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US: This Country Defaulted Long Ago

"There is no means of avoiding a final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved." - Ludwig von Mises
Drowning Liberty
© The Burning Platform
The final collapse of our credit expansion boom approaches. We have a choice over the next week. We could voluntarily abandon further credit expansion by voting for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution or we can raise the debt ceiling, pretend to cut spending far in the future, and allow our currency system to experience a catastrophic final collapse.

We'll take what's behind door #2 Johnny. The vested interests in Washington DC and Wall Street only care about power and wealth. They will never abandon credit expansion. It's their drug. They must have it. They are addicted to it. They will keep injecting it into our system until they overdose America.

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Israel: A Strike Against Free Speech

Boycott Israel
© Unknown
Free speech in Israel was dealt a severe blow this month when the country's Parliament passed antiboycott legislation that targets individuals or organizations publicly calling for a boycott against Israel or any area under its control.

Because I believe in ending the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory, equal rights for Palestinians and Jews, and the right of return for Palestinian refugees forced from their homes and lands in 1948, I support boycotting - and calling on others to boycott - all Israeli companies that help perpetuate these injustices.

But this new legal limit on free speech could bankrupt me.

Israeli officials will not throw me in jail for publicly supporting such boycotts, but settler groups can claim financial damages without even having to show any harm done. Furthermore, organizations supporting boycotts could be denied tax-deductible contributions and state funding. This week, I appealed the law to the high court.

Already, a member of the Knesset, our Parliament, Alex Miller, has threatened to sue me for my words - specifically my call, which I continue to make today, to boycott the illegal Jewish settlement of Ariel. Such a call would be unremarkable in a proper democracy with untrammeled free speech. The right to criticize a population that has dispossessed Palestinians and discriminated against us for decades should be protected speech.

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Norway's ambassador tells Haaretz: More restrictive societies not an answer to terror

Svein Sevje
© Nir KeidarNorwegian ambassador Svein Sevje in Herzliya Pituah on Wednesday July 27, 2011.
Svein Sevje expresses support and solidarity for Israel; says hopes conflict can be resolved in the spirit of Oslo Accords.

Israelis have shown an outpouring of sympathy regarding last weekend's horrific attacks in and near Oslo, Norwegian ambassador to Israel Svein Sevje told Anglo File on Wednesday.

Ambassador Sevje returned to Norway yesterday to see his family, but he told Haaretz before departing for Oslo that the embassy in Tel Aviv has received a "tremendous" stream of visitors wishing to convey their sympathies for the victims of the cruel killings. Sevje underscored that he received "lots of letters and mail from Israelis expressing their condolences and support and solidarity, which was quite touching."

At the same time, he says he is not ignorant of the anger expressed by some Israelis, who accuse the Norwegian government of insensitivity to the security concerns of Israelis, and even anti-Semitism, because it supports efforts to create an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza. "Maybe Israelis didn't understand how much compassion there was [in Norway] when you were attacked," says Sevje, referring to the wave of Palestinian bombings and shootings that Israelis faced in the 1990s.


US: Quartzsite, Arizona: Blueprint For A Police State Takeover

© unknown
First the town Mayor is forced out of office, then a state of emergency is declared in secret and if matters couldn't get any worse for the unfortunate townspeople of Quartzsite, the majority of the police force is now being forced to stay in their own homes during working hours.

Nine out of a total of fourteen Quartzsite, Arizona police officers have been suspended, all of which just happened to be whistle blowers who exposed their corrupt police chief.

The Mayor, Ed Foster, was elected on the platform of investigating the corrupt goings-on in the Quartzsite city council. Therefore, it is not quite surprising that they would force out the man who intends to prove them to be criminals.

The city has now become a fascist authoritarian police state with the criminal police chief Jeff Gilbert at the helm.

Gilbert has been accused of violating federal medical privacy laws, intimidation of officers and members of the community with whom he disagrees, using police resources to find "dirt" on political candidates and citizens with whom he disagrees, favoritism to the point of not arresting friends who have warrants, targeting certain citizens for traffic stops and arrests due to their beliefs or political ideas, disciplining officers not on merit but "loyalty" to Gilbert and his illegal activity, publicly humiliating officers he decides are "unfit," and last but not least selectively promotes his friends in direct violation of police department regulations.


Scientology Book Author Reveals Church's Inner Workings

© Reuters/Paul HannaU.S. Actor Tom Cruise gives a speech at the inauguration of a Scientology church in Madrid Sepember 18, 2004.
Scientology operates more as a business than as a church, relying on techniques perfected by car salesmen to attract new members and celebrities to its rolls.

That's just one of the takeaways from Janet Reitman's controversial book about the world's most controversial and secretive religion. Inside Scientology chronicles L. Ron Hubbard's creation of Scientology six decades ago and traces its development into the faith of choice for movie stars such as John Travolta and Tom Cruise.

In an interview with TheWrap, Reitman, a Rolling Stone contributing editor, addressed blackmail rumors and talked about why Kabbalah may represent a bigger threat to it than any South Park parody.



Turkey: Military Chiefs Resign en Masse

Isik Kosaner
© BBCIsik Kosaner (right) was appointed armed forces chief of staff just under a year ago
The chief of the Turkish armed forces, Isik Kosaner, has resigned along with the army, navy and air force heads.

