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Best of the Web: Expelling US troops: Iraq's resistance efforts gain steam in Baghdad

© The CradleAs the Iraqi Resistance continues to pressure the US to halt support for Israel's war on Gaza, Baghdad - and Moscow - align closer with their agenda to expel US troops from Iraq.
Surveillance devices on a local Baghdad thoroughfare captured on camera the assassination of an Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades leader, Abu Baqir al-Saadi, in a 7 February US missile attack. The images show a missile piercing the roof of his vehicle, then deviating to the right of Al-Baladiyat street, leaving a wake of flames in its incendiary path.

Against the backdrop of the widening, US-backed and armed Israeli war on Gaza, the US airstrikes against Iraq and Syria were meant to deliver a strong message of deterrence to Iran's allies in the Axis of Resistance, who are targeting US military interests in West Asia in response to the carnage in Gaza.

But the strikes have instead served mainly to embarrass the Iraqi government and its domestic allies, prompting a reevaluation of the country's relationship with Washington and reviving calls for an end to the US military presence in Iraq.

Despite a steady stream of US threats and intimidation tactics employed to deter the Iraqi resistance since late last year, these factions have incrementally increased and expanded their engagement in the region-wide war, driven by their commitment to the Palestinian resistance and its liberation goals. The Iraqi groups have a specific goal: pressure Washington until it forces a Gaza truce - a strategic target that reflects the unity of purpose among the resistance factions in Iraq and the region.


Best of the Web: Nicaragua files genocide case against GERMANY at ICJ for abetting Israel's crimes in Gaza

Comment: They deserve this. Germany is culpable of genocide TWICE in one century...

© Remko ce Waal/ANP/AFPICJ President Joan Donoghue (C) and ICJ judges arrive at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) prior to the verdict announcement in the genocide case against Israel, brought by South Africa, in The Hague on January 26, 2024
Nicaragua accuses Germany of facilitating genocide and failing to prevent the commission of genocide at The Hague.

Nicaragua accused Germany on Friday of enabling genocide in Gaza in a lawsuit brought before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) for supporting "Israel" and blocking financing for the UN Palestinian refugee agency.

The Central American country officially filed a case at the ICJ against Germany for supporting "Israel" financially and militarily.

"Germany is facilitating the commission of genocide and, in any case, has failed in its obligation to do everything possible to prevent the commission of genocide," Nicaragua asserted in a petition issued by the court in The Hague.

Comment: It's unlikely to have any discernible impact, however it at least highlights Germany's complicity - in spite of its history - and on the record: UN special rapporteur: Israel is deliberately starving Palestinians and it should be held accountable for genocide

Wall Street

The power behind the throne and the forever wars

We must take a stand or let our children fall, it's that simple.
Greedy Bankers
© vk.com
Last week, former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss gave us a stonker of a revelation which, I believe deserves to be set to the record. Truss appeared in Steve Bannon's War Room and said this:
"What I found out when I got into No. 10 is, I thought that if I got to the top of the tree, I would be able to implement those conservative policies... And what I discovered was that I was not holding the levers. The levers were held by the Bank of England, by the Office of Budget Responsibility, they weren't held by the Prime Minister or the Chancellor..."
Truss goes on to point out the obvious problem with this: you can sack the Prime Minister, but you can't sack the BOE officials who hold the levers of power. Around the same time of this revelation, Glenn Beck dropped a similar clue. In his interview with Tucker Carlson published on 21 February 2024 he shared a story of his encounter with George W. Bush:
I thought of something George Bush told me in the Oval Office. I was asking about the policies and how they were going to change, and he said, "Glenn, don't worry, whoever sits behind this desk, in that chair, is going to have the same advice given by the same advisors and they'll realize, the President's hands are tied." I walked out of that room horrified... Why do we even have elections?"
What G. W. Bush had revealed to Beck and what Liz Truss discovered when she got to the top of the tree, has been the defining feature behind our "democracies" for a very long time. Former British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli said in 1844 that, "The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes." Sir William Pitt, Prime Minister in 1770 said that, "There is something behind the throne greater than the King himself."

