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Fri, 08 Dec 2023
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Puppet Masters


Government Responds to Nuclear Accident by Trying to Raise Acceptable Radiation Levels and Pretending that Radiation is Good For Us

When the economy imploded in 2008, how did the government respond?

Did it crack down on fraud? Force bankrupt companies to admit that their speculative gambling with our money had failed? Rein in the funny business?

Of course not!

The government just helped cover up how bad things were, used claims of national security to keep everything in the dark, and changed basic rules and definitions to allow the game to continue. See this, this, this and this.

When BP - through criminal negligence - blew out the Deepwater Horizon oil well, the government helped cover it up (the cover up is ongoing).

The government also changed the testing standards for seafood to pretend that higher levels of toxic PAHs in our food was business-as-usual.

So now that Japan is suffering the worst nuclear accident since Chernobyl - if not of all time - is the government riding to the rescue to help fix the problem, or at least to provide accurate information to its citizens so they can make informed decisions?

Of course not!


US Supreme Court rejects Guantanamo appeals

A US soldier opens the gate at Camp Delta at Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba. The US Supreme Court has rejected three appeals by Guantanamo detainees protesting their indefinite detention.

Washington- The US Supreme Court on Monday rejected three appeals by Guantanamo detainees protesting their indefinite detention.

The US high court took no action on any of the three appeals, including one filed by ethnic Uighur Chinese Muslims who were arrested in error in Afghanistan in 2001, and are still being held at the US military base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
The three appeals asserted, among other complaints, that the inmates' rights to challenge their detention had been violated and maintained that the indefinite detentions violated international rights law.

Evil Rays

EPA to Help Mainstream Media Obscure The Truth About Radiation Exposure to Americans


As Americans focus on March Madness and Dancing With the Stars instead of the radioactive plume spreading all across the country, the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is attempting to make the mainstream media cover up of the Fukushima cloud a bit easier.

The agency now notorious for its infamous claim that the air was safe to breathe after 9/11 is now seeking to raise the PAGs (Protective Action Guides) to levels vastly higher than those at which they are currently set allowing for more radioactive contamination of the environment and the general public in the event of a radioactive disaster.

PAGs are policies established by the EPA that guide the agency in enforcing the various environmental laws such as the Clean Air and Water Act in the invent of a radioactive emergency such as a nuclear/dirty bomb or factory meltdown like that occurring in Japan.


Prominent Vietnam dissident jailed for seven years

© Reuters
The son of a Vietnamese revolutionary leader was jailed for seven years on Monday for spreading anti-state propaganda, in one of the communist nation's most politically charged cases in years.

After a trial lasting about half a day, Cu Huy Ha Vu was convicted of advocating an end to one-party communist rule. The 53-year-old was charged after twice trying to sue the prime minister.

"Cu Huy Ha Vu's behaviour is serious and harmful to society. His writings and interviews blackened directly or indirectly the Communist Party of Vietnam," said Nguyen Huu Chinh, the head judge.

The veteran activist could have faced up to 12 years in prison on the charge, which rights campaigners say criminalises peaceful dissent.

His case led to "an unprecedented movement of popular support", much of it on the Internet, from diverse groups including Catholics, academics, and even high-level communists, said Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director of Human Rights Watch (HRW).


Karma: Israeli troops mysteriously get cancer

Israel Soldiers
© PressTV
A photo, appearing in an Israeli periodical, shows servicemen enlisted with the elite commando unit

High occurrence of cancer has been detected in Israel's elite naval commando unit, apparently due to the waste disposal by Israeli firms in Kishon River.

The river, which flows into the Mediterranean Sea in the northern city of Haifa, has been used for training the unit, known as Shayetet 13.

Carmel Olefins Ltd., Israel's sole manufacturer of petrochemical products used in the plastics industry, as well as other firms have been accused of directing their waste into the river, which is notorious for being the most polluted stream in Israel.

The manufacturer was in possession of thousands of documents on the servicemen's affliction with cancer following a long swim in Kishon.

The firm trusted an expert in New York with the papers so that they would be used in its defense. They, however, disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Control Panel

Ireland forced into new £21bn bailout by financial elites' manufactured debt crisis

Irish finance minister Michael Noonan said country had been left with an 'appalling legacy' as a result of the banking crisis

Europe's debt crisis deepened on Thursday night as Ireland was forced into another €24bn (£21bn) rescue of its banking system and jittery financial markets pushed Portugal closer to a bailout.

In a furious attack on the previous government, the Irish finance minister Michael Noonan said the country had been left with "an appalling legacy: a legacy of debt, of unemployment, of emigration, of falling living standards and of low morale" as a result of the banking crisis.

