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The Troika Takes Two More Victims; the Coup Regime sells off Greek Property

Two more suicides were reported in Greece on Monday. In the city of Lamia in central Greece, a 64-year-old retired radiologist jumped to his death from the windowsill of the city's
greece for sale
main hospital. Despite the combined efforts of his family, the hospital staff and a police negotiator, who for over two hours tried to convince him not to take his own life, he jumped, dying instantly. It was reported that he had not received a pension since he filed his retirement papers six months ago and suffered from dire financial problems.

And, on the island of Crete, a businessman hanged himself due to economic difficulties.

So the Troika and its failed austerity policies have taken two more victims.


On Wednesday, the Troika called for an additional 14.5 billion euros in austerity measures for Greece, to be imposed within the next three years.


Nothing Civil about Washington's War on Syria. US-NATO Violate International Humanitarian Law

us off syria
Insurgents are Washington proxies. Key NATO partners, rogue Arab League states, and Israel are very much involved.

The same dirty game repeats. Independent states are targeted for regime change. All options are used. They include full-scale war, mass killing, and turning nations into charnel houses on the pretext of liberating them.

American-style freedom is slavery. Mainstream discourse doesn't explain. It repeats long ago discredited notions about humanitarian intervention and responsibility to protect (R2P).

Washington-led Western generated violence ravages Syria. On Sunday, The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) declared ongoing conflict a civil war.

It's not civil when mostly imported proxies are used. Most Syrians deplore violence and oppose internal and external groups committing it.


France shoots itself in foot yet again: proposed tax hikes spark 'exodus' of wealthy

David Cameron
Prime minister David Cameron angered the French last month when he said he would 'roll out the red carpet' to wealthy French citizens and firms who wanted move out and pay their taxes in Britain
Looming tax hikes by France's new socialist government have triggered an exodus of the Gallic super-rich to 'wealth-friendly' nations like Britain and Switzerland.

The latest estate agency figures have shown large numbers of France's most well-heeled families selling up and moving to neighbouring countries.

Many are fleeing a proposed new higher tax rate of 75 per cent on all earnings over one million euros. (£780,000)

The previous top tax bracket of 41 per cent on earnings over 72,000 euros is also set to increase to 45 per cent.

Sotheby's Realty, the estate agent arm of the British auction house, said its French offices sold more than 100 properties over 1.7 million euros between April and June this year - a marked increase on the same period in 2011.

Alexander Kraft, head of Sotheby's Realty, France, said: "The result of the presidential election has had a real impact on our sales.


U.S. Spinning Itself Into a Deficit Panic: Four Spending Myths That Could Wreck Our World

You couldn't make this stuff up: thanks to Harold Rogers, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, and the power of "earmarks," the Army has bought $6.5 million worth of "leakproof" drip pans "to catch transmission fluid on Black Hawk helicopters," reports the New York Times. Those pans were purchased from a company called Phoenix Products, whose owners, coincidentally, are contributors to the congressman's political committee (and other Republican causes). Oh, and according to the Times, "the company has paid at least $600,000 since 2005 to a Washington lobbying firm, Martin Fisher Thompson & Associates, to represent its interests on federal contracting issues." Anyway, do the math and you end up with a $17,000 Army drip pan -- and there's one tiny catch: another company sells a comparable drip pan for about $2,500.

Is anybody shocked? This, after all, is the world of the U.S. military, which has been right up there with the 1% this last decade when it comes to garnering and squandering riches. It's been ever more flush, while the taxpayers whose dollars it's been raking in have done ever less well. And symbolic as those drip pans may be, they aren't even a drip in the bucket of Pentagon expenses when you start looking at the big-ticket items.

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Greed! Israel takes over 2 offshore Egyptian gas wells, geologist says

gas drilling rig
A natural gas drilling rig (file photo)
Egyptian geologist Khaled Odeh says Israel has taken over two natural gas wells located in Egypt's territorial waters.

Odeh said in Cairo on Monday that the wells are located in the Mediterranean Sea between Egypt and Cyprus, IRNA reported.

He added that Israel took advantage of Egyptian officials' inaction and started drilling operations in the area in April 2012.

Odeh also stated that the wells are over gas fields containing about $100 billion worth of gas reserves.

One of the wells is 19 kilometers north of the Egyptian city of Damietta and 235 kilometers west of Haifa in the occupied Palestinian territories, and the other well is 114 kilometers north of Damietta and 237 kilometers from the shores of Palestine.

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Exporting pathology: TSA security agents to be deployed in UK airports for Olympics

© Reuters / Jason Reed
The US Transport Security Administration has reportedly prepared its personnel to be deployed in UK airports for the Olympic Games. The US agents will apply their skills to help their UK colleagues bolster security during the event.

­TSA personnel are to arrive at UK air hubs a week before and stay a week after the London Olympics, according to a newly reached agreement between UK's Department of Transport and the US Transportation Security Administration, Sky News reports.