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Leaked Crimean Bridge attack recording could deepen rift in NATO - WSJ

An event to announce a Joint Declaration of Support for Ukraine during the NATO Summit in Vilnius on July 12, 2023.
© Paul ELLIS / POOL / AFPAn event to announce a Joint Declaration of Support for Ukraine during the NATO Summit in Vilnius on July 12, 2023.
German officials reportedly spoke about the presence of foreign troops in Ukraine, something the West has denied

A leaked recording outlining the German military's alleged plans to help Ukraine use long-range missiles to attack the Crimean Bridge could cause a rift between Berlin and its NATO allies, the Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday.

On Friday, RT Editor-in-Chief Margarita Simonyan released a Russian-language transcript of what was claimed to be a conversation between several high-ranking Luftwaffe officers, in which they discussed the operational and targeting details of Taurus long-range missiles - which Germany is currently debating whether to send to Ukraine - as though the delivery had already been agreed upon.

Comment: Does "a propaganda win for the Kremlin" for the Wall Street Journal include instances where it has to admit major western news agencies and governments were caught ignoring, silencing or lying about what Russia and informed people in many countries have been arguing for a along time?

The RT article says, "The leaked recording caused an uproar in Russia". This could be claimed to be signs of a propaganda win, but is "an uproar" not a fully justified reaction to the uninvolved easiness with which the US and its satellites play with fire that risk the lives of people also in their own countries?

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What is Operation Menai Bridge? All the plans in place for King Charles's death

king charles
© GettyPlans for King Charles's death have already been put together, under Operation Menai Bridge.
King Charles ascended the throne on September 8, 2022, the day his mother Queen Elizabeth died.

The events surrounding her death went off without a glitch, including important events such as the moving of her coffin from Scotland to London, her lying in state and the grand state funeral on September 19.

This is because a great deal of planning went into every single detail under the plan named Operation London Bridge.


US mulls plan to airdrop aid to Gaza after Israel blocks it on the ground

Comment: "Mulls plan..."

The ar$e-holes are just cashing in on the kudos Jordan is getting for running air-drops to Gaza for the last few weeks, footage of which has gone viral on Arabic social media. That's it. The Yanks are not actually planning to air-drop aid to Gaza, they just want you to think they are so that you 'like' them some.

air drop food aid gaza humanitarian
© Sky NewsUS military has carried out its first airdrop of aid into Gaza, March 1, 23024
A former Obama administration official describes the plan as a "major policy failure"

The White House is said to be considering airdropping aid from US military planes into Gaza amid dire warnings of famine in the territory and following the failure of US officials to convince Israel to allow sufficient aid deliveries on the ground.

The move follows months of warnings from aid groups that Israel's war in Gaza is causing a humanitarian catastrophe on a scale that would be impossible to contain.

Jeremy Konyndyk, who led USAID's Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance during the Obama administration and oversaw humanitarian air drops to Nepal, the Philippines and Iraq, described the potential US plan to drop aid by air as a "major policy failure" on the part of the Biden administration.



Best of the Web: There are chilling parallels between the suffering of Julian Assange and Gaza civilians

Assange image
© Rasid Necati Aslim/Getty ImagesJullian Assange supporter
By locking away one journalist and abetting the misery of an entire people, the West combines oppressive structure with disregard for law...

Recently, two of the defining injustices of the contemporary West have been the object of legal proceedings. And while one involves mass murder and the other the torture but not murder of a single victim (at least not yet), there are good reasons to juxtapose the two systematically. The suffering involved is different, but the forces that cause it are intricately linked and, as we will see, reveal much about the nature of the West as a political order.

In The Hague, the UN's International Court of Justice (ICJ) - also known as the World Court - has held extensive hearings (involving 52 states and three international organizations) on Israel's post-1967 occupation - or de facto annexation - of Palestinian territories. These hearings are connected to, but are not the same as, the genocide case against Israel also currently proceeding at the ICJ.

All of this is happening against the backdrop of Israel's relentless genocide of the Palestinians by bombing, shooting (reportedly including small children, in the head), blockade, and starvation. As of now, the constantly growing - and conservative - victim count stands at about 30,000 killed, 70,000 injured, 7,000 missing, and at least 2 million displaced, often more than once, always under horrific conditions.

