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Anti-smoking police force in Philippines arrested 3,690 smokers in 2013

No smoking 'allowed' in Davao, Philippines
The Anti-Smoking Task Force (ASTF) had apprehended a total of 3,690 individuals from January to November 2013 for violating the Davao City's Anti-Smoking Ordinance, an official said.

According to the ASTF's report on the Anti-Smoking Campaign of Davao City, a total of 2,364 were issued with violation citation tickets after the implementation of New Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance (Ordinance 0367-12, Series of 2012) on June 2013 while 1,326 were apprehended prior to the implementation of the ordinance.

"There were no cases filed in court against them but were only issued violation citation tickets, required to pay the fine of P500 to the City Treasurer's Office, and attend the counseling at the City Health Office," ASTF co-chairperson Dr. Domilyn C. Villarreiz said during Davao Press Club's Kapehan sa Dabaw at The Annex of SM City Davao on Monday.

According to The New Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance (Ordinance 0367-12, Series of 2012), "the person issued with the ticket has the option to either contest the violation in court or voluntarily pay the penalty of P500 imposed upon him or her to avoid being criminally prosecuted within three days from apprehension".

She said from June to December 2013, the city treasurer has collected only P955,500 in fines from 1,911 violators.

Comment: The main goal of tobacco smoking bans is "to change societal behavior" by stigmatizing smoking, making it less convenient and less socially acceptable. By raising the stakes, it helped transform a complaint into a right, so that people annoyed by tobacco smoke now felt justified in demanding that it be eliminated everywhere they might want to go, including other people's property.

In short, they have conditioned the majority of the people on the planet to behave like Nazis and think it is normal.

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Islamo-fascism? Al Qaeda bans smoking and music in captured Syrian territories

"They hate us for our freedoms!" Actually, no, like Western leaders, they also hate freedom for others.
The jihadist Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has banned music and smoking in Syria's Raqqa, days after taking control of the northern city following battles with rebel groups.

ISIS said it had decided to "ban the sale of music CDs, music players, and playing songs in cars and buses and in shops and all places," in a statement posted on jihadist websites and signed the "Wali (governor) of Raqqa."

The group added they had taken the step because musical instruments and singing are "proscribed in Islam because they distract from remembering God and the Quran."

In a second statement, ISIS said that as part of efforts to "apply sharia (Islamic law)... it is completely forbidden to sell cigarettes or water pipes in any place."

Such bans are reminiscent of those the Taliban imposed on television, cinema and music in Afghanistan when in power up until 2001.

The group's actions provoked a backlash from other rebel groups in early January, and the ISIS is now fighting former allies in several parts of northern Syria.

Comment: Meanwhile they're raping girls across Syria with the blessing of Saudi clerics:

Rape, pillage and plunder: Al Qaeda terrorists receive retrospective blessing from extremist Saudi cleric to enjoy hours-long 'intercourse marriages' with Syrian girls

Maybe Dubya was onto something calling them 'Islamo-fascists'?... It takes one to know of course.

Star of David

Protest at Israeli embassy in UK marks five years since bloody assault on Gaza

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists have demonstrated outside the Israeli embassy in London, condemning Tel Aviv's ongoing blockade and attacks on the Gaza Strip.

According to reports, more than 500 protesters voiced their outrage in the protest, which was called by Palestine Solidarity Campaign on Sunday.

Waving placards and chanting slogans like "Free Free Palestine," "End the siege of Gaza," and "We are all Palestinians," the protesters condemned Israeli war crimes in the territory, including putting children in solitary confinement.

Demonstrators also called on the international community, including the British government, to pressure Israel to lift the siege on Gaza.

Bad Guys

Swiss Guard veteran claims existence of 'gay network' at the Vatican

Swiss Guards
© Filippo Monteforte/EPAClaims have been made of a 'gay network' among some Vatican priests and Swiss Guards.
A former commander of the Swiss Guard, the small force of men whose job it is to protect the pope, has said there is "a network of homosexuals" within the Vatican, the latest in a series of claims about gay priests working at the heart of the Roman Catholic church.

