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Tue, 27 Oct 2020
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Adam Schiff connected to both companies named in $74B Burisma-US-Ukraine corruption case

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Democrat Representative Adam Schiff • Hunter Biden
As reported on Wednesday the head of Burisma Holdings was indicted this week in Ukraine! Ukrainian Prosecutor General indicted Burisma owner Nikolai Zlochevsky. The claim alleges that Hunter Biden and his partners received $16.5 million over several years for their 'services' in Ukraine. Vice President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden took a lucrative post on the Burisma Board in 2014. Hunter Biden was making millions from the corrupt Ukrainian oil and gas company.

New memos released earlier this month revealed Burisma Holdings, Hunter Biden's Ukrainian natural gas company, pressured the Obama State Department to help end the corruption investigation during the 2016 election cycle just one month before then-Vice President Joe Biden forced Ukraine to fire Viktor Shokin, the prosecutor probing his son Hunter. Joe Biden bragged about getting Viktor Shokin fired during a 2018 speech to the Council on Foreign Relations.

The media immediately covered for Biden and said his targeting of Mr. Shokin was totally unrelated to the prosecutor's corruption investigation into Hunter and Burisma Holdings.

Burisma Holdings actually name-dropped Hunter Biden when requesting help from the State Department.

According to CD Media last week former Ukrainian official Oleksandr Onyshchenko said Hunter Biden was receiving "off the books" payments from Burisma in the millions. Earlier this month the chief of Burisma Holdings was indicted in Ukraine. He has gone missing.

Now this...
Democrat Adam Schiff is linked to both US corporations named in the $7.4 BILLION corruption case.


DOJ files antitrust lawsuit against Google

DOJ building
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The Justice Department filed a historic and long-anticipated antitrust lawsuit against Google over its allegedly anti-competitive business practices, especially how it has used its search dominance in the online advertising arena to defeat its competitors, a senior DOJ official confirmed to the Washington Examiner.

The federal lawsuit, first reported on Tuesday by the Wall Street Journal, was filed in a federal court in Washington, D.C. The DOJ's civil case against Google was signed by 11 state attorneys general from Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina, and Texas.

The 64-page lawsuit aims
"to restrain Google LLC from unlawfully maintaining monopolies in the markets for general search services, search advertising, and general search text advertising in the United States through anticompetitive and exclusionary practices, and to remedy the effects of this conduct."

"Two decades ago, Google became the darling of Silicon Valley as a scrappy startup with an innovative way to search the emerging internet. That Google is long gone. The Google of today is a monopoly gatekeeper for the internet, and one of the wealthiest companies on the planet, with a market value of $1 trillion and annual revenue exceeding $160 billion."
The Justice Department and the states invoked Section 2 of the Sherman Antitrust Act, accusing Google of illegally maintaining monopolies in the markets for "general search services, search advertising, and general search text advertising."

Comment: To view the case document: Case 1:20-cv-03010 - GO HERE.

Comment: There's a good bet Google knew exactly what it wanted and acted in accordance to the plan. It is easy in retrospect to define in favor of an 'acceptable' admission, but it doesn't make it true.

Monopolies are red flags:
The lawsuit marks the biggest antitrust case in a generation, comparable to the lawsuit against Microsoft Corp filed in 1998 and the 1974 case against AT&T which led to the breakup of the Bell System.

The lawsuit claims that Google acted unlawfully to maintain its position in search and search advertising on the internet. It states that
"absent a court order, Google will continue executing its anticompetitive strategy, crippling the competitive process, reducing consumer choice, and stifling innovation.

"Google is now the unchallenged gateway to the internet for billions of users worldwide ... For the sake of American consumers, advertisers, and all companies now reliant on the internet economy, the time has come to stop Google's anticompetitive conduct and restore competition."
When asked on a conference call what specific action should be taken, a Justice Department official said, "Nothing is off the table."

Republican Senator Josh Hawley, a vociferous Google critic, accused the company of keeping power through "illegal means" and called the lawsuit "the most important antitrust case in a generation."