In London, the Royal Courts of Justice have been the stage for Julian Assange's fight for an appeal against Washington's demand to extradite him to the US. Assange, an activist and publisher of investigative journalism, has already been in confinement - of one kind or the other - for more than a decade. Since 2019, he has been held in the Belmarsh high security prison. In fact, what has already happened to him is the modern equivalent of being locked away in the Bastille by royal "lettre de cachet" in absolutist, pre-revolutionary, Ancien régime France. Multiple observers, including a UN special rapporteur, have argued compellingly that Assange's treatment has amounted to torture.


Best of the Web: If memes are illegal, all speech will become illegal

with her
The Biden administration has convicted a pro-Trump influencer for posting a meme. If this precedent stands, soon everything will be against the law, but the law will only apply to enemies of the state.

Thirty years ago, the incendiary columnist Sam Francis coined the term "anarcho-tyranny" to describe a state of affairs in which the government cannot or will not enforce laws against serious criminals and instead exerts excessive and often arbitrary force on ordinary citizens.

Francis's coinage, conceived against the backdrop of the crack epidemic and attendant crime wave of the late '80s and early '90s, was provoked by a series of feckless gun laws ostensibly designed to curb armed crime. But in practice, they were used to harass ordinary gun owners. The original column appeared in December 1992, a few months after an off-the-grid Vietnam vet was entrapped by an undercover ATF agent for the illegal sale of a shotgun, leading to a raid on his cabin in Ruby Ridge, Idaho, and the murder of his dog, son, and wife by federal agents.

Anarcho-tyranny is not an intentional conspiracy to subvert the rule of law. There are no smoke-filled rooms where the anarcho-tyranny white paper is passed around among policymakers. It is simply the natural devolution of a government undergoing a crisis of authority: As power slackens in one direction, it must tighten in another.


The blob quivers

© Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP/t.ifushaar.com/archive/saw-x/KJNRussian President Vladimir Putin • Warning!!!
"Russian meddling will eventually outstrip 'Saw X' as America's most exhaustively-mined sequel series" — Matt Taibbi
Did the Blob get vaxxed and boosted? Does that explain the severe neurological damage it displays now as its hologram of lies about Ukraine and Russia Russia Russia flickers out in the blinding daylight of reality? First, there was the gigantic New York Times article published last Sunday blowing open the decade-long secret shadow war by the CIA in a sprawling network of underground bunkers on and around the Russian border.

The story was a direct feed from Blob Central in Langley, VA, to Times errand boys Adam Entous and Michael Schwirtz, longtime RussiaGate hoaxers, and obviously intended to get ahead of the real news that the neo-con project to turn Ukraine into a NATO forward base against Russia has collapsed. Read closely, the Times story appears to be an effort by current CIA chief William Burns to hang-out-to-dry his predecessors John Brennan, Mike Pompeo, and Gina Haspel for the failed eight-year-long operation. Why? Because it looks like Russia is fixing to shut down the war ASAP, before its March 15 presidential election.


Judge BLOCKS Texas law letting police arrest migrants who illegally enter the U.S. in dramatic move as Biden and Trump head to the border

© Anadolu/Getty ImagesMigrants illegally cross the Rio Grande at Eagle Pass, Texas
A federal judge on Thursday blocked a new Texas law that gives police broad powers to arrest migrants suspected of illegally entering the U.S., a ruling that comes as President Joe Biden and Donald Trump are headed to the state for separate visits at the border.

The ruling is a victory for the Biden administration in its feud with Republican Gov. Greg Abbott over immigration enforcement.

The preliminary injunction granted by U.S. District Judge David Ezra pauses a law that was set to take effect March 5. Texas officials are expected to appeal.

Opponents have called the Texas measure the most dramatic attempt by a state to police immigration since a 2010 Arizona law that opponents rebuked as a 'Show Me Your Papers' bill. The U.S. Supreme Court partially struck down the Arizona law, but some Texas Republican leaders want that ruling to get a second look.

The lawsuit is among several legal battles between Texas and President Biden´s administration over how far the state can go to try to prevent migrants from crossing the border.

Comment: Biden and Trump at the bottom edges of the country: Cue the fireworks.