After stress tests to assess the vulnerability of the banks to a drastic worsening of the economy, Noonan announced that the government would take a majority stake in all the major lenders. These are to be radically reduced in size and focused on just two players.


Libyan foreign minister Moussa Koussa's defection surprises Gaddafi, was he an MI6 agent all along?

'It would be fair to say this all happened rather quickly' says key Whitehall source of Gaddafi ally's defection

For a man so cultured in the dark arts of international diplomacy, perhaps it should not have been a surprise that Moussa Koussa engineered his escape in the way that he did.

Koussa, who spent Thursday being debriefed by MI6, appears to have taken the Libyan regime completely by surprise - and perhaps the British too.

The flight that took him from Tunisia to Farnborough on a rainy Wednesday afternoon was the last leg of a choreographed getaway that he may have planned for weeks, but dared not confide to anyone. Certainly he told nobody in Tripoli, the city in which he was born, and which he left on Monday in a cavalcade of armoured limousines, having convinced the regime that he needed medical treatment across the border.


'US spies in Libya before Obama aid bid'


Hi, we're the Libyan revolutionaries. We spontaneously uprose and spontaneously acquired these hardcore weapons.
US intelligence operatives had been on the battlefields in Libya before President Barack Obama signed an order allowing covert assistance to the opposition forces, officials say.

With the battles in Libya taking on the theme of a shadow intelligence war, two US officials have stated that American Special Forces and CIA operational teams were dispatched to the conflict-torn Libya to make contacts with anti-regime forces and to organize and train them, Reuters reported on Thursday.

"They're trying to sort out who could be turned into a military unit and who couldn't," said Bob Baer, a former CIA operative in the Middle East, adding that the operatives may have entered Libya through neighboring Egypt and are lightly equipped.

Another US government source also stated that the Obama administration is mulling over plans under which US Special Forces with experience in the Afghan war would collaborate with CIA officers in efforts to provide training to Libyan opposition fighters.

Comment: It seems that Libya was crawling with US and UK spies in the run-up to this latest controlled 'civil war':

British "diplomat" captured along with SAS unit in Libya was MI6 spy

Monkey Wrench

UK: Our man in Washington helped with Gaddafi son's 'dodgy' PhD: Ex-Blair aide 'collaborated' with tyrant's family

Sir Nigel Sheinwald gaddafi
© Reuters
Curious: Sir Nigel Sheinwald (left), who was handed his Washington post by Tony Blair, offered Saif Gaddafi'active assistance' with his 429-page PhD thesis during his time at LSE

Sir Nigel Sheinwald showed 'profound interest' in Saif Gaddafi's studies

Colonel Gaddafi's son was given help with his 'dodgy' PhD thesis by Britain's ambassador to the United States.

Last night's extraordinary revelation provides further evidence of the close links between the Blair government and the Libyan tyrant's murderous regime.

His son Saif, 38, has become notorious for tirades and threats against Libyan rebels.

The doctorate awarded him by the London School of Economics was already thought suspect because he followed it with a £1.5million donation.
And now the Mail has learnt that Sir Nigel Sheinwald, who was handed his Washington post by Tony Blair, offered Gaddafi junior 'active assistance' with the 429-page work.

Saif Gaddafi
© Reuters
Saif Gaddafi
Sir Nigel was at Mr Blair's side for the first meeting with Colonel Gaddafi in 2007 that resulted in a massive BP oil contract. When the Mail asked him whether he had had a hand in Saif's PhD his staff replied on his behalf that the idea was 'ludicrous'.

However, a senior source at the London School of Economics confirmed that Sir Nigel had shown a 'profound interest' in Saif's academic studies and offered 'active assistance' in his work.

Comment: Sir Nigel actions are not surprising, given his past. Psychopathic governments attract those of the same ilk to work in them.


Japan - Damage to reactor called severe

© Atsushi Taketazu/Yomiuri Shimbun via Associated Press
An evacuation center in Onagawa, northeastern Japan, housed displaced victims yesterday, three weeks after the devastating earthquake and tsunami. About 16,000 remain missing.
Washington - Energy Secretary Steven Chu said yesterday that roughly 70 percent of the core of one reactor at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan had sustained severe damage.

His assessment of the damage to Reactor No. 1 was the most specific yet from a US official on how close the plant came to a full meltdown after it was hit by a severe earthquake and massive tsunami March 11.

Japanese officials have spoken of a "partial meltdown'' at some of the stricken reactors. But they have been less than specific, especially on the question of how close No. 1 - the most badly damaged reactor - came to a full meltdown.