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Fri, 02 Jun 2023
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Guardian "covered up" MeToo scandal involving pro-lockdown, pro-vaccine passport, left-wing columnist

Nick Cohen
The former Observer columnist Nick Cohen, who attacked me numerous times during the pandemic for being a lockdown sceptic, has left the newspaper with a financial settlement following complaints of sexual harassment that spanned a period of 17 years. When he departed, he was praised by his bosses for his "incisive" and "brilliant" journalist - such as this piece entitled 'It is only a matter of time before we turn on the unvaccinated' - with no mention of the seven women who claimed they were harassed by him both inside and outside the workplace. Guardian News and Media (GNM), which owns the Observer and the Guardian, has now been accused of a cover-up by the New York Times. The Telegraph has more.
Some of his alleged victims have accused GNM of failing to act on complaints they made to managers over a period of years.

For his part, Mr. Cohen has claimed that his downfall was the result of a bitter internal row over transgender rights that has opened a schism at the centre of The Guardian.

The fallout from the Cohen affair has also prompted recriminations at the Financial Times (FT), where an investigation by a prominent journalist into the goings-on at the Guardian was spiked by the business newspaper's editor.

The claim has been made by the New York Times (NYT), which reported that Madison Marriage, an FT journalist, had investigated the Cohen affair and had on the record interviews with two named women and documentary evidence on others, but Roula Khalaf, the FT's editor, chose not to publish it.


12 killed, 48 wounded in Memorial Day weekend violence in Chicago

chicago police
© Pat Nabong/Sun-Times
A police officer walks near a damaged Chicago Park District vehicle after a group of teenagers got into a fight and shots were fired Friday afternoon. No one was injured.
The Memorial Day weekend in Chicago was the most violent in seven years.

By early Tuesday morning, at least 12 people had been killed and another 48 wounded since early Friday evening. The level of gun violence was the worst since 71 people were shot over the 2016 holiday weekend.

The Harrison police district on the West Side recorded the most people shot, at least eight. The Ogden district on the Near West Side and the Gresham district on the South Side each had seven, according to police data.

Two of the homicides occurred in the Harrison district and two in the Gresham district.

The violence came close to Mayor Brandon Johnson's doorstep when a woman was found stabbed to death less than two blocks from the mayor's West Side home in Austin.

Extra police officers had been scheduled to work over the weekend, as Johnson and interim Chicago Police Supt. Fred Waller continued the controversial practice of canceling officers' days off to boost staffing over violent weekends.

Dozens of "peacekeepers" also hit the streets to quell violence in hot spots on the South and West sides. And hundreds marched against violence Saturday in the Grand Crossing neighborhood.

The weekend's first homicides happened within a few hours of each other.

Comment: "Illinois Has Passed a Slew of Gun Regulations. Are They Enough to Stem the Tide of Shootings?" Doesn't look like it, does it?

Black Magic

Corporate America has launched a religious war: It's time to choose your side

Crusaders thirsting under the walls of Jerusalem
Bud Light enlists a trans ladyface minstrel to sell beer. Target hires a trans Satanist to design LGBT clothes for kids and starts selling "binding" and "tucking" swimwear. North Face launches a marketing campaign featuring a creepy drag performer hocking LGBT gear to children ages 2 to 7. The Los Angeles Dodgers gives an award to a demonic hate group whose sole purpose is to blaspheme and profane the Catholic faith.

All this, and June "pride month" hasn't even begun.

What's happening? Why did so many major corporate brands decide to go all-in on promoting an aggressive, radical LGBT agenda that just a few years ago would have been considered totally unacceptable in civil society? Is this a psy-op? Is it real? What happens next?

The short answer to these questions is that we've entered a new phase of the culture war, and in some ways have transcended "the culture war" completely. What we're in now is better described as a religious war — one that's been launched by corporate America against all of us, and therefore demands we all choose sides.

Choosing sides in a religious war means you have to choose your religion. And in this particular religious war, there are only two sides. On one side is what C.S. Lewis called the Tao, which was his ecumenical shorthand for objective moral truth. "The Tao, which others may call Natural Law or Traditional Morality or the First Principles of Practical Reason or the First Platitudes, is not one among a series of possible systems of value," Lewis wrote in The Abolition of Man. "It is the sole source of all value judgments. If it is rejected, all value is rejected. If any value is retained, it is retained."

Russian Flag

Russia evacuates children from border villages as Ukrainian shelling escalates

russia ukraine
Aftermath of recent cross-border shelling, which has happened with increased regularity.
In what's now becoming an alarming pattern of cross-border escalation, multiple civilians were injured in Russia's Belgorod region, just kilometers from Ukraine, due to large-scale shelling on Wednesday, presumably from Ukrainian forces.

