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Sat, 01 Apr 2023
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US Navy employs new suicide prevention strategy - AP

Navy Chaplain Lt. Cmdr. Ben Garrett
© Associated Press
Navy Chaplain Lt. Cmdr. Ben Garrett performs the sacrament of the Eucharist on the USS Bataan at Norfolk Naval Station.
Recruiting chaplains to connect with young sailors might be a good way to improve mental health without any social stigma.

The US Navy plans to deploy more chaplains as regular members of crew aboard ships in an effort to tackle growing mental health distress, which has led to a spate of suicides, the Associated Press reported on Thursday.

The Navy plans to have 47 chaplains aboard ships based at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia, within the next two years — up from 37, currently.

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Bay Area police union leader allegedly smuggled fentanyl into US to sell in bulk

Joanne Marian Segovia
© Joanne Marian Segovia/Linkedin
The Executive Director of the San Jose Police Officers Association Joanne Marian Segovia is seen here an undated file photo.
Segovia received 61 shipments over eight years, federal prosecutors allege.

The head of a police union in the San Francisco Bay Area faces federal charges for allegedly smuggling thousands of synthetic opioids into the U.S. from multiple countries with the intent to distribute them.

San Jose Police Officers Association Executive Director Joanne Marian Segovia, 64, has been charged with attempt to unlawfully import a controlled substance -- specifically valeryl fentanyl, a fentanyl analog -- according to a complaint filed in federal court earlier this week.

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Stock Down

US bank deposits decline sharply for second straight week

Federal reserve
© Getty Images / Doug Menuez / Forrester Images
Deposits at US lenders fell sharply for a second week amid financial turmoil triggered by the collapse of several banks this month.

Commercial bank deposits dropped by $125.7 billion in the week ended March 22, marking the ninth-straight period of declines, according to data released Friday by the Federal Reserve.

At domestically chartered banks, deposits fell $84 billion, reflecting a decrease at the 25 largest institutions dropped. Deposits at small banks increased.

The report, known as H.8, includes the first two weeks following the demise of Silicon Valley, and it will take time to assess the full impact of the ensuing financial turmoil and outflow of deposits from mid-size and small banks.

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Ominous: UK begins mandatory roll out of 'smart' meters for gas and water, gas users will suffer 'net zero' penalties

Gas stove
© Christopher Sadowski
In a bid to reach net zero goals, households are set to be penalised if they don't switch from gas in a brand new rule to be announced today. Speaking on Wednesday, Grant Shapps, secretary of state for energy security and net zero, commented on the new proposal.

He said: "If we want people to switch to an electricity-based economy, it would be better if [levies] were shifted onto the gas side of things.

Comment: Electricity is preferred because the government has a much greater control over that, and can turn it off should they so choose.

"It automatically makes the economics of an electric-driven economy better."

Comment: The BBC reports:
Compulsory water meters set to be fitted across Oxford

Compulsory water meters are set to be fitted in homes across Oxford.

Oxford seems to be making quite the name for itself as one of the testing grounds for an agenda quite in line with that of the Great Reset, because it's also one of the first regions to adopt the dystopian 15 Minute Cities.

Thames Water said its engineers were currently surveying streets ahead of installations.

The water firm, which has the power to force households to install meters, said new meter pits - vaults to house the meters - would start in April.

Residents set to have a smart meter will be contacted in the coming weeks - the smart meter rollout to homes will begin from the autumn.

A spokesperson said: "The south east of England is a water stressed region and we need to act now to protect our future resources.

England, infamous for its endless rain. Note that no new reservoirs have been built in the UK for over 30 years, and it's known that vast quantities of water - at least one fifth - is lost through the pipes, because the private water companies are not maintaining them.

"Under legislation consumers cannot refuse a smart meter, however, we always assess the suitability of a meter for each property."

The firm added it would write to homeowners "a week or so before we start working on your street".

You can use this calculator to work out whether you would be better or worse off.
During this winter's energy crisis, governments made it quite clear that they're willing to use their 'off switch' for these critical supplies if they so deem the situation to be an emergency: France to shut off household smart water heaters REMOTELY to avoid blackouts as nuclear reactors remain offline and energy prices spike 28%

Yellow Vest

Outrage as Tech giants build 'hyperscaler' data centres on fertile farmland in The Netherlands

data center
© Make more Aerials/Shutterstock
Microsoft’s Agriport cloud data center in Middenmeer, Netherlands.
As soon as Lars Ruiter steps out of his car, he is confronted by a Microsoft security guard, who is already seething with anger. Ruiter, a local councillor, has parked in the rain outside a half-finished Microsoft data center that rises out of the flat North Holland farmland. He wants to see the construction site. The guard, who recognizes Ruiter from a previous visit when he brought a TV crew here, says that's not allowed. Within minutes, the argument has escalated, and the guard has his hand around Ruiter's throat.

The security guard lets go of Ruiter within a few seconds, and the councillor escapes with a red mark across his neck. Back in his car, Ruiter insists he's fine. But his hands shake when he tries to change gears. He says the altercation — which he will later report to the police — shows the fog of secrecy that surrounds the Netherlands' expanding data center business.

"We regret an interaction that took place outside our data center campus, apparently involving one of Microsoft's subcontractors," says Craig Cincotta, general manager at Microsoft, adding that the company would cooperate with the authorities.