They were furious about the arrest of senior officers, accused of plotting, shortly before a round of military promotions.

A series of meetings between Gen Kosaner and PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan failed to resolve their differences.

Turkish President Abdullah Gul moved quickly to appoint General Necdet Ozel as the new army chief.

Gen Ozel is widely expected to be swiftly elevated to chief of the general staff in place of General Kosaner. Tradition dictates that only the head of the army can take over the top job.

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Behind the mask of sanity: Bush says slow reaction on 9/11 was deliberate decision

Former President George W. Bush says his apparent lack of reaction to the first news of the September 11 2001 attacks was a conscious decision to project an aura of calm in a crisis.

In a rare interview with the National Geographic Channel, Bush reflects on what was going through his mind at the most dramatic moment of his presidency when he was informed that a second passenger jet had hit New York's World Trade Center.

Bush was visiting a Florida classroom and the incident, which was caught on TV film, and has often been used by critics to ridicule his apparently blank face.

"My first reaction was anger. Who the hell would do that to America? Then I immediately focused on the children, and the contrast between the attack and the innocence of children," Bush says in an excerpt of the interview shown to television writers on Thursday.

Comment: Unlike Schnall, we don't read anything "powerful" in Bush's sharing of his "feelings". Why? Not only because his personality traits can be found in Hare's psychopathy checklist, but also because for all the years of his presidency - and all his life - his actions and words showed a being deplete of real human feelings:

from waging illegal wars in sovereign countries and sending Americans to their deaths, to sanctioning torture, to poisoning Americans through tap water, to backing Big Pharma in drugging children with mind-altering drugs, to intentionally spreading terror in the hearts of the American populace, to mocking those who feel self-pity, to putting African women's lives in danger, to funding the genital mutilation of African men, to being an accomplice in the greatest terror attack in the country he was elected to protect. He might try to "sound" humane and hide behind a mask of sanity, but his actions will always speak of themselves to reveal his true nature.

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Norwegian government gets the message, drops US embassy (CIA) surveillance case

© Views and NewsThe US Embassy got in trouble last fall when it emerged that it had hired Norwegians to carry out questionable surveillance, much of it from the building at the far right of the photo, with the "Scandic" sign on it. Now the embassy has been cleared.
Public outcry last fall over allegedly illegal surveillance of Norwegian citizens by the US Embassy in Oslo has ended with silent acceptance of the embassy's activities by Norwegian authorities. They've decided against filing any charges against the US and its embassy personnel in Oslo, claiming they lacked evidence that any laws had in fact been broken.

In a decision revealed while the vast majority of Norwegians are preoccupied by last Friday's attacks on their capital and a Labour Party summer camp, state prosecutor Jørn Maurud said that a police investigation indicated that embassy personnel conducting the surveillance hadn't done anything illegal. It was widely referred to as a "scandal" last fall, but Maurud sees no need to pursue the case.

"This group has operated a more passive observation service," Maurud told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). "We don't view it as punishable under law."

Comment: The false flag terror attacks were apparently successful: Oslo terror attacks: Zionism rears its ugly head again

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Former French FM: Israel Controls French Intelligence, Lobby Pressures US President

© Soriano/Le FigaroFormer French Foreign Minister, Roland Dumas.
Former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas referred in a book he published entitled Coups et blessures (Assaults and Injuries), that "The "Israelis" are doing whatever they want in France, and are controlling the French Intelligence with what serves them".

On another hand, Dumas confirmed that the "Israelis" are mistaken not to negotiate with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, even if the latter refuses any kind of agreement. He also added, "I made some special relations with him [Bashar al-Assad] like those I had with his father (President Hafez Assad)".

Furthermore, Dumas revealed in the same book that when current Zionist President, Shimon Perez was still the entity's Foreign Minister, he advised Dumas to pay President Hafez Assad a visit in 1992. At that time Perez was aware that the US is seeking a new way to understanding with Damascus, so he [Perez] believed that France could also gain interest through being involved in the Middle East peace process.

In this context, Former French Minister added, "The deceased Syrian President had little faith in Perez, and he knew the mazes of the internal "Israeli" relations". Hafez al-Assad was aware that the "Israeli" Foreign Minister might adopt unilateral initiatives, and therefore it won't lead into anything effective".

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Turkey set on fully mending ties with Israel, says Erdogan's aide

© Associated PressTurkish Prime Minister Erdogan
Chief adviser to Turkish PM nevertheless cautions that normalization will not happen unless Israel apologizes, offers compensation and lifts the blockade on Gaza.

Dr. Ibrahim Kalin, the chief adviser to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, emphasized Wednesday in a conversation with Haaretz that Turkey intends to normalize its relations with Israel across the board. "From the return of the ambassador, the renewal of joint military maneuvers, military and civilian cooperation, ministerial visits, and to all other areas, relations will return to how they were before the flotilla incident" of 2010, Kalin said.

Kalin emphasized that normalization between Israel and Turkey will not happen unless Turkey's three conditions are met: an apology, compensation and the end of the Gaza blockade. He stressed that Turkey's position on these conditions have not changed.