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Tue, 28 Nov 2023
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Russia has 'principled stance' on nuclear weapons - Foreign Ministry

Yars intercontinental ballistic missile
© Sputnik / Gavriil Grigorov
Yars intercontinental ballistic missile
Russia will not break its moratorium on nuclear tests unless the US does so first, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has told RT, reiterating Moscow's pledge on the issue.

Earlier this month, Russia revoked its ratification of the 1996 Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT), which prohibits all live nuclear explosions. Moscow remains a signatory to the treaty and has vowed to observe the terms of the agreement, even though its commitment is no longer formally valid.

Zakharova stated that Russia has a "principled stance on nuclear weapons and their use," as formulated in official doctrine and reiterated on many occasions by President Vladimir Putin.

Russia downgraded its participation in the CTBT to match that of the US. The treaty has yet to come into force internationally because it requires ratification by nations with access to certain nuclear technologies.


Putin: Russophobia, racism and other forms of neo-Nazism have become the official ideology of Western elites

© Rutube
The official ideology of ruling Western elites today is aimed not only against Russian people, but against all the peoples of Russia, President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday during a plenary session of the international Russian People's Council.

"The West does not need such a big and multinational country like Russia," the president said, adding that Russia's diversity and unity "simply doesn't fit in with the logic of Western racists and colonizers."

That's why, according to Putin, the West has started playing "the old tune" of calling Russia a "prison of nations," describing the Russian people as "slaves" and even going as far as to call for the "decolonization" of Russia.

"We've heard this all before," he said, adding that what the opponents of Russia really want is to dismember and plunder the country, if not by force, then by sowing discord within its borders.


US 'blind' to Ukrainian terrorism - Zakharova to RT

The US created the "regime" of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, as such it is expected that Washington will ignore Kiev's terrorist tactics in its conflict with Moscow, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has claimed in an interview with RT.

The US condemns terrorism carried out by Palestinian militant movement Hamas, but condones Kiev, Zakharova pointed out, commenting on a recent article in the Washington Post by US President Joe Biden.

The spokeswoman said it exemplified American double standards, which she called "the key problem."

"The Biden administration was the one that created the Zelensky regime. Moreover, it fed it with money, weapons and, what was most awful, the sense of impunity," Zakharova claimed.


Kiev will only sign peace agreement if Russia pays 'reparations' - Ukrainian minister


Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Irina Mudra
In a recent interview with the news outlet "Censor.net," Irina Mudra, the Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine, stated that Kyiv will not sign a peace agreement with Russia without reparations from Moscow.

"If Russia thinks it can sign a peace agreement without reparations, it won't," the official emphasized. "Ukraine will never agree to this. And neither will the world, because someone has to pay these reparations. If not Russia, then who?"

Comment: Well, the West is to blame for instigating the war, for its continuation, and they're the one's that have siphoned off what little wealth was left in Ukraine...

Mudra noted that Kyiv, along with its partners, is developing a compensation mechanism, which includes the establishment of a special commission and a compensation fund. According to the Deputy Minister, lawsuits for compensation against Russia will be filed "wherever the assets of the Russian Federation are located."

Comment: So it looks as though the build up towards forcing Kiev to admit defeat, that was evident in the Western press for the last few months, is coming to fruition. Although, as highlighted in the tweet below; Russia's SMO still has a few objectives yet to achieve, and it's unlikely that the Kiev-junta will have much bargaining power:

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Ukraine's Maidan 10 Years On

Maidan independence square Ukraine government coup overthrow riot destruction
© Andrey Stenin/Sputnik
Police officers and opposition supporters are seen on Maidan Nezalezhnosti square in Kiev, where clashes began between protesters and the police February 19, 2014.
The Western-backed coup unleashed Nazism, war and destruction that ultimately exposes Western fascism

Ten years on from the Maidan uprising in Kiev, the country of the Ukraine has descended into utter chaos, corruption, fascism, destruction and suffering. And yet the Kiev regime and its Western state supporters have the audacity to call the tragic, bloody morass "a decade of dignity".

European Commission President Ursula Von Der Leyen declared this week: "Ten years of dignity. Ten years of pride. Ten years of striving for freedom. The cold November nights of Euromaidan changed Europe forever. The whole country took to the streets and spoke with one voice... The future for which Maidan fought has finally begun. Glory to Ukraine! Long live Europe!"

It is nauseating to hear such bare-faced lies and distortions. "The whole country took the streets"? It was a minority of Nazi ideologues bankrolled by Western powers. "Speaking with one voice"? The Maidan coup leaders murdered and burned opponents to death as in the Odessa pogrom on May 2, 2014, or in the deadly air strike on unsuspecting Lugansk civilians on June 2, 2014.

Comment: The mentioned documentary:

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Israel's ground war conundrum

israel gaza
© The Cradle
While Tel Aviv may intensify its bombardment of Gaza after the truce, this disguises the fact that its ground incursion is facing unprecedented dangers ahead.
Before dusk on 26 November, fighters from Hamas' military wing, Al-Qassam Brigades, began the process of handing over to the International Red Cross a number of Israeli captives taken during the 7 October Al-Aqsa Flood operation. The transfer of these women and children took place in the Gaza Strip amid what appeared to be a security parade. Al-Qassam fighters arrived in four-wheel-drive vehicles and deployed themselves around the site, wearing full uniforms and bearing arms. Surrounded by civilians cheering on the resistance, the transfer of the Israeli captives was completed smoothly and quietly.

This event took place in Palestine Square in Gaza City on the third day of the truce that followed a 49-day war. Throughout the war, Gaza City has been subjected to a suffocating siege and an unprecedented Israeli air and artillery assault, not seen since at least 1982.