The Microsoft lawsuit was credited with clearing the way for the explosive growth of the internet since the antitrust scrutiny prevented the company from attempting to thwart competitors.

Tuesday's federal lawsuit marks a rare moment of agreement between the Trump administration and progressive Democrats. US Senator Elizabeth Warren tweeted on Sept. 10, using the hash tag #BreakUpBigTech, that she wanted "swift, aggressive action."

Coming just days before the US presidential election, the filing's timing could be seen as a political gesture since it fulfills a promise made by President Donald Trump to his supporters to hold certain companies to account for allegedly stifling conservative voices.

Republicans often complain that social media companies including Google take action to reduce the spread of conservative viewpoints on their platforms. Lawmakers have sought, without explaining how, to use antitrust laws to compel Big Tech to stop these alleged limitations.

Shares of Alphabet rose nearly 1% after news the government lawsuit was imminent. There was some doubt in the markets that Washington lawmakers will actually come together and take action, according to Neil Campling, head of tech media and telecom research at Mirabaud Securities in London.
"It's like locking the proverbial door after the horse has bolted. Google has already got the monopolistic position, has invested billions in infrastructure, AI, technologies, software, engineering and talent. You can't simply unwind a decade of significant progress."
The 11 states which joined the lawsuit all have Republican attorneys general.

The European Union fined Google $1.7 billion in 2019 for stopping websites from using Google's rivals to find advertisers, $2.6 billion in 2017 for favoring its own shopping business in search, and $4.9 billion in 2018 for blocking rivals on its wireless Android operating system.
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What if neither Dems nor Reps want to win in 2020? No one wants the task of changing the full diaper of the US Empire

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US President Donald Trump • Former VP Joe Biden
Watching the many stumbles of both President Donald Trump and Democrat challenger Joe Biden on the campaign trail, one can't help but wonder if either really wants to win. Who'd want the thankless job of cleaning up such a mess?

Whomever wins the 2020 election will be immediately confronted with a full plate of thorny political issues, from impossible national debt to unwinnable (and apparently unendable) foreign wars to artificially-amplified racial strife to metastasizing income inequality to a pandemic that seems determined to put the last nail in the coffin of the US Empire.

No matter his actions, the winner will be blamed for everything that happens on his watch - never mind that these catastrophes have been decades in the making, and a single man stopping them is no more possible than halting an avalanche. In this light, Biden's doddering-old-man persona and Trump's own bewildering missteps make perfect sense. What sane candidate would want to be left holding the bag of crumbling American hegemony?

Comment: Out of sight, 'out of mind', Biden can't relinquish his own diaper - let alone change what kind of crapola it holds. Trump, on the other extremity, can't hold his tongue.

Ice Cube

Hearing reveals US government's invisible hand in protests around the world

Michael Pack
© South China Morning Post
Michael Pack, head of US Agency for Global Media
Trump admin cut funding to OTF, a non-profit that supports protesters in places like Hong Kong, Lebanon, and Iran...

Last week, the House Foreign Affairs Committee grilled Michael Pack, who President Trump recently appointed to head the US government's state propaganda arm, the US Agency for Global Media (USAGM).

Pack was appointed in June and started a big shakeup at the US state media outlets run by the USAGM, like Voice of America and Radio Free Asia. Pack fired senior staffers, pushed out management, and froze funding.

During last week's hearing, Democrats and Republicans on the committee teamed up to attack Pack for his purges. But what seemed more important to Congress and former USAGM officials was Pack's move to freeze funds to the Open Technology Fund (OTF). The OTF was formed in 2012 and operated as part of Radio Free Asia for seven years. In 2019, the OTF became an independent non-profit, although it is financed by US taxpayer dollars through the USAGM.


Ex-spies and proven liars 'deeply suspicious' of Russian involvement based on ZERO evidence, so hush up about Hunter Biden

© Molly Riley/AFP/Getty Images
Former Director National Intelligence James Clapper • Former CIA Director John Brennan
Former US spooks are riding to the rescue of Joe Biden's presidential campaign, banding together to dismiss the scandalous news we've seen over the past week about alleged corruption from Ukraine to China as a Russian plot.

