dike breach on Friday at Dongting Lake, China's second-largest freshwater lake in central China's Hunan Province.

At 5:48 p.m. on Friday, a Dongting Lake dike burst in Tuanzhou Township, Huarong County, administered by the city of Yueyang in Hunan Province, causing flooding in the area. The breach was initially about 10 meters wide but later expanded.

Following the immediate relocation of around 5,000 residents from the affected area, urgent measures have been taken to repair the breach. As of Sunday noon, 75 meters of the 226-meter breach in the dike had been sealed, according to the Yueyang flood control and drought relief headquarters.

Rescuers are also racing against time to reinforce a 14.3-kilometer-long embankment, viewed as the "second line of defense," located around 2 kilometers from the breached dike.


Flooding and landslides kill at least 15 across Nepal in 24 hours

The flooded Bagmati River in Nepal’s
© Niranjan Shrestha/Associated PressThe flooded Bagmati River in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, on Saturday.
Landslides and floods set off by torrential rains have killed at least 15 people in Nepal in the last 24 hours, officials in the small Himalayan nation said on Sunday, expressing fear that with further heavy rains expected, that number could rise.

Eighteen people were also injured in the flooding over the past 24 hours, and two are missing, said Dan Bahadur Karki, a police spokesman. Dozens of people were evacuated to safety, including some pulled from the rubble of their damaged homes.

Officials said the landslides have hampered vehicle traffic in most parts of a country where the terrain already makes travel difficult. Highways were damaged, as were the serpentine roads that connect cities with mountain villages. Military and police forces were deployed to help clear the roads.

Koshi, Gandaki and Bagmati Provinces, in the east and center of the country, were among the hardest hit. Weather experts predict that heavy rainfall could affect the remaining provinces as the rain heads west.

Comment: Other similar events reported 11 days prior: Heavy rains in Nepal kill 20 in 2 days - 11 by landslides and 9 by lightning strikes

Cloud Precipitation

High rainfall blights birds nesting on the moors of the UK

Female hen harrier
The Moorland Association reports a poor breeding season for moorland birds, including hen harriers, as the exceptionally wet weather has taken its toll.

The higher and wetter North Pennines is the worst affected area, with the number of hen harrier nests on grouse moors expected to be down by as much as two-thirds compared with last year.

Other areas such as the Yorkshire Dales and the moors of the Forest of Bowland, appear to be faring slightly better.

Moorland Association members have still reported hen harrier nests on land managed for grouse shooting despite the difficult conditions. Some estates are reporting multiple nests, as has been the case in the last several years.


Man mauled to death by his own dog in Arkadelphia, Arkansas

A man found dead outside his home early Wednesday morning was the victim of a vicious attack by his own dog, local authorities confirmed.

Following a 911 call from a female at Evergreen Drive at 7:20 a.m. July 3, 2024, the Arkadelphia Police Department, along with ambulance personnel, responded and discovered the body of a 41-year-old deceased male laying in the driveway.

"The deceased victim was determined to have been attacked during the night," APD said in a press release. The canine was identified as a Bully XL, a variant of pit bull bred for a size larger than its well known counterpart.

Police did not release the name of the deceased by Wednesday afternoon. Public real estate records show that the home where police responded belongs to Johnny and Amber Fontenot.

Comment: On the same day: 6-year-old killed, attacked by family dog in Lorain, Ohio

Cloud Precipitation

Manawa dam failure, Little Wolf River area floods in Wisconsin amid heavy summer rain - 5 inches of rainfall in a few hours

Wisconsin dam breach led to evacuation
Wisconsin dam breach led to evacuation
A dam in an eastern Wisconsin community has been breached, prompting people living downriver to be evacuated, the National Weather Service said Friday.

Floodwaters breached the dam in Manawa along the Little Wolf River was breached around 1:45 p.m., meteorologist Scott Cultice said. The town has a population of about 1,200. It was not immediately clear how many people were evacuated.

Manawa Police Chief Jason Severson estimated that a 50-foot-wide (15.2-meter-wide) area around the dam had eroded.

Homes evacuated

Gates on the dam eventually were opened to release water and relieve pressure on the structure, officials said.

"It looks like the dam is intact, but there is quite a bit of erosion on the north side," Severson told reporters Friday afternoon. "We think the worst of it is over, so now we're going to start assessing things and see where we go from here."

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Cloud Lightning

Lightning strikes kill 19 people in 24 hours in Bihar, India

At least 19 people were killed and seven others injured due to lightning strike in India's eastern state of Bihar, state-run broadcaster All India Radio said Saturday, reported Xinhua.

Heavy rains and thunderstorms accompanied by lightning strikes lashed the state during the past 24 hours affecting 10 districts.

Reports said most casualties occurred when lightning struck people working in fields and taking shelter under trees during the rain.

India Meteorological Department has issued a yellow alert for the next 24 hours, predicting heavy rain accompanied by thunder and lightning in the northern, southeast and south-central parts of Bihar.

Every year with the onset of the monsoon season, hundreds die in lightning incidents in India.

Bernama, Xinhua

Cloud Precipitation

Heavy rains cause flooding in southern Guatemala

Severe flooding submerged the streets of San Miguel Petapa, located in southern Guatemala, on the night of July 5.

Dramatic video captured residents navigating through waist-deep floodwaters.

Fortunately, no fatalities have been reported.

Authorities are monitoring the situation closely as they work to provide relief and assess the damage.


Italy: Volcano on Sicilian island of Stromboli erupting

New video shows the volcano spewing smoke and ash while lava flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

Comment: Nearby on the main island of Sicily: Mount Etna spits lava into the night sky


Double waterspouts over Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana on July 5

Double water spouts were spotted over Lake Pontchartrain near the Twin Spans between New Orleans and Slidell Friday morning.

Comment: A day earlier: Large waterspout over Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana on the 4th of July


Dog attack turns lethal for homeless man in Fresno, California

dog attack
A reported dog attack caused the death of a man in Fresno Thursday.

At 5 a.m. that day, authorities responded to reports of screams near an orchard at the intersection of North and Peach avenues in Fresno, the Fresno County Sheriff's Office reported.

Deputies and emergency medical personnel found an injured homeless man who said he had been attacked by a husky-type dog.

Despite medical intervention and transport to the hospital, the man died due to significant blood loss.

Deputies searched the area but did not find the dog.

The Fresno County Sheriff's Office has launched an investigation into the incident and urges anyone with information to contact them at 559-600-3111.