Local governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said at least four people had been injured. He described that situation in the border town of Shebekino has been "deteriorating" due to the "massive strike" from Ukrainian forces.

One among the casualties was described as being in "serious" condition after being hit by shrapnel. A school as well as some dozen buildings had minor damage from the attack. The governor said the cross-border attack was from Soviet-era Grad multiple rocket launcher systems. "Nobody, thank God, died," Gladkov said.


Carnival Sunshine cruise ship battered by massive waves leaving multiple decks flooded

Cruise ship map

Carnival Sunshine out of Charleston, South Carolina
Passengers aboard the Carnival Sunshine had a nightmarish experience as the cruiseliner attempted to return to its home port in Charleston on Friday. The cruise ship was battered by rough seas and powerful winds, flooding the lower decks. The situation worsened late Friday night into early Saturday when passengers saw crew members putting on life jackets.

Bloomberg ship tracking data shows the vessel zig-zagged off the coast of Charleston while a low-pressure storm slammed the ship with monster waves and 80 mph winds.

Passenger Daniel Taylor shared his terrifying experience between Friday evening and mid-day Saturday with Daily Mail:
But at around 4.30pm on Friday, the trip took a turn for the worse as the ship approached choppy waters. Just 15 minutes later, Taylor said, the captain made an announcement that due to the adverse weather conditions, the Sunshine may arrive back in Charleston later than it was scheduled to. 'He said that the staff would do everything they could to minimize discomfort,' Taylor recounted, noting that shortly thereafter vomit bags were put out on all the elevators. By 7pm, he said, the ship started hitting large swells of water.

"I went to a show in the Liquid Lounge at the front of the ship at that time. The sound of us crashing into the swells could be heard over the music playing." Stage lights mounted on the ceiling began to shake, the disco ball started swinging and the LED wall on the stage, which he said was probably about 20 to 30 feet tall and wide, began rolling side by side on its own.

Comment: A bit of hell on high water!



Germany's health minister changes tune on vaccine injuries

© Getty Images
German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach
Karl Lauterbach is having a dramatic fall from grace...

Outside of Germany, few people have heard of Karl Lauterbach, Germany's Minister for Health. But he's one of the key figures in the Western Covid response. Once hailed as a hero, he's now engulfed in the biggest vaccine-injury scandal to have emerged since the pandemic.

Lauterbach has served in the role since December 2021, under the traffic light coalition led by Olaf Scholz. Often described as "Germany's Fauci", Lauterbach — a professor of health economics and epidemiology and long-time member of the SPD — rose to national prominence early on into the pandemic as a Covid hardliner.

In his role as an advisor to Angela Merkel and prominent TV and Twitter commentator, and then as the country's health minister, Lauterbach adopted an aggressively pro-lockdown and pro-vaccination stance, claiming that his aim was to vaccinate every single German — through the imposition of mandates, if necessary — in order to achieve so-called "herd immunity".

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Vandalism for the Planet! Climate activists deflate tyres to try to make it 'impossible to own an SUV'

Flat Tyre
© Barum Tyres
It's a cult. Believers in the climate religion can't persuade the rest of the population through polite conversation, so a few are resorting to vandalism-for-the-planet because they know more than you do about atmospheric physics, right? After a spate last year, the call has gone out for activists to sneak around again after dark, being the deceptive cowards they are, and let down the tyres of SUVs to punish owners for not joining their pagan religion. Judging by their twitter thread, it doesn't seem like a mass movement.

Philosophically, it's just bully-badger-and-harass people for the climate kind of thing. According to "Tyre Extinguishers" you too can change the weather 100 years from now by dressing like a bank robber, and prancing around in the dark making other people's lives more difficult. "Bravo" eh?

The same evangelists don't seem to be concerned with even heavier EV's made with child labor, the solar panels made by slaves, or the landfill toxic waste, destruction of forest, birds and bats by renewables. It's just a tribal performance art to impress their friends and fill the spiritual vacuum in their lives.

When will the grown-ups in the environmental movement condemn vandalism? It's time the Greens were asked if they support this.
Radical climate activists pushing to 'inconvenience SUV owners' by deflating 4×4 tyres in major cities

By Alex Blair, News.com

A radical movement purporting to save the world from climate change has declared war on SUV owners, encouraging the public to actively sabotage cars in the street.

