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Tue, 21 Sep 2021
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Putin: Measure your success by non-fired missiles!

The Russian Prime Minister says he's alarmed by NATO's approach towards bombing Libya.

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US: Florida House passes controversial abortion bills

Tallahassee - A series of controversial abortion bills passed in the Florida House of Representatives Wednesday.

State lawmakers approved legislation that lays new ground rules for women seeking the procedure.

The debate that unfolded in Tallahassee was as personal as it was political, words backed up by deeply-held beliefs about the role of government, women's rights and even life itself.

"Members, think wisely! This is not a bill for Republicans or Democrats or because it's a Republican bill - this is Bible principles!" Rep. Daphne Campbell, D-Miami, said. "So, why should government pay for abortion or kill babies?"

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Propaganda? Fuelled 'by Viagra', Gaddafi's troops use rape as a weapon of war with children as young as eight among the victims


Devastation: The full extent of the destruction of Mirsrata became clear after a terrible battle between rebels and Gaddafi's troops.

Children as young as eight are being raped in front of their families by Gaddafi's forces in Libya, according to a leading charity.

Aid workers described horrific stories of widespread sexual abuse, including one incident in which a group of girls was abducted and held hostage for four days.

When they were finally released, they were too traumatised to speak.

Other children have described being forced to watch as their fathers were murdered and their mothers raped.

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Miss USA molested by TSA

susie castillo

Ms. USA 2003 Susie Castillo is a frequent flyer, but rethinks her travel plans after a recent incident at Dulles airport. Castillo, an actress, says that she was sexually harassed by TSA employees while flying out of the Washington DC-area hub. In this video she explains how she opted out of a body scan machine and, as a result, was humiliated and hassled by a government employee. Has it come to choosing between a dangerous machine or molestation? Castillo discusses her encounter moments later here.


Germany: Police inadvertently shoot dog attack victim

A German woman who had escaped without serious injury from a dog attack was accidentally shot by police while she hid from the animal behind a door, police said on Wednesday.

Police in Berlin shot the dog dead, but a stray bullet went through the door behind which the woman was cowering, striking her in the arm.

The woman was not seriously injured. She had gone to visit neighbors at their apartment on Tuesday evening when their two-year-old dog Carlito attacked her.

A police officer was also grazed in the throat by a ricocheting bullet. Police are investigating possible charges of negligence against both the dog's owner and the police officers who fired the shots.


California: Huge Gold Nugget Ignites Gold Rush?

Apparently there's still "gold in them thar hills".

Che Guevara

Connecting the Dots: Global Revolution Is Upon Us

Continued from Connecting the Dots: Earth Changes Are Upon Us

© Unknown
As above, so below.

The planet is undergoing dramatic changes. Snowstorms and floods, tornadoes and premature heatwaves abound; swarms of powerful earthquakes are collapsing societies; technological achievements are turning against us because of greed and negligence; and the skies are filled with marvels and portents of the kind we have only read about in the accounts of bygone eras.

The human masses are one more element in the picture of the cosmos, and as such, they are playing their part, quite in tune with the 'battle of the gods' above. Is it because they instinctively feel that the planet's history is reaching a climax? Or have they been provoked by their leaders, who think it's time to tighten the screws of control out of fear of losing their resources and privileges during the trying times now on our doorstep?

Victor Clube, author of The Cosmic Serpent and The Cosmic Winter, commented during a lecture:
I'd like to remind you now that one of these peaks [of cometary activity] that you are looking at here - the 1601 occurs round about 1640 through 1680, and it coincides with the end of the Thirty Years War in Europe, and the Civil War in England. I mentioned this briefly last night. Cromwell, and others of that time - I only name him because, of course, he's a familiar name to you, but there are many others - described all the upheaval of the time, in millennarian terms, as due to "God's revolution" only a century after Copernicus' De Revolutionibus.

My point here is that the word "revolution" is popularly used nowadays in a social sense. It didn't have that at the time Copernicus was writing; it acquired it. It acquired it at the time of the English Civil War. And it was because of the perception that things in the sky were driving things, terrible things, that were happening on the ground. Only three hundred and fifty years ago, then, mankind was still in the era of an invisible sky god from a once visible heaven associated with angels, fallen angels, and dangerous demons hurling thunderbolts.

We have to get rid of the idea that our ancestors thought that space was empty. They didn't have [the] specialized astrophysical knowledge that has allowed me to build the Taurid stream for you; they just knew it was there. That's really rather a remarkable thing. We've had to unlearn that knowledge in the last three hundred and fifty years in order to put ourselves in the state of rediscovering it.

