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Fri, 30 Oct 2020
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Man watching fireworks struck by falling bullet

Richard John Smeraldo was hospitalized after he was struck by a falling bullet as he watched a 4th of July fireworks celebration in Safety Harbor.
Safety Harbor, Florida -- A man watching Fourth of July fireworks was injured when he was struck by a falling bullet.

Pinellas deputies say Richard John Smeraldo was watching fireworks with his wife and friends near the shoreline at the Safety Harbor Marina when something struck him in the face.

Smeraldo at first thought he was struck by a rock, until a friend found the bullet on the blanket next to her.

Smeraldo was taken to Mease Countryside Hospital, and was released after receiving stitches. Investigators say the bullet apparently went through the bill of Smeraldo's cap, into the bridge of his nose. From there it went out his right nostril, through the upper portion of his bottom lip and exited through his lower chin.

Black Cat

Cat-fighting - Obama's Social Security Number challenged

If Barack Obama has an immediate eligibility problem, it is more likely to derive from the Social Security Number he has been using for the last 25 years than from his birth certificate.

Ohio private investigator Susan Daniels has seen to that. On Monday, July 2, she filed suit in Geauga County (Ohio) Common Pleas Court demanding that Jon Husted, Ohio secretary of state, remove Obama's name from the ballot until Obama can prove the validity of his Social Security Number.

Daniels, who has vetted thousands of Social Security Numbers for numerous other clients, has done her homework. In her filing, she thoroughly documents her contention "that Barack Obama has repeatedly, consistently, and with intent misrepresented himself by using a fraudulently obtained Social Security Number."

To acquire appropriate standing in court, Daniels has gone to the trouble of establishing herself as a valid write-in candidate for president. Before she is through, this 70-something mother of seven, who has been a licensed Ohio PI since 1995, may cause Obama more trouble than the Romney campaign.

Heart - Black

Nine-month-old boy dies of overdose after 'babysitters injected his feet and hands with heroin and cocaine'

© Police Handout
Babysitters: Oscar Sanchez-Rivera, 24, and Viameri Santana-Berrios, 27, were babysitting the nine-month-old boy when he died from a drug overdose
A couple have been accused of killing a nine-month-old baby boy by injecting her with heroin and cocaine.

Oscar Sanchez-Rivera, 24, and Viameri Santana-Berrios, 27, were babysitting the boy when he died from a drug overdose.

Doctors found needle marks on his hands and feet as well as undigested heroin and cocaine in his body.

A medical examiner told a court in Philadelphia that the young victim, Milton Rojas, had so many drugs in his body that he likened him to a drug mule - the slang for someone who smuggles drugs in their body.

The shocking details of the baby boy's death were revealed at a preliminary hearing in Philadelphia where a judge ordered Sanchez-Rivera, 24, to stand trial on murder.


Police: Man kicked toddler in face at Epcot

© Unknown
Dario Napolitano.
Orlando, Florida (WKMG) - A man was arrested after deputies say he kicked his toddler in the face at Walt Disney World's Epcot.

Dario Napolitano, a 41-year-old visiting from Italy with his family, was at the park on Saturday when he and his wife got into an argument, according to Orange County deputies. Witnesses saw Napolitano kick at a stroller and heard a child scream, the report states.


Blackout looming: Thousands to lose Internet access as FBI shuts down servers

© Unknown
A Server Not Found error message on the Mozilla Firefox Internet browser.
On July 9, thousands of Internet users worldwide could lose access after the FBI shuts down temporary DNS servers that replaced fraudulent servers operated by hackers.

Major companies and US government agencies are amongst those that could be blocked out, according to the Internet security firm IID.

The blackout will affect systems infected with the DNSChanger Trojan, a malware program that altered user searches and redirected them to pages offering fraudulent and, in some cases, dangerous products.

Last November the FBI arrested and charged six Estonian men behind the malware as part of Operation Ghost Click. These hackers were able to make a fortune off their project, raking in millions for ads placed on their fraudulent websites.

On the eve of the arrests, the FBI hired Paul Vixie, chairman of the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) to install two temporary Internet servers that would prevent infected users from losing access to the Internet once the DNSChanger botnet was shut down. These users were advised to take steps to get rid of the malware on their computers, and the DNSChanger Working Group was set up by the computer industry and law enforcement to come up with a plan to phase out the surrogate servers.