The Tyre Extinguishers is a guarded organisation that has built a global following in recent months, attracting what some have described as "extremist" activists who want to rid the roads of these "massive and unnecessary" vehicles.
Flat Tyres
© joannenova.com.au/
Just making the world a nastier place to live…


US citizen Gonzalo Lira faces 13 years in prison in Ukraine for supporting Russian actions and criticizing Zelensky

gonzalo Lira prison ukraine
© Gonzalo Lira/YouTube
Youtube commentator Gonzalo Lira
An American citizen has been detained by Ukrainian authorities after expressing support for Russian actions and criticizing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Gonzalo Lira, a prominent YouTuber and columnist, has gained recognition for his financial articles featured in renowned platforms such as Business Insider and ZeroHedge. Lira has notably emerged as a vocal critic of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

(Full disclosure: The author has participated in roundtable podcasts with Gonzalo Lira alongside other political commentators and journalists)

According to an official press release, Gonzalo Lira was detained by the Ukrainian Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) in early May for publicly justifying the Russian invasion.

"The security service gathered an evidence base on a foreign blogger who publicly justified the armed aggression of the RF [Russian Federation] and spread fakes about the war in Ukraine," the Ukrainian SBU stated. "The figure is a citizen of one of the Latin American countries, but has lived in Kharkiv for several years."

Comment: So much for those "democratic values", like say, free speech, in Ukraine and the U.S. But the State Department will go to the mat for a drug-using basketball player.

Cow Skull

ESG/CEI financial screws tightening: Chick-Fil-A slammed by conservatives as 'woke' initiatives come to light

gay pride chick-fil-a
© Chicago Tribune
Conservatives on Twitter have turned their fire on restaurant franchise Chick-fil-A after the company announced the hiring of a new vice president dedicated to bringing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts to the traditionally conservative chicken sandwich brand.

Attention was drawn to a new posting on Chick-fil-A's website featuring Erick McReynolds, the new Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, who is quoted as saying the company is "committed to ensuring mutual respect, understanding, and dignity everywhere we do business." A tweet highlighting his comments also shows a separate website page describing the company's "Better At Together" initiative, which states, "when we combine our unique backgrounds and experiences with a culture of belonging, we can strengthen the quality of care we deliver."

Comment: ESG stands for "Environmental, Social, Governance" and measures just how woke a corporation's policies are. A big chunk of the rating is based on having a woke member or two installed on the board of the corporation and employing a DEI officer. Getting kicked out of the S&P 500 ESG index is a big deal, as the many ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds intended to mirror the performance of a given index and in which many investors participate).

On top of that is added the execrable Corporate Equality Index (CEI) scores which are also supposed to measure a corporation's wokeness level:
A company can receive up to 100 points in the CEI rating system. Here's how those points are earned.
1. Workforce Protections (5 points possible)
  • Policy includes sexual orientation and gender identity/gender identity or expression for all operations (5)
2. Inclusive Benefits (50 points possible)

To secure full credit for benefits criteria, each benefit must be available to all benefits-eligible U.S. employees. In areas where more than one health insurance plan is available, at least one inclusive plan must be available.
  • Equivalency in same- and different-sex spousal medical and soft benefits (No points awarded)
  • Equivalency in same- and different-sex domestic partner medical and soft benefits (10)
  • Equivalency in spousal and domestic partner family formation benefits regardless of sex. (10)
  • Equal health coverage for transgender individuals without exclusion for medically necessary care (25)
  • LGBTQ+ Benefits Guide (5)
3. Supporting an Inclusive Culture (25 points possible)

a. Four LGBTQ+ ​Internal Training and Accountability Efforts (5)
Businesses must demonstrate a firm-wide, sustained and accountable commitment to diversity and cultural competency, including at least four of the following elements:
  • New hire training clearly states that the nondiscrimination policy includes gender identity and sexual orientation and provides definitions or scenarios illustrating the policy for each
  • Supervisors undergo training that includes gender identity and sexual orientation as discrete topics (may be part of a broader training), and provides definitions or scenarios illustrating the policy for each
  • Integration of gender identity and sexual orientation in professional development, skills-based or other leadership training that includes elements of diversity and/or cultural competency
  • Integration of intersectionality in professional development, skills-based, or other training (required)
  • Senior management/executive performance measures include LGBTQ diversity metrics
b. One LGBTQ+ Data Collection Effort (5)
  • Anonymous employee engagement or climate surveys conducted on an annual or biennial basis allow employees the option to identify as LGBTQ+
  • Data collection forms that include employee race, ethnicity, gender, military and disability status — typically recorded as part of employee records — include optional questions on sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Board (or other governing body) member demographic data collection include the option for individuals to report their sexual orientation and gender identity or self-identity as LGBTQ+
c. Transgender Inclusion Best Practices (5)
  • Gender transition guidelines with supportive restroom, dress code and documentation guidance
  • Implementation of the at least one (1) of the following policies or practices
    • Trans-inclusive restroom/facilities policy
    • Gender-neutral dress code
    • Policies/procedures that allow for optional sharing of gender pronouns
d. Employee Group -OR- Diversity Council (10)

