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Mon, 21 Sep 2020
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Deadly flash floods in Kampala, Uganda

At least 2 people died after flash floods caused chaos in the city of Kampala, capital of Uganda.

Heavy rainfall began around 08 September, triggering flash floods which swamped the city's roads and caused major disruption to traffic.

Police said they recovered two bodies in the Clock Tower area of the city on 11 September. It is thought the bodies were carried by flood water from different places

Meanwhile a building under construction collapsed in Makindye division on 11 September. Police said a number of people were trapped under the rubble but rescue efforts were underway by a joint team of police and fire services. It is not know if the building collapsed as a result of heavy rain. As of 15 September, no fatalities had been reported.

Cloud Precipitation

2 dead after severe storms cause floods and landslides in northern Vietnam

A workshop in Bac Quang District, Ha Giang Province is damaged due to a landslide on September 13, 2020.
© VnExpress/Van Long.
A workshop in Bac Quang District, Ha Giang Province is damaged due to a landslide on September 13, 2020.
The Vietnam Disaster Management Authority (DMA) reports that 2 people died after severe weather including lightning strikes, strong winds and heavy rainfall over the last few days. Flooding and landslides were reported in northern parts of the country from 11 to 14 September 2020.

A landslide in Ha Giang province on 11-12 September buried a house, killing one person. DMA reported over 60 houses were flooding in the province, along with around 10 hectares of rice crops.

In a 24 hours period to 12 September, several areas of Ha Gian recorded more than 130 mm of rain, including Vi Thuong (157mm), Vi Xuyen (131mm) and Thai An (152mm).

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ATV falls into 40-feet deep sinkhole in High Springs, Florida - dog rescued from another

Couple rescued from sinkhole in High Springs

Couple rescued from sinkhole in High Springs
Two North-Central Florida residents are safe after they fell 40-feet into a sink hole today.

According to High Springs firefighters, two people drove an A-T-V through the woods near Poe Springs Rd. in High Springs.

Crews said the A-T-V hit a slope and then fell into the sink hole.

The sink hole was filled with water and the two residents swam to the surface to wait for help.

Comment: A second sinkhole incident in the same city followed within 2 days, the latter concerning a trapped dog being rescued:
Alachua County Fire Rescue (ACFR) and High Springs Fire Department responded to a home in High Springs Monday morning for reports of a dog stuck in a sinkhole.

Crews arrived shortly after 6:30 a.m. to the home located at 22210 NW 188th St. There, they located Sam the dog at the bottom of a 40-foot sinkhole.

Lt. Brian Ferguson of ACFR used an extension ladder and rope system to descend into the hole and save the scared pup, using bacon to calm his nerves.

Sam's owner says that although he's tired, he doing fine.

This is ACFR's second sinkhole-related technical rescue in two days. While ACFR says sinkholes are common in the area, the recent increase in rain is likely a contributing factor in both scenarios.


Two arrested after newborn dies following dog attack in Doncaster, UK

dog attack
The newborn baby sustained serious injuries after being bitten by the dog, police confirm.

A 35-year-old man and a 27-year-old woman have been arrested on suspicion of gross negligence manslaughter.

South Yorkshire Police have confirmed the pair have both been released on bail while inquiries take place.

The 12-day-old baby sustained serious injuries after being bitten by the dog on Sunday afternoon.

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Huge landslide filmed in Kyrgyzstan

A new road will be built to the Kara-Keche gorge and coal field. Such decision was made by a special commission estimating the size of damage caused by land and rockslide in the Kara-Keche gorge after it found out it is impossible to clear the road from land and rocks.

Construction of one lane will take 10-12 days, the Ministry of Transport said.

Construction started in the morning of September 16. The site of road construction is complex, abundant with rocks and some places are hard to be reached by vehicles and equipment.

Snowflake Cold

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: What Trump meant when he said it will be getting colder

© REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
Massive rainfall shifts in the deserts of N. Africa bringing consistent months worth or rain in days along with record crop yields and the U.S president Trump clearly stating that it will be getting colder, maybe both of these are overlapping confirmation of the Grand Solar Minimum in a soft disclosure way. New map of Carrington aurora sightings in 1859, updated.

Comment: See also:

Cloud Precipitation

Deadly flash floods strike Praia, Cape Verde

At least one person died after heavy rainfall brought flooding to the island of Santiago in Cape Verde on 12 September.

Flooding hit the country's capital, Praia, as well as other parts of Santiago. Several major roads were blocked, and bridges, buildings and cars damaged. Damage to farmland was also reported. One person, believed to be a young child, died after being swept away by flood waters in Praia. The government reported damage in several districts of the city, including Achada Mato, Jamaica, São Paulo and Fonton. The city recorded around 80mm of rain in 24 hours to 12 September.

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At least 4 dead, 2,000 displaced after floods hit 4 provinces of Indonesia

Floods in East Kotawaringin Regency, Central Kalimantan September 2020 .
© BPBD East Kotawaringin
Floods in East Kotawaringin Regency, Central Kalimantan September 2020 .
At least 4 people have died and over 2,000 displaced after flooding in several provinces of Indonesia over the last few days.

According to Indonesia's National Board for Disaster Management (BNPB), flooding has affected the provinces of Gorontalo, West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan and North Sumatra over the last few days.

Gorontalo Province

Three people died and one is still missing after flash floods in Bone Bolango Regency, Gorontalo. Flooding struck after heavy rainfall from 07 September. Around 1,500 people have been displaced from their homes, according to BNPB.


10 Pilot whales beach in Iceland, 8 die

Two whales survived.
© Náttúrustofa Vesturlands
Two whales survived.
A pod of ten pilot whales beached in Álftafjörður on the Snæfellsnes peninsula in West Iceland on Sunday. RÚV reports that most of the whales were dead when a team of biologists and a veterinarian arrived on the scene, but two survived the ordeal.

The West Iceland Nature Research Center received a call around 2:00pm alerting them to the pilot whales' dire situation. When the team arrived, they found one whale swimming just offshore from where the rest of its pod had beached. One of the beached animals was still alive but having trouble breathing as it was stuck on its side and the tide was coming in.


Mystery surrounds death of 137 sea lions washed up on beach in Baja California Sur, Mexico

One of the 137 dead sea lions is seen on the beach in Baja California Sur state.
One of the 137 dead sea lions is seen on the beach in Baja California Sur state.
Mexican authorities are investigating after 137 dead sea lions washed up on a beach with no sign of how they died.

The country's office for environmental protection has said the animals do not have injuries from getting caught up in fishing nets or lines.

There are also no marks on their bodies from possible collisions with boats.

Both scenarios are common causes of sea lion deaths or injuries.