Palestine's new leadership

Hamas’ Gaza leader Yahya al-Sinwar
© Said Khatib/AFP/Getty
The leader of Hamas in Gaza, Yahya al-Sinwar
"Israel's agreement to negotiate prisoner swaps with Hamas is a mark of defeat."

It may be premature to make a definitive evaluation of the first 50 days of the Israeli onslaught against the Gaza Strip, or foresee what will happen the day after the four-day truce that began on Friday along with the first batch of prisoner-swaps.

What is clear, however, is that Hamas' Gaza leader Yahya al-Sinwar — who fired the first shot in this war with the 7 October raid on military bases and settlements in the Gaza 'Envelope' that stunned the Israeli military and political establishments — has succeeded in imposing his terms.

Sinwar and his right-hand man, Qassam brigades commander Muhammad Deif, spent three years preparing methodically for this war. They have managed it with a high degree of skill and intelligence acumen that has amazed friend and foe alike. In contrast Israel's leaders, the Netanyahu-Gantz-Gallant trio, have pursued a vindictive nihilistic approach that has caused them major military, political, and diplomatic losses, while failing to achieve their declared aim of destroying Hamas and other resistance groups despite 47 days of vicious carpet bombing of defenceless civilians.

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Russian Ambassador blasts American 'falsehoods' on Soviet-era famine

Holodomor Monument in Los Angeles, CA
© Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images
FILE PHOTO: A memorial service at the Holodomor Monument in Los Angeles, CA.
Russia's Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov on Sunday criticized 'false' claims by the administration of US President Joe Biden that the Soviet leadership used famine as a weapon against Ukrainians in the 1930s and that Russia has adopted a similar policy.

He dismissed the Holodomor narrative, which he said was adopted by Ukrainian nationalists and their Western backers to depict the policies of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin as inherently anti-Ukrainian.

Antonov instead insisted that the early Soviet-era famine was "a common tragedy for Russians, Ukrainians, Kazakhs and many other ethnic groups of the huge country." Attempts by the US to make a parallel between those events and Moscow's special military operation against Ukraine are "nothing more than a new attempt to demonize Russia," Antonov added.

The envoy's remarks were a reaction to unspecified statements by American officials on the occasion of Holodomor Remembrance Day, which was observed by Ukraine on Saturday.

Comment: Everyone continuously gets it wrong when it comes to the Holodomor because every side has a bias that keeps the truth out of reach. It wasn't a disaster with natural origins and it wasn't a deliberate genocide. It was the consequence of enacting idiotic, ideologically driven policies. The Soviet leadership tried to make Mother Nature bend to the Soviet will, and Mother Nature doesn't conform to ideological delusions. That is what created the famine and led to the deaths of millions, trying to force reality to fit an ideological construct. See:

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Few options in wake of the Al-Shifa debacle, the war lengthens and widens

© Hadi Dbouk
Notwithstanding the Biden Op-Ed, the Biden Administration may prove vulnerable to pressure, as the Democratic electoral prospects for 2024 take a hit.

US and Israeli intelligence had earlier expressed their settled certainty that Hamas leaders and their command HQ were to be found under Al-Shifa hospital. It was widely believed that, with the hospital surrounded, the world was about to witness the collective Hamas leadership arise from the dark depths of their hospital bunkers with their hands up, only to be led away, ignominiously, as captives.

That was the script. Only it didn't pan out. Rather, the Israeli inept public relations efforts - that are still continuing - to prove the validity of Israeli Intelligence's claim of there having been a Hamas HQ under the hospital have been roundly ridiculed around the globe. What has followed however, is the grave sequella of Palestinian hospitals generally being either surrounded or attacked, thus lending credence for many to the notion that the original intelligence claim has become the pretext to the wider destruction of the Strip's humanitarian infrastructure - so as to sear the Palestinian consciousness with the conviction that with homes, schools and hospitals destroyed, how could they return? There would be nothing there to support social existence.

I recall a similar episode during the 2006 war on Hizbullah. The Israelis were convinced they knew the precise location in Dahiya in Beirut where the Hizbullah Command was hidden; they bombed it flat. Only Hizbullah -- like Hamas today -- wasn't there. I wrote in 2006 a two-part analysis, which described how Hizbullah in 2006 had won the intelligence 'war', and had fed false human intelligence to Tel Aviv. Perhaps Hamas may have learnt a thing or two...

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US-German 'peace talks plot' shows West on brink of losing Ukraine

© orientalism.org
Russian political scientist and University professor Dmitry Evstafiev
The two Western powers are reportedly trying to force Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky into entering into talks with Russia, per German newspaper Bild. What's behind the report and its timing?

Washington and Berlin have reportedly kicked off a plot to push Ukraine for negotiations with Russia by slashing military supplies to Kiev and leaving Volodymyr Zelensky with little if any options, according to the German publication.

According to Bild, there is also a plan B envisaging a frozen conflict that would solidify a new quasi-border between Ukraine and Russia along the contact line.

Dmitry Evstafiev, a political scientist and High School of Economics (HSE) University professor, told Sputnik:
"First, [this report] should be seen in a specific temporal context. This is not a statement, of course, this is a publicity stunt. It appeared in the media almost immediately after the end of the meeting of the notorious Ramstein group that has made an essential decision to create the [Ground Based] Air Defense coalition to strengthen air defense. Moreover, it is quite obvious that they will strengthen not so much the air defense of Ukraine, but the air defense of the countries bordering Ukraine. Therefore, this is a kind of first proposal that it is necessary to take certain political steps that would indicate that Ukraine is ready for negotiations."
The second aspect is an interview given by the leader of the Servant of the People faction, Davyd Arakhamia, which, according to Evstafiev:
"Is clearly synchronized with the West even more indicative against the backdrop of problems at the front."