Evil Rays

MSM's new obsession: Labelling criticism of 15-minute cities 'conspiracy theories'

future city
"Conspiracy theories" about 15-minute cities are "false", "unhinged", "dangerous" and "not to be believed", declare mainstream media in unified chorus.
15 minute cities
"In recent years, conspiracy theories that were once almost unheard of have spread like wildfire, with a growing number of Australians now sceptical of things like vaccines, 5G and election results," News.com.au reports in one such article, titled, 'Inside the 15-minute city conspiracy theory sucking in gullible Australians'.

The article explains that 15-minutes cities (also called Smart Cities) are a commonsense way of attempting to boost liveability for residents. City dwellers in proposed Smart Cities - including Melbourne, Paris, London, Edmonton and Oxford - will have access to everything they need within a 15 to 20-minute walk, cycle or public transport trip, and that's really all there is to it.

"Anyone who has ever faced a long and painful commute will immediately see the appeal of having the daily essentials at their fingertips," the article assures readers.

However, "gullible Australians" who cannot appreciate commonsense or convenience have been "sucked in" to a "dangerous conspiracy". These "unhinged" conspiracy theorists actually believe that Smart Cities are "part of a secret plan by global elites to restrict people's freedom and movements" - a form of lockdown justified by climate action.

Never mind that Western governments have just spent the past three years abusing their powers with gross overreach and wanton disregard for their citizens' will or wellbeing, which might make some people nervous about giving government more control over movement, commerce, energy consumption and the like. The article notes that conspiracies about 15-minute cities have been flagged as "false information" on Facebook, so that really settles it, they're definitely false.


Body blow to activists: Whopping 82% of Berlin's voters refused to support 2030 climate neutrality

solar panels
© Rolf Schulten/Bloomberg/KJN
Pankow District, Berlin, Germany
The results of Berlin's Climate Neutrality By 2030 referendum tell us that FFF and Last Generation are fringe movements, remote of even Berlin's mainstream. It'll take a longtime for the radical climate activists to recover from this major setback.

Crushing defeat

Last Sunday's "Berlin Climate Neutrality By 2030" referendum failed resoundingly despite the more than a million euros spent in a massive run-up campaign that included plastering the city with posters, concerts by famous performers, huge support and propaganda by the media and hefty donations coming from left wing activists from the east and west coasts of USA.

Once the dust of the referendum had settled, it emerged that the "yes" side fell way short of the quorum 608,000 votes needed to pass the measure. Only 442,210 cast a vote in favor, which represents only 18% of Berlin's eligible voters. The activists expected a far greater turnout. 82% refused to lend any support.

Berlin's rejection of the climate neutrality by 2030 mandate is a massive body blow to the the radical Fridays for Future and Last Generation movement in Germany, and it will take months for the radicals to recover, it ever, from this setback.

The Berlin initiative to make the city climate neutral by 2030 was led by rich, upper class youths like Luisa "Longhaul" Neubauer. But Berliners, having been harassed for months by activists gluing themselves to the streets and blocking traffic, saw the folly of the initiative and the high costs it would entail politically and financially. They decided resoundingly they'd wanted no part of it.


Congress to consider new no-fly list for unruly passengers

TSA officer
© Unknown
Congress is taking another look at creating a new no-fly list for unruly passengers...

U.S. Senate and House members proposed a new no-fly list for unruly passengers on Wednesday, an idea that was pushed by airline unions but failed to gain traction last year.

The legislation would let the Transportation Security Administration ban people convicted or fined for assaulting or interfering with airline crew members.

It would be separate from the current FBI-run no-fly list, which is intended to prevent people suspected of terrorism ties from boarding planes.

The number of incidents involving unruly passengers dropped sharply last year after a judge struck down a federal requirement to wear masks on planes. However, incidents serious enough to be investigated by federal officials remained more than five times higher than before the pandemic.


Escobar diary account from Moscow: The Capital of the Multipolar World

Moscow supermarket

A supermarket in Moscow with no shortage of food.
In Moscow you feel no crisis. No effects of sanctions. No unemployment. No homeless people in the streets. Minimal inflation.

How sharp was good ol' Lenin, prime modernist, when he mused, "there are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen". This global nomad now addressing you has enjoyed the privilege of spending four astonishing weeks in Moscow at the heart of an historical crossroads - culminating with the Putin-Xi geopolitical game-changing summit at the Kremlin.

To quote Xi, "changes that haven't been seen in 100 years" do have a knack of affecting us all in more ways than one.

James Joyce, another modernity icon, wrote that we spend our lives meeting average and/or extraordinary people, on and on and on, but in the end we're always meeting ourselves. I have had the privilege of meeting an array of extraordinary people in Moscow, guided by trusted friends or by auspicious coincidence: in the end your soul tells you they enrich you and the overarching historical moment in ways you can't even begin to fathom.


'QAnon Shaman' gets early release

jacob chansley qanon shaman
© Getty Images / Win McNamee
Jacob Chansley, also known as the "QAnon Shaman," stands among a group of pro-Trump protesters outside the Senate chamber of the US Capitol Building on January 6, 2021.
The Capitol riot participant has been moved to a halfway house after serving just over half of his sentence.

January 6 rioter Jacob Chansley, also known as the 'QAnon Shaman', has been granted early release from federal prison and transferred to community confinement in Arizona, officials announced on Thursday.

The 35-year-old was sentenced to 41 months' imprisonment in November 2021, after pleading guilty to one count of obstruction of an official proceeding for his involvement with the January 6 US Capitol riots earlier that year.

Comment: Good for Chansley! It's not surprising that this has been done quietly, without a lot of fanfare. Carlson's footage exposed the lie of January 6th for what it was. Chansley should be suing the state for wrongful conviction!

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