Elmar Mäder, who was commandant of the Guard from 2002 until 2008, said his time at the heart of the Vatican had given him an insight into certain aspects of life there. "I cannot refute the claim that there is a network of homosexuals. My experiences would indicate the existence of such a thing," he told the Swiss newspaper Schweiz am Sonntag.

Famed for their striking uniforms of blue, red and orange, recruits to the Guard swear to protect the pope and his successors with their lives.

Mäder, 50, from the canton of St Gallen, refused to comment on speculation that he had warned guardsmen about the behaviour of certain priests.

Earlier this month, the same newspaper reported the claims of a former, unnamed member of the Guard that he had been the target of more than 20 "unambiguous sexual requests" from clergy while serving in the force.

Recounting a dinner in a Rome restaurant, the man was quoted as saying: "As the spinach and steak were served, the priest said to me: 'And you are the dessert'."


High-ranked DEA agent quits job to work for legal marijuana industry

© Reuters / Brian Snyder BS
The chief of operations at the United States Drug Enforcement Agency said only last week that increased efforts as of late to legalize marijuana across the country is scaring his fellow officials at the DEA. Others, however, have a much different take.

Just last Wednesday, the DEA's James L. Capra told members of the Senate that the emerging pro-pot trend is "reckless," "irresponsible" and "scares us."

Former DEA agent Patrick Moen isn't in the same boat. After over a decade of working with the federal government to put away drug dealers, Moen recently abandoned his job at the DEA in order to pursue a career with Privateer Holdings, a Seattle, Washington-based investment firm that specializes in the budding marijuana industry.

Since 2010, Privateer has been putting money into the hands of start-ups that are looking to work their way up in the legal weed business. Moen just recently left the DEA after more than 10 years, and since November has been Privateer's managing director of compliance and their senior counsel.

"I saw this as an amazing opportunity to be a part of the team that's helping to create this industry," Moen, 36, told Reuters. "I don't really feel like it's the other side."


More anti "quenelle" propaganda: West Brom sponsor Zoopla to end deal over Nicolas Anelka's gesture, FC 'investigating'

Anelka Dieudonne
© UnknownAnelka (right) said the sign was a "dedication" to comedian Dieudonne
West Brom sponsor Zoopla have decided to end their sponsorship of the club at the end of the season over Nicolas Anelka's "quenelle" gesture.

Anelka, 34, made the sign, described as an inverted Nazi salute and declared by some to be anti-Semitic, after scoring against West Ham on 28 December 2013.

Comment: A selective and misleading reference from author David Ornstein there. Following the link above the only reference we find to a Nazi salute is this:
The gesture involves touching or gripping your shoulder with one hand while holding the palm of your other hand outstretched and pointing to the ground. Some describe it as a combination of the bras d'honneur with a bent arm (which means "up yours") and the Nazi salute.
The true sentiment of the gesture is plainly referenced, it's an "up yours!" to the system (the bent arm showing just how far up!). But comedian Dieudonne is critical of Zionism, is popular, and is being targeted by the powers that be to silence him. Propaganda and distortion such as the above are tools of the trade. The move by Zoopla adding to the hysteria.

In a world of 'gesture politics', the public mustn't be allowed to have their own (gestures or political opinions). Only officially sanctioned thoughts are permitted and being critical of Zionism is not on the list, a list the BBC seems to be fervently adhering to.

For more background see: The Move to Muzzle Dieudonné M'Bala M'Bala

Zoopla, co-owned by Jewish businessman Alex Chesterman, will focus on other marketing activities.

The incident is being investigated by the Football Association.


Police State USA: 19-year-old woman calls cops for help, they smash her face and charge her with assault

© Kayla Conway/Fox 2 Now
A 19-year-old Missouri woman who called the police during a medical emergency now alleges that one of the responding officers slammed her face into the floor - leaving her with bruises and persistent headaches - and then charged her with assault and resisting arrest.

Kayla Conway called the Pevely, Missouri police department last week out of concern for the safety of her boyfriend, who had overdosed on anxiety medication. The couple recently lost a baby when Conway miscarried six months into her pregnancy, and she was on edge about her boyfriend's health.

Police put the boyfriend in an ambulance, but an officer refused to let Conway ride along with him. His refusal soon became violent, according to Conway.

"He grabbed me by the back of my head and slammed me on the ground and dragged my head across the carpet and put me in handcuffs," she said in a statement to local news.

Conway took pictures of herself showing her bruises and scrapes. She said the abuse, which happened last week, was without provocation. She has lingering migraines because of it.


About Time! Wisconsin university system removes Bible from campus center rooms

© Washington Times
The Wisconsin public university system removed all its copies of the Gideon Bible from the campus conference center after the Freedom From Religion Foundation complained of a constitutional violation.

Administrators with the University of Wisconsin-Extension said they received the complaint in November and after weeks of consideration and discussion, decided to remove from the Lowell Center all 137 copies of the bible - a normal fixture at guest rooms and in hotels around the nation.

"Permitting members of outside religious groups the privilege of placing their religious literature in public university guest rooms constitutes state endorsement and advancement of these Christian publications," said FFRF attorney Patrick Elliot, in a letter of complaint, UPI reported. And on the group's website, he wrote that "while private hotels may choose to put any type of literature they want in their guest rooms, state-run colleges have a constitutional obligation to remain neutral toward religion."

Black Magic

Exorcism on the rise as way to battle evil of Mexican cartels

© APArgentine Pope Francis was credited with performing an exorcism when he laid hands on this Mexican man at St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican — the man convulsed and then slumped in his wheelchair.
Exorcism rituals on the rise as way to battle evil of Mexican cartels In the heavily Roman Catholic country of Mexico, exorcisms battle the evil violence of drug cartels, priests say. Also blamed for syndicate savagery is the rising popularity of Santa Muerte, folk saint of narcotics kingpins and some two million Mexican followers.

A relative grieves in Mexico City after learning of a mass grave holding five youths believed to have been murdered by a drug cartel controlling a section of the nation's capital. Since 2006, as many as 80,000 people killed by warring drug gangs.

It was the most awful confession Father Ernesto Caro ever heard in 22 long years of serving the church.

The sinner was a killer for the Los Zetas cartel, Mexico's most heinous crime syndicate. His specialty was chopping people into pieces, while they were still alive.

"He said he smiled while he was doing it. He said he enjoyed it and that he was laughing," Caro, a priest and exorcist in Monterrey, told the Daily News. "He told me terrible things."

It took four months of weekly visits to rid the murderer of demons possessing him, Caro said.

The convict - who was incarcerated for murder and kidnapping - converted to Catholicism in 2012 and began a new, nonviolent life, the priest said. He's heard the man secured an early prison release, but doesn't know his whereabouts, Caro said.

"God sends me these people," said the exorcist for the Diocese of Monterrey.


10 hurt in explosion at Omaha animal feed plant

International Nutrition plant
At least 10 people have been hospitalized and others could be trapped after an explosion and partial building collapse Monday at an Omaha animal feed processing plant.

Interim Omaha Fire Chief Bernie Kanger said he's not sure how many workers could be trapped in the wreckage of the
International Nutrition plant. The fire that followed the explosion around 10 a.m. has been extinguished, but firefighters gingerly searched the structure, fearing that more debris could rain down.

"It's very extreme conditions" inside the plant now, Kanger said. "There is significant structural damage inside."

Kanger declined to comment on possible fatalities. At the time of the blast 38 employees were at work. One firefighter was among those injured, Kanger said.

Omaha-based International Nutrition declined to comment to The Associated Press.

Workers' family members who gathered outside the plant said they'd received cellphone calls from loved ones inside who told them one or two people may be missing or trapped.