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Flashback Global trail of child abuse led to arrest of five suspects in Ireland

Pascal Taveirne
The trial that eventually led to the doors of five men in Mayo, Westmeath, Wicklow, Clare and Galway, began six years ago in Denmark. Police there arrested a 45-year-old chiropractor who had been sexually abusing his nine-year-old daughter, and then uploading images on to an internet site operated by a network of paedophiles calling themselves the "Fun Club".

Since the late Nineties, 45-year-old Dr Lloyd Alan Emmerson had been using the internet to exchange images of the abuse of his daughter with 25 other European men who were also abusing their daughters, or little girls in their care.

In all, 65 girls aged from two years to 14 were found to have been abused and were taken into care in 2002. Emmerson, who was found to have half a million images, including films of children, was sentenced to 30 years' imprisonment.

One of the men with whom Emmerson was sharing images via the Fun Club bulletin board -- an early version of the popular teenage websites, like MySpace -- was Pascal Taveirne from Bruges in Belgium.

Taveirne was sharing images of himself raping and otherwise sexually abusing his daughters, who were then aged four and five and both described on Fun Club as severely autistic. In one of the videos shared on the internet, one of the little girls is heard referring to her abuser as "daddy" in an accent clearly from the area of northern Belgium, where Bruges lies.


Flashback International Sex Ring Exposed, Thousands of Children and Infants Raped

A collage of images of children taken from the Zandvoort file
In a case that investigators called nauseating, the Dutch police say they have discovered a ring of traders in child pornography whose images of abuse of even babies and infants were peddled via the Internet and other media to clients in Europe, Russia and the United States.

The police said they found out about the ring after one of its members was killed several weeks ago, apparently by a rival. They said they were still sorting through thousands of digital images stored on computer disks, as well as hundreds of addresses of suspected suppliers and clients. They said the cache of pedophiliac material was probably the largest they had ever seized.

The case has provided new fuel for groups that have been demanding Europewide legislation for restrictions on the Internet.

Child pornography is a burning issue in Europe, particularly in Belgium and France, where abused and slain children have been the focus of scandals in the last few years. Several European countries have passed laws to curb child pornography and also ''sex tourism.'' These laws allow the police to arrest citizens of their countries for using children or adolescents sexually, even if they did so as far away as Africa or Asia.

Comment: Zandvoort was the case which elevated the Dutroux network from a nationwide pedophile ring in Belgium to an international (literally, a global) network of child prostitution, child slave labour, drug trafficking, money laundering... in short, Organized Crime. What the above article doesn't mention is the name of the person who exposed the Zandvoort connection. Marcel Vervloesem was a well known Belgian activist for children's rights. He once highlighted pedophilia in high places by sending child pornography to Belgian royals and aristocrats. Vervloesem has since been framed for rape, and is currently dying from illness in a Belgian prison. His story can be heard here.


Zandvoort File: Story of Marcel Vervloesem and the Elite Peophile Networks

Comment: The following investigative TV report was broadcast on French TV in May 2010. The 'Zandvoort File' first came to light in 1998 when Belgian founder of child support group 'Werkgroep Morkhoven', Marcel Vervloesem, provided a mountain of evidence to Dutch police indicating the operation of a systematic network which dealt in the kidnapping, torture and sexual abuse of children, even infants. Included in this evidence were high-profile names and matching bank account details proving their involvement. Mr. Vervloesem's reward was to be framed for child rape and possession of child pornography. He is currently languishing in a Belgian prison, suffering from terminal cancer. The Zandvoort file has long since been buried.

The first three parts of this report reveal the complicity of governments in suppressing exposure of the filthiest deeds imaginable. Parts 4 and 5 are less informative. Drawing on typically French Freudian psychobabble, the report's producers attempt to conflate the heinous and sadistic crimes governments are covering up for psychopaths with somewhat milder abuses inflicted on children by adults who were once abused themselves, thereby projecting the crimes of a few onto society as a whole because of its failure to 'understand where the pedophiles are coming from'. Certainly some wounded individuals with lust towards children may benefit from curative and therapeutic methods. But suggesting that the kind of pedophiles exposed in the Zandvoort, Dutroux and Jersey cases can somehow be 'rehabilitated' is to suggest that 'psychopaths are good people deep down inside'.

Meanwhile thousands if not millions of victims have been abandoned to these predators who continue to literally devour children.

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The Price of a Life? In Afghanistan, It's as Little as $210

© unknown
Kabul - In Afghanistan, if NATO forces kill a member of your family, it is better in terms of money if they come from Germany or Italy than the United States or Britain.

In the cold calculation of how much to pay for victims of the decade-old war, British forces have doled out as little as $210, while German forces have paid as much as $25,000, according to a study by the human rights NGO CIVIC.

Civilian casualties caused by NATO forces hunting insurgents are a major source of friction between the Afghan government and its Western backers - all the more so after a lone U.S. soldier gunned down 16 Afghan villagers at the weekend.

"They have to ask themselves the question how much is one's life worth? You can't put a price on it," Rafi Nabi, 33 and unemployed, said in a market in the Afghan capital.

"If one were to kill an American and offer to compensate their death with money, they wouldn't accept it."


Flashback Belgian Porn Scandal Leads to Florida Raid

Wayne Camolli helped run a Florida pedophile network which connected into the Dutroux network...
West Palm Beach, Florida - Police investigating Belgium's most notorious pedophile murder case traced a collection of child pornography to a Florida man who was arrested on Tuesday on charges of operating an on-line child pornography site, Customs agents said.

Belgian police notified U.S. authorities they had "electronically traced" pornography seized in their investigation to a home in the Palm Beach County town of Lake Worth.

