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Sun, 29 Jan 2023
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Zookeeper mauled to death by brown bear in Uzbekistan

The brown bear pounces on the man
© East2West
The brown bear pounces on the man and attacks him before dragging his limp body across the enclosure, the footage shows.
Distressing footage captures the moment a zookeeper was mauled to death by a brown bear in Uzbekistan — after he forgot to close a security gate.

The employee, identified only by the initials A.G., entered the enclosure at a zoo in Andijan earlier this month to feed the bear, when he neglected to secure a gate separating him and the beast.

Hair-raising video taken from a nearby security camera shows the worker turning around and spotting the dangerous animal coming up behind him.

The zookeeper then quickly tries to scurry out the exit, but the bear pounces on him, the footage shows.


Russia didn't blow up gas pipeline - Nord Stream boss

Managing Director of Nord Steam 2 AG Matthias Warnig
© Global Look Press / dpa / Jens Büttner
Managing Director of Nord Steam 2 AG Matthias Warnig speaks to journalists in Schwerin, Germany, on August 11, 2020.
Moscow was not behind the undersea "sabotage" in September 2022, Matthias Warnig believes.

Russia is unlikely to be behind an attack last September on the Nord Stream gas pipelines, according to Matthias Warnig, the head of Nord Stream AG and Nord Stream 2 AG - two Swiss-based companies operating the undersea Russian gas pipelines. Warnig, who is said to have long-standing personal ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin, spoke to German newspaper Die Zeit recently.

"The Russians? No," he responded, when asked about Moscow's potential complicity in the incident that left both Nord Stream 1 strings and one Nord Stream 2 string severely damaged. Die Zeit published a lengthy profile interview on Wednesday, detailing Warnig's relations with Putin and his work for companies affiliated with Russia.

Comment: See also:


UK's Ukrainian refugees complain about 'skin colour' of local ethnic minorities - Channel 4 News reports

uk ukraine refugee

Channel 4 News published this video item, entitled "How Ukrainian refugees are handling cultural integration in ethnically diverse areas of the UK" - below is their description.

Just over a hundred thousand Ukrainians have sought refuge in the UK - the vast majority of them women and children.

But not all of them have found it easy to settle into a country where the ethnic diversity and cultural values are very different from what they've been used to back home.

Comment: That's rather disingenuous, because whilst back home may be mostly white people, that doesn't automatically mean Ukrainians are prejudice against those of other skin colours, which clearly is the complaint being lodged against these refugees.

Channel 4 News YouTube Channel

Comment: It seems the reality of Ukraine's extreme nationalism, and Nazism - that the West has been fostering - is coming into direct conflict with the woke ideology the West has been fomenting at home.

As can be seen below, even members of the general public are unable to explain away how refugees, fleeing war, are capable of remaining steadfast in their prejudices: 'All the real skinheads went to Ukraine': An American Neo-Nazi outlines the crimes of his Ukrainian 'colleagues'


Red states slap Biden administration with lawsuit over climate friendly retirement fund rules

© Rick Bowmer/AP
Utah AG Sean Reyes
Republican-led states filed a federal lawsuit Thursday against the Department of Labor over a rule set to take effect Monday that would allow retirement fund managers to consider climate change and other factors under environmental, social and governance investing principles, or ESG.

The attorneys general from 25 states argued that the ESG rules soon to be enacted would violate federal law, saying fiduciaries could jeopardize Americans' retirement funds and not focus solely on maximizing returns.

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, the Republican who led the lawsuit, said in a statement:
"The Biden administration is promoting its climate change agenda by putting everyday people's retirement money at risk. Permitting asset managers to direct hard-working Americans' money to ESG investments puts trillions of dollars of retirement savings at risk in exchange for someone else's political agenda."
The action is part of a broader, multi-billion-dollar war being waged against ESG investing across the country, a campaign by GOP state officials who have collectively divested billions in state pension funds from large financial institutions in the name of combating "woke" capitalism.

Comment: The Department of Labor is not an investment manager. Neither is Biden.


DeSantis proposes making child rapists eligible for execution, allowing death penalty without unanimous jury

© Marco Bello/Reuters jpg
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis proposed changes to his state's criminal justice laws on Thursday, including making child rapists eligible for the death penalty and reducing the number of jurors required to dole out capital punishment.