Fireballs Basel 1566
©Samuel Coccius
Basel, Switzerland, 1566

So, what was The Enlightenment only forty years after Cromwell? It was the pragmatic English decision to get rid of all the angels and demons, invisible sky gods, and a once visible heaven. It was the decision to stop worrying about the evidence of fireballs and the supposed behavior of comets. It was a decision to reconstruct the cosmos without heaven in the solar system and put it in the ether or outside the cosmos altogether of infinity a la Bruno. It was the decision to create a purified, less frightening cosmos in much the same way as Aristotle did after Plato. On both occasions we shifted from astrology to physics, and from a sky of foreboding to a sky of inspiration, from prison and terror to freedom and hope.

Indeed, the cry of the revolutionary periods of 1640 to 1680 and 1760 to 1800, the time of the American War of Independence, was the cry of freedom from heavenly oppression, demons, and fireballs.

For the last two hundred years of Enlightenment we have been rewriting history so that the cry of freedom is from earthly oppressors. No wonder the world has gone wrong and the astrophysicists today cannot come to terms with the Taurid torus. I'm really trying to say that this is just not an astrophysical discovery that we are talking about. Everything has got to, sort of, turn around in order to come to terms with what is being said. And this, in a way, is rather like what Irving was describing beforehand. There is a paradigm shift involved in recognizing that it's not just ancient history we have got wrong - it's all history.
As we have seen in Part I, Earth Changes Are Upon Us, 'angels, demons and invisible gods' are back in the form of earthly and cosmic changes. At the same time, the world of men is marked by control, revolts and wars. We do not believe it is a coincidence. Still, whether the elite knew what was coming and whether the masses sensed it or not, we want to map out the details of how this happened at the level of society, politics and economy. It is a story that can be traced at least as far as 11 September 2001, from the beginning of the War on Terror™ - a diabolical stratagem of distraction, terror and oppression to prevent people from seeing the signs of cosmic threats - to the genocide of whole nations and the manufactured economic crisis, all of which Sott.net has followed closely. In this follow-up to Part I we will attempt to bring our readers up to date with the orchestrated chaos unfurling across the planet.


US: Nicolas Cage investigated for child abuse after allegedly injuring son before domestic abuse arrest


Cage's mug shot is hardly the best photo the actor has taken.
A police report from Nicolas Cage's arrest earlier this month suggests the actor might have physically harmed his son before he was taken into custody.

Cage, who was arrested in New Orleans on April 16 following an alleged physical altercation with his wife, Alice Kim, "fell while holding" their 5-year-old son Ka-El, Sgt. Stuart Smith wrote in his report, obtained by RadarOnline.com.

"The fall caused the five (5) year old child to suffer a minor abrasion to his left knee, and she [Kim] then recovered the child," the officer said.

A male witness, however, told police that he "observed Mr. Cage pull the male child to the ground by his hand."

"Based upon this information and Mrs. Cage's earlier statement, a child-abuse detective was notified," the report said, later noting that the detective "determined that no further investigation was merited, but if needed, a representative of the Child Protective Service may be contacted and an investigation launched."


Royal Wedding Bells Fall on Deaf Ears

© Mario Testino/Clarence House Press Office via Getty Images
Prince William and Catherine Middleton will marry Friday, but many Britons don’t care.
Many parties not for nuptials

When Prince William marries Catherine Middleton, all Britons should be celebrating, or so says Prime Minister David Cameron, who has been working hard to whip up public enthusiasm for the extravaganza.

Setting an example, the Camerons are planning to throw their own party on Downing Street - after they have attended the wedding and reception, of course.

"My message to everyone who wants to have a street party is: I'm having one, and I want you to go ahead and have one, too," he said.

But the majority of Britons are not listening.

Although about 4,000 street parties will take place Friday across the United Kingdom, one-third of local councils have not received a single application for such a fest. An ICM Research poll commissioned by the anti-monarchy group Republic found that four out of five Britons are "largely indifferent" or "couldn't care less" about the royal wedding.


The Royal Wedding: Who Pays the Bill?

© unknown
Who foots the bill for The Wedding of the Century? Peter Hunt, BBC's royal correspondent, looks at who will pay for Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal nuptials.

Estimate Cost of Wedding

"We're not in Elton John territory," one royal official told me when discussing the possible cost of the flowers at Westminster Abbey. The actual expenditure for any aspect of the wedding will never be made public. But aides are keen to stress the total bill won't be millions of dollars, but rather a six-figure sum - as it was back in 1981 when Charles and Diana married. This undisclosed bill will be for the dress, the bridesmaids' outfits, the flowers and the two receptions.

These are taking place at Buckingham Palace, where staff are both well used to catering for such numbers and to cutting costs when necessary. A few years ago, the Palace uncovered an alarming statistic about guests attending the Queen's annual garden parties. Rather than just nibbling on one or two snacks, they were consuming, on average, 14 sandwiches, cakes, ice creams and scones. Those in charge came up with an ingenious solution - they reduced the size of the treats on offer.