4. Corporate Social Responsibility (20 points possible)

a. Five Distinct Efforts of Outreach or Engagement to Broader LGBTQ+ Community (15)
Businesses must demonstrate ongoing LGBTQ+ specific engagement that extends across the firm, including at least five of the following:
  • LGBTQ employee recruitment efforts with demonstrated reach of LGBTQ+ applicants (required documentation may include a short summary of the event or an estimation of the number of candidates reached)
  • Supplier diversity program with demonstrated effort to include certified LGBTQ+ suppliers
  • Marketing or advertising to LGBTQ consumers (e.g.: advertising with LGBTQ+ content, advertising in LGBTQ media or sponsoring LGBTQ organizations and events)
  • Philanthropic support of at least one LGBTQ+ organization or event (e.g.: financial, in kind or pro bono support)
  • Demonstrated public support for LGBTQ+ equality under the law through local, state or federal legislation or initiatives
b. LGBTQ+ Corporate Social Responsibility

Contractor/supplier non-discrimination standards AND Philanthropic Giving Guidelines (5)

4. Responsible citizenship (-25)

Employers will have 25 points deducted from their score for a large-scale official or public anti-LGBTQ blemish on their recent records. Scores on this criterion are based on information that has come to HRC's attention related to topics including but not limited to: undue influence by a significant shareholder calculated to undermine a business's employment policies or practices related to its LGBTQ employees; directing corporate charitable contributions to organizations whose primary mission includes advocacy against LGBTQ equality; opposing shareholder resolutions reasonably aimed at encouraging the adoption of inclusive workplace policies; revoking inclusive LGBTQ policies or practices; or engaging in proven practices that are contrary to the business's written LGBTQ employment policies.

Chick-fil-A is dependent, like nearly every major corporation, on its relationship with investment institutions. A low ESG and/or CEI score currently can damage or completely cut off those services. It's social engineering by blackmail, and damn what the customers might think.

Black Magic

Climate madness: Proposed Irish cattle cull to 'cut methane emissions' will lead to food shortages - Mattie McGrath

Ireland mattie McGrath
© Houses of Oireachtas via Flickr
Matthew McGrath is an Irish Independent politician and a Teachta Dála (TD) for the Tipperary constituency
Culling the national herd will lead to food shortages, TD Mattie McGrath has predicted.

Government documents have suggested up to 65,000 cattle may need to be culled every year for three years in order to comply with the nation's climate targets.

A 550kg dairy cow emits roughly 320-330 grams of methane every day and the Government has agreed the agriculture sector should cut its emissions by 25% over the next eight years.

Deputy McGrath predicted the impact on rural Ireland's economy would be "dire" and send food prices soaring further.

"We have all the predictions of dire consequences of the climate crisis but are we going to die off ahead of it?" he told The Hard Shoulder.

"We'll have no food to feed ourselves, hyper inflation of food prices and decimation of our agricultural products that we have here which are very valuable to the economy and are very low carbon exports."

Comment: What the eco-idiots forget is that their beloved plant-based diet depends on carbon dioxide, methane, and all the other trace gases in the atmosphere:
We have all heard what too much CO2 can lead to, but so far the biosphere have never been exposed to too low levels of CO2. But what if it did? And please, this topic has nothing to do with the ongoing discussion about global warming. We are talking about the last ice age and a hypothetical scenario where the terrestrial flora and fauna would have suffered because of too little CO2.

Apparently the agricultural revolution happened 11,000 year ago all over the world because of increased levels. Pre-industrial levels are said to have been 280 ppm.

Aerobic plants have three types of photosynthesis. C3, C4 and CAM. The original and most common type is C3. C4 and CAM have evolved to deal better with heat, drought and lower levels of CO2. C4 is a little better than CAM in that regard.

Some quotes found on the net:
"Studies have shown that the average biomass production of modern C3 plants is reduced by approximately 50% when grown at low (180-220 ppm) CO2, when other conditions are optimal ... (The abortion of all flower buds) suggested that 150 ppm CO2 may be near the threshold for successful completion of the life cycle in some C3 species." "Although some C3 plants like palm trees can cope with a combination of high oxygen levels and warmer, sunnier, and dryer conditions, most C3 plants can lose efficiency in productivity of up to 40% in warm, sunny, and dry conditions." (But less CO2 means more stomata, and the more stomata, the more water loss)

"About 85% of all plant species are C3. All trees, fruits, vegetables, and most food crops are C3. The only C4 food crop exceptions are maise, millet, sorghum, and sugarcane. On average, at 150ppm the primary C3 plant productivity was reduced an average 92% as measured by dry weight biomass. During glacial periods land ecosystems have much lower productivity."
The climate change crazy train is gathering speed: