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Sat, 15 May 2021
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Fire in the Sky

Fireball 5

Dozens report bright meteor fireball in New Hampshire skies

Fireball over Manchester, NH
Dozens of people in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts reported seeing a bright fireball streak across the sky Sunday night.

The American Meteor Society received at least 45 reports of the meteor from as far away as Nova Scotia, Rhode Island and Vermont. Based on the reports, it's likely the fireball entered the atmosphere above the ocean off the coast of Maine at about 8:20 p.m. and streaked northwest above Casco Bay.

A surveillance video captured by a Nest security camera in Rochester submitted by a local user shows a short, bright streak of light in the sky. The submitter said the fireball was accompanied by a loud boom, and an emailer from Strafford told News 9 his house shook after the fireball was seen. Just one of the reports submitted to the AMS indicated that the witnesses hadn't heard any sound.


Meteor fireball blaze caught on police body cam at Surfers Paradise, Australia

Queensland officers spotted the meteorite falling over Surfers Paradise in the Gold Coast.

Queensland officers spotted the meteorite falling over Surfers Paradise in the Gold Coast.
Police were lucky enough to catch footage of a meteorite as it fell over the Gold Coast on Monday night.

Gold Coast rapid action patrol police were "shocked to see a meteorite blaze across the sky" while on duty in Surfers Paradise. The meteorite fell over the city about 9.45pm on Monday, leaving a long white tail before disappearing behind buildings.

The senior constable on duty said it was "not a sight you get to see everyday and could not believe the whole incident was captured on his body-worn camera".


Bolide over Cádiz and Málaga, Spain (April 20th)

This bolide was spotted over the south of Spain on 20 April 2021, at about 0:35local time (equivalent to 22:35universal time on 19 April). The event was generated by a rock from an asteroid that hit the atmosphere at about 61,000 km / h.

The fireball began at an altitude of about 88 km over the south of the province of Cádiz, overflew the western area of ​​the province of Málaga, and ended at a height of around 37 km over the east of the province of Cádiz. This bright meteor was recorded in the framework of the SMART project, operated by the Southwestern Europe Meteor Network (SWEMN) from the meteor-observing stations located at Sevilla, La Hita (Toledo), and La Sagra (Granada).

The event has been analyzed by the principal investigator of the SMART project: Dr. Jose M. Madiedo, from the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC).0:35.(Spanish peninsular local time). It could be seen from the southern and central areas of the country.

Fireball 2

Fireball spotted above Bournemouth, UK

Fireball spotted above Bournemouth in early hours of this morning

Fireball spotted above Bournemouth in early hours of this morning
FOOTAGE has emerged of a fireball which shot across the sky over Bournemouth in the early hours of this morning.

The incredible sight was recorded at 12.56am by Beswick Avenue resident Tina Williams, 56, who has CCTV installed outside of her apartment.

Video from Tina's CCTV camera captured the moment and can be watched below.

Tina has been "blown away" by the footage.

She said: "I was staying at my boyfriend Lee's place in West Howe when it happened. Lee got up this morning to have a look at my apartment's CCTV footage and when he was watching it, he saw the bright light that appeared.

Fireball 4

Meteor fireball blazes over Ohio

Meteor fireball over Ohio
© YouTube/Fix It Broken (screen capture)
Event recorded on: 2021/04/19 01:22:40 am


The amazing 'fireballs' over North Wales which have left plenty of people puzzled

Fireball effect in the sky over Rhyl
© Ray Worsnop
Fireball effect in the sky over Rhyl
The fireball effect was seen by people from different parts of the coast and could be seen clearer in some places

People in North Wales have captured this amazing "fireball" effect on camera after spotting the phenomenon in the sky.

Many thought it looked like a comet or solar flare, while others speculated that it might have been visitors from another planet.

Ray Worsnop, a freelance photographer, was able to photograph the phenomenon from his home in Rhyl and posted it on social media.

He wrote: "HELP. Did anyone else witness this as the Sun was setting tonight 16th April 2021? Can anyone explain this please?"

Fireball 2

Spectacular meteor fireball flies across Spain

Star gazers in Spain had a rare treat on Friday night, April 16 as a stunning fireball was clearly visible for almost a minute over much of the country when a rock from an asteroid entered the Earth's atmosphere at an impressive 61,000 kilometres per hour. According to the Astrohita Foundation, while most spectacles of this kind are extinguished immediately or at least within a few seconds, this fireball remained alight for nearly sixty seconds.

The SMART Project is responsible for running the Network of Bodies and Meteors of Southwest Europe, which closely monitors events of this kind, and the phenomenon was reported at the La Hita Astronomical Complex in Toledo, as well as in Almeria, Granada, Sevilla and Madrid.


Loud 'boom', shaking in Charlotte, North Carolina was not an earthquake

Loud boom Charlotte, NC
A loud bang in south Charlotte Thursday remains a mystery.

No injuries or damage was reported after the loud noise and shaking were felt across portions of south Charlotte shortly after 11 a.m.

WCNC Charlotte Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich was contacted by the Charlotte Fire Department inquiring about the possibility of an earthquake. While Brad did find three seismographs near Charlotte that measured the event, Brad found no evidence of an actual earthquake or other seismic events.

While the origin of the sound is unknown, Charlotte neighborhoods including Myers Park, Southpark, Barclay Downs, and other neighborhoods along Fairview Road, Park Road, Selwyn Avenue, Woodlawn Road, Runnymede Lane and Colony Road reported hearing the sound.


Basingstoke, UK residents baffled by 'loud bang that shook the ground'

Popley boom
© Basingstoke Gazette
Popley residents have been left baffled this evening by a loud bang this evening which "shook their homes".

Neighbours came out onto the streets at around 6.50pm when a noise took them by surprise.

The sound could be heard as far as Cliddesden with two dog walkers hearing the sudden noise.

Mystery surrounds the cause of the bang so far, with residents speculating it could be related to aircraft.

One woman said: "All my neighbours came out of their houses and all the homes shook, mainly the floors. Quite scary. And then there was a massive flock of birds across the sky."

Another told The Gazette: "It made the ground and houses shake and birds scatter.


'What is that in the sky?' Floridians catch meteor fireball's close brush with Earth

Residents captured the asteroid streaking through the sky on Monday night
It wasn't a bird or a plane that gave Floridians a shock late Monday night.

It wasn't even Superman.

A meteor shot across the sky around 10 p.m. Monday.

On social media, residents along the state's Atlantic coast, from West Palm Beach south to Miami, shared videos on Twitter of the surprising sight.

Dashcam footage and security videos showed a still, dark night suddenly lit up by what appeared to be a large fireball streaking diagonally across the sky. In just a few seconds, it was over.