Customs and other federal agents obtained a warrant to search the home, seized a computer and numerous videocassette tapes and arrested occupant Wayne Camolli on child pornography charges, Customs spokesman Steve Wunderlich said.

The home was filled with so much rotting garbage, trash and cat feces that the agents had to borrow oxygen masks and hazardous materials suits from the county fire department to carry out the search, Wunderlich said.


Afghan Officials: 8 Civilians Killed in Blast

Kabul, Afghanistan - Afghan authorities say a roadside bomb killed eight civilians in southern Afghanistan when it struck their vehicle.

The governor's office in Helmand province says the Wednesday afternoon explosion in Marjah district was massive and that the bodies are difficult to identify.

The U.N. says last year was the deadliest on record for civilians in the Afghan war, with 3,021 killed as insurgents ratcheted up violence with suicide attacks and roadside bombs.

The U.N. says Taliban-affiliated militants were responsible for more than three-quarters of the civilian deaths in 2011.

Source: The Associated Press

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Afghan Massacre: Army Docs Say Brain Injury Could Have Sparked Attack

© The Associated Press/Allauddin KhanAn elderly Afghan man sits next to the covered body of a person who was allegedly killed by a U.S. service member, in a minibus in Panjwai, Kandahar province south of Kabul, Afghanistan, Sunday, March 11, 2012.
So the still-unnamed U.S. Army perpetrator of the Sunday slaughter in Afghanistan apparently suffered a traumatic brain injury two years ago. Could this have triggered what by all accounts was an irrational act? You better believe it, current and former Army mental-health professionals say.

While they stress that such an assessment in this case is premature, they agree that even mild traumatic brain injuries -- concussions, in other words -- can cause problems years later. "What you see often with TBI is a disinhibition," says an Army psychiatrist who recently served just outside Kandahar, near where the shootings took place. "TBI could be responsible if it leaves him predisposed to bipolarity or manic episodes."

The Army's one-time top psychiatrist concurs. "A mild TBI certainly can contribute to irritability and impulsivity, even two years later," says retired colonel Elspeth "Cam" Ritchie. "I don't think it would cause somebody to snap, but I think it could be a contributing factor, a straw that breaks the camel's back."


SOTT Focus: British Teenager, Azhar Ahmed, Arrested for Anti-War Facebook Post

An actual (no joke!) British government 'transport for London' poster.
A British teenager has been arrested and will appear in a UK court as a result of a comment he posted on Facebook about the deaths last week of six British soldiers in Afghanistan.

On March 8th, 19 year old Azhar Ahmed posted a comment on his Facebook page about the deaths of 6 British soldiers in Afghanistan on the 6th March. On the same day as Azhar's post, a Facebook group entitled Azhar Ahmed Scumbag!!! was created (with large Union Jack flag as its logo) and, someone (perhaps the creator of the FB page) reported his comment to the police. The following day, Friday, Azhar was arrested and charged over the weekend. He was then released on bail and will appear in Dewsbury magistrates' court on March 20th. An online petition has also been created that demands that Azhar be "sent to prison for hate crimes against British soldiers".

Most disturbing here is not that there are many rabid Right Wing Authoritarian types on Facebook, but that the British police clearly took the complaint seriously and took the time and effort to investigate the matter and saw fit to send a squad car to Azhar's house to arrest him.

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War Criminals Bush and Cheney Can No Longer Travel Outside the U.S.

© Dees Illustrations
Everyone in the world seems to recognize the obvious crimes perpetrated by the Bush/Cheney regime. Their overwhelming negative status in the world has now confined them to personal prisons where they can no longer travel abroad for public events. It appears they're only welcome in heavily-secured private dragon lairs for the rest of their waking years. But even those locations are shrinking for these torturers and mass murderers.

Cheney, scheduled to speak in Toronto with his daughter next month, had to cancel the speaking appearance due to "security concerns stemming from their experiences in Vancouver in September 2011," according to a press release about the event.

The September event referred to in the press release was hardly a public event at all. It cost $500 a ticket to attend and took place at the Vancouver Club which the Canadian Press called "one of Vancouver's most exclusive clubs." Still, the public caught wind of the event and staged a rambunctious protest calling for Cheney's arrest. The angry crowd caused Cheney to be locked in the club for seven hours longer than he was scheduled.

In February of last year, George W. Bush had to cancel a speaking engagement in Switzerland because human rights groups put pressure on the Swiss government to arrest him over torture allegations if he enters the country. Even though officials claimed Bush had diplomatic immunity because he was a former head of state, they recognized that torture is a legitimate crime under international law. Organizers of the event felt the "atmosphere had become too threatening" and the gala went on without Bush.

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Al Jazeera Producer, Managing Director and Beirut Correspondent Quit Channel Citing 'Fake Anti-Syria Coverage'

Qatar's aggressive stance towards Assad has led to a string of resignations at the country's al-Jazeera TV news channel. Those who left describe bias at the station which they say has become a tool to target the Syrian regime. RT's Paula Slier describes those accusations.

Comment: Syrian 'Rebels' Psyops Exposed: Reports Broadcast by Mainstream Media are Faked

WikiLeaks: Al Jazeera now controlled by US Government

Al Jazeera Doxed: Leaked emails reveals "Free Syrian Army" as branch of Al-Qaeda
The major find to be made public was an email exchange between anchorwoman Rula Ibrahim and Beirut-based reporter Ali Hashem. The emails seemed to indicate widespread disaffection within the channel, especially over its coverage of the crisis in Syria.

Ibrahim wrote to her colleague saying that she had "turned against the revolution" in Syria after realizing that the protests would "destroy the country and lead to a civil war." She went on to deride the opposition Free Syrian Army, which she described as "a branch of al-Qaeda."