Citing the case of Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz, who was spared execution last year after the jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict on capital punishment, DeSantis said that only the vast majority or a supermajority of a jury should be required to issue a death sentence.

DeSantis, at the Miami Police Benevolent Association, said:
"One juror should not be able to veto that. I don't think justice was served in that case. If you're going to have capital [punishment], you have to administer it to the worst of the worst crimes."

Arrow Up

Death toll rises to 10 following Israeli army 'massacre' in Jenin

© Ayman Nobani/Telegram
Scene from Jenin refugee camp • January 26, 2023
Israeli forces launched a brutal assault on Jenin refugee camp that killed 9 Palestinians and a tenth later in the day during clashes in al-Ram, making it the deadliest day of 2023, and one of the single deadliest raids in the West Bank in years.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health (MOH), among those killed was an "elderly" woman identified as Magda Obaid, 61.

According to Defense for Children International Palestine, two of the Palestinians killed during the raid were children. DCIP identified them as Abdallah Marwan Juma'a Mousa, 17, and Waseem Amjad Aref al-Ja's, 16. DCIP's reports conflict with initial reports from the MOH, which reported Mousa to be 18, and al-Ja's to be 22.

Bizarro Earth

Not your imagination: Elon Musk confirms secret Twitter labels are still causing shadow bans against conservatives

dave rubin elon musk

Dave Rubin and Elon Musk
Dave Rubin was invited to Twitter headquarters to get the inside scoop on why many users are still experiencing engagement issues and reported "shadowbans."

The journalist shed some very interesting insights into the ongoing problems in a Twitter thread, which will be shared in a more easily read format below.

Comment: Dave has some parting advice for Musk:


'Who is DirecTV protecting?': Newsmax host Salcedo blasts DirecTV over end of service

Chris Salcedo of Newsmax TV
© Screenshot/Rumble/Newsmax
Chris Salcedo of Newsmax TV
Newsmax host Chris Salcedo called out DirecTV Thursday after the satellite TV provider stopped carrying the conservative network.

"Even though Newsmax is the fourth-most-watched cable news channel in America, DirecTV has taken the position that they will continue to pay left-wing channels large licensing fees, but they will insist that Newsmax not be treated equally by paying us zero," Salcedo said at the start of his show. "It is my belief that Newsmax isn't the real target here. The real target is any worldview that opposes extremist left-wing thought. Who is DirecTV protecting by deplatforming Newsmax?"

DirecTV dropped Newsmax Tuesday night, claiming that they could not come to an agreement on cable fees with the conservative network. The satellite TV provider announced Thursday it was picking up The First, a channel featuring conservative commentary.

Bad Guys

Tucker Carlson: US should 'liberate Canada from Trudeau'

tucker carlson

Tucker Carlson
The Canadian prime minister leads an "authoritarian government," the Fox News host declared

The US should send troops across its northern border to "liberate" Canada from under the yoke of Justin Trudeau, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has claimed on his daytime TV show. Trudeau, who ordered a draconian crackdown on anti-lockdown protesters last year, is letting his country "become Cuba," Carlson added.

"I'm completely in favor of a Bay of Pigs operation to liberate that country," he said on Thursday's episode of Tucker Carlson Today, referring to the failed CIA-backed attempt to overthrow Cuba's communist government in 1961.

Comment: While Carlson makes good points about the unmitigated disaster the Baby Trudeau government has been for ordinary Canadians, one hopes Carlson is speaking tongue-in-cheek. God help Canada, if such an idea is taken seriously.

Card - VISA

Cashless society: Big banks prepare to launch digital wallet to compete with Apple Pay and PayPal

mobile wallet
Major US banks, including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JPMorgan, and others, will push into the digital wallet space in the second half of this year to take on Apple Pay and PayPal.

Early Warning Services LLC (EWS), the bank-owned company that operates the money-transfer service Zelle, will be managing the new digital wallet, according to WSJ. The wallet has yet to be named but will be separate from Zelle and allow shoppers to pay at merchants' online checkouts with linked debit and credit cards.

EWS plans to offer the new digital wallet later this year and can handle up to 150 million debit and credit cards during the initial launch. Consumers in good standing with banks will be eligible for the new service.