U.S. Troops Become American Citizens ... In Kandahar

© Sean Carberry/NPR
U.S. soldiers and Marines pose after being sworn in as U.S. citizens in a service at Kandahar Air Field in Afghanistan on Friday.
Forty-four soldiers and Marines in Afghanistan are celebrating this Fourth of July as American citizens for the first time after their naturalization ceremony at Kandahar Air Field.

As the morning sun beat down on the desert base last Friday, hundreds gathered inside the air-conditioned assembly hall for the ceremony. American flags lined the walls, patriotic music played, and smiles were everywhere.

"It's pretty exciting; we actually have 44 candidates from 24 different countries that are going to be naturalized today and become U.S. citizens," said Capt. Benjamin Wendland, one of the ceremony's organizers.

Wendland said there were lots of moving pieces to pull together for the naturalization ceremony, but one component was absolutely essential: the oath of citizenship.


Iranian President Congratulates Venezuela on Independence Day

© Unknown
Presidents: Ahmadinejad and Chavez.
Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in a message felicitated the Venezuelan nation and government on the country's Independence Day.

Ahmadinejad in a message to his Venezuelan counterpart President Hugo Chavez on Wednesday congratulated [the] anniversary of Venezuelan Independence Day to him, the Venezuelan government and to nations people.

"Dear esteemed brother, President of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Hugo Chavez Rafael Ferias; I would like to convey my most sincere congratulations on the occasion of the anniversary of Venezuela's independence to your honor, and the Venezuelan nation and government," President Ahmadinejad's message read.

The message continued, "Beyond doubt, the victory of the Venezuelan nation in achieving independence is in line with materializing the ideals of the oppressed Latin American nations, and makes happy the entire freedom seekers around the globe."

Cell Phone

Score One for Us? Stealth app allows citizens to secretly record police officers

A civil rights group has released a new smartphone 'stealth' app which allows users to record video of police encounters without the officer's knowledge.

Called the 'Police Tape', the app makes the phone act as if it is off when recording video displaying a blank screen and when audio is being recorded, the app automatically minimises and disappears.

Designed by the New Jersey branch of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to be used as a deterent against wayward and abusive police officers, the state follows New York with the creation of a police surveillance app.

'Police often videotape civilians and civilians have a constitutionally protected right to videotape police,' said Alexander Shalom of the ACLU to the Star Ledger.

'When people know they're being watched, they tend to behave well.'


Police Brutality: Motorist Robert Leone Beaten by Pennsylvania Troopers

© unknown
In Bradford County, Pennsylvania, protesters are calling for justice for Robert Leone, who was reportedly assaulted by five Pennsylvania State Troopers.

A March 2010 video of police arresting Leone has gone viral after being posted last week by Larry Hohol, an author -- and former Penn. cop -- investigating the case (video below).

Pennsylvania State Police said Leone led them on a low speed chase after a hit and run and resisting arrest.

The dashcam video shows Pennsylvania State troopers blocking Leone's driver's side door.

Another trooper climbs on top of the car and tases Leone through the roof. He later lands on Leone with both feet.

One of the police officers reportedly broke his hand while hitting Leone, who also claims he was kicked and tased repeatedly.

Police claimed that Leone left the scene after hitting another car, and then refused to stop when officers tried to pull him over.

Life Preserver

Lifeguard Tomas Lopez Fired After Saving Man's Life

© unknown
A group of lifeguards in Hallandale Beach, Florida quit after one of their co-workers, Tomas Lopez, was fired for rescuing a drowning man outside the lifeguard company's zone of protected beach (video below).

Several of Lopez's co-workers have resigned as a show of solidarity and for refusing to assure the lifeguard company that they would not save people's lives, outside the specific beach area, as Lopez did.

Lopez was on duty on Monday at about 1:45 p.m. in the afternoon when he was informed that a man was drowning down the beach.

Lopez told WFTV News: "I'm looking, I don't see anyone. They said, 'He's way down over there,' so I just started running."

A hundred yards down the beach, a man lay blue and gasping in the shallows.