"This is an added security layer that has been done to help boost and aid the American airlines in particular that fly in and out of the likes of Heathrow and other airports," says Sky's correspondent.

Comment: With gropers at airports and soldiers and tanks on the streets we wonder what sort enjoyment will people attending the Olympics get.


Executive at Europe's biggest bank resigns before US Senate following revelations of laundering billions for drug cartels and terrorists

Bank faces massive fines from US justice department for lapses that resulted in laundering money to drug cartels and terrorists

© Gary Cameron/ReutersCongress: 'Do you swear to tell nothing but lies, so help you god?'

HSBC executives aka Banksters: 'We swear!'

There's something inherently antiquated about the idea of putting psychopathic banking executives through the motions of swearing an oath to tell the truth.
Executives with Europe's biggest bank, HSBC, were subjected to a humiliating onslaught from US senators on Tuesday over revelations that staff at its global subsidiaries laundered billions of dollars for drug cartels, terrorists and pariah states.

Lawmakers hammered the British-based bank over the scandal, demanding to know how and why its affiliates had exposed it to the proceeds of drug trafficking and terrorist financing in a "pervasively polluted" culture that persisted for years.

A report compiled for the committee detailed how HSBC's subsidiaries transported billions of dollars of cash in armoured vehicles, cleared suspicious travellers' cheques worth billions, and allowed Mexican drug lords buy to planes with money laundered through Cayman Islands accounts.

Other subsidiaries moved money from Iran, Syria and other countries on US sanctions lists, and helped a Saudi bank linked to al-Qaida to shift money to the US.

Comment: So the pretence of tackling organised crime aka the banking system continues. The banks own the government which is in permanent debt to them so don't expect anything but more of the same to result from this.


Push to Rid Universities of Alternative Medicine

Homeopathy Vials
© John McNamaraHomeopathy is one of the 'Friends of Science in Medicine''s targets.
A row has erupted within the Australian medical community over ways to handle the growth in alternative and complementary medicine, with claims that some doctors are exploiting their power and trying to censor others.

A group of high-profile scientists, dubbed ''Friends of Science in Medicine'', has been calling for universities to dump courses on ''pseudo sciences'' that they say are not supported by valid scientific research.

The targets include homeopathy, naturopathy, iridology and chiropractic and osteopathy courses, although they acknowledge the last two have evidence for musculo-skeletal treatments.

Led by John Dwyer, emeritus professor of medicine at the University of New South Wales, the group has also been campaigning for the federal government and health insurance providers to stop funding complementary and alternative medicine unless evidence is found to back them.

But the group - backed by renowned biologist Sir Gustav Nossal and cervical cancer vaccine creator Ian Frazer - faced criticism this week from a handful of doctors who say they are exploiting their positions in the community and engaging in censorship.

In an article published in the Medical Journal of Australia, professor of medicine at Monash University Paul Komesaroff and bone marrow transplant physician Ian Kerridge accused the group of exceeding ''the boundaries of reasoned debate'' and risked ''compromising the values (they) claim to support''.


Is Eurozone crisis spreading to Germany? Investor confidence declines for 3rd consecutive month

German analyst and investor sentiment dropped for a third consecutive month in July, a survey showed on Tuesday, providing further evidence that the euro zone crisis is taking its toll on morale in Europe's largest economy.

But the ZEW think tank, which conducts the monthly poll, said expectations may have now hit bottom and that the outlook for the rest of the year should prove stable.

The main reading from the ZEW poll of economic sentiment slid to -19.6 from -16.9 in June, coming in slightly above the median forecast in a Reuters poll of 38 economists for a drop to -20.0.

The index measuring current conditions fell to 21.1, the lowest level since June 2010, and compared with 33.2 last month.

"The latest stock market stabilisation, the ECB's rate cut, the weaker euro exchange rate and lower oil prices have all not succeeded in brightening up German investors," said ING economist Carsten Brzeski.


U.S. Navy attack "threatens regional security": Iran foreign ministry

Iran on Tuesday criticized the actions of a U.S. navy ship that shot at an approaching fishing boat off the United Arab Emirates, saying the incident showed foreign forces threatened regional security.

One Indian national was killed and three others injured on Monday when the U.S. refueling ship, the USNS Rappahannock, opened fire on a small motor boat which U.S. officials said ignored repeated warnings to halt its approach.

The United States has been building up its presence in the Gulf as Washington seeks to ramp up pressure on Iran over its nuclear program which it suspects is aimed at producing nuclear bombs. Tehran denies the accusation.

"We have announced time and again that the presence of foreign forces can be a threat to regional security," Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said during a news conference broadcast on state television.

"Certainly regional countries with the help of one another can provide security in the best possible way. If they join hands, with their defensive capabilities, they don't need the presence of foreign forces. Anywhere where you see insecurity we have always seen the hand of foreign forces there."