Never mind the undenied fact that reports about the Biden crime family's influence-peddling business are based on the actual emails of Biden's son, Hunter. Never mind that the revelations aren't only about Hunter Biden.

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is allegedly the heavily compensated "big guy" at the top, and it stands to reason that his high office made it possible to extract millions of dollars from foreign entities. Ukrainian energy companies don't normally go looking for crack addicts who know nothing about energy and nothing about Ukraine to fill cushy, no-show jobs that pay upward of $50,000 a month.

Comment: We might think of it as one giant 'mask' covering many guilty faces!

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China's super rich got $1.5T richer during pandemic

Jack Ma
© AFP/Getty Images
Alibaba founder Jack Ma once again topped the list.
China's super wealthy have earned a record $1.5 trillion in 2020, more than the past five years combined, as e-commerce and gaming boomed during pandemic lockdowns, an annual rich list said Tuesday.

An extra 257 people also joined the billionaires club in the world's number-two economy by August, following two years of shrinking membership, according to the closely watched Hurun Report.

The country now has a total of 878 billionaires. The US had 626 people in the top bracket at the start of the year, according to Hurun in its February global list.

The report found that there were around 2,000 individuals with a net worth of more than 2 billion yuan ($300 million) in August, giving them a combined net worth of $4 trillion.

Jack Ma, founder of e-commerce titan Alibaba, once again topped the list after his wealth surged a whopping 45 percent to $58.8 billion as online shopping firms saw a surge in business owing to people being shut indoors for months during strict lockdowns to contain the virus.

Comment: More 'Haves' also means more 'Have Nots' for regular folk and most countries. Accumulating obscene amounts of wealth is an entertaining exercise, a cap feather to the ultra-rich.
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The CIA Democrats running in the 2020 elections

cia democrate candidates
© Candidates' Campaign Website
Left to Right: Cal Cunningham, Amy McGrath, MJ Hegar.
In the course of the 2018 elections, a large group of former military-intelligence operatives entered capitalist politics as candidates seeking the Democratic Party nomination in 50 congressional seats — nearly half the seats where the Democrats were targeting Republican incumbents or open seats created by Republican retirements.

Some 30 of these candidates won primary contests and became the Democratic candidates in the November 2018 election, and 11 of them won the general election, more than one-quarter of the 40 previously Republican-held seats captured by the Democrats as they took control of the House of Representatives.

In 2020, the intervention of the CIA Democrats continues on what is arguably an equally significant scale: besides the reelection campaigns of the 11 representatives who won seats in the House in 2018, half a dozen of those who lost 2018 races are running again in 2020. Some of these are running for House seats again, while others have been promoted by the Democratic Party leadership and are running for the US Senate. And an entire new crop of military-intelligence operatives is being brought forward, some running for Republican seats targeted by the Democratic leadership as possible takeovers, others in seats not currently considered competitive.

Comment: Further reading:


Trump threatens to release raw version of 'fake & biased' interview with '60 minutes' Lesley Stahl ahead of Sunday broadcast

Leslie Stahl Trump
© 60 Minutes
Leslie Stahl interviews President Trump on '60 Minutes'
President Trump threatened to release an interview he granted 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl ahead of Sunday's airing, suggesting he would expose how "fake and biased" the sitdown was.

Trump sat down with the veteran journalist at the White House on Tuesday, which is set to air Sunday, Oct. 25, along with interviews with Vice President Mike Pence, Democratic nominee former Vice President Joe Biden, and Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris.

The president wants to scoop CBS by sharing his interview before the network does.


Tyranny at the hands of a psychopathic governments

"Politicians are more likely than people in the general population to be sociopaths. I think you would find no expert in the field of sociopathy/psychopathy/antisocial personality disorder who would dispute this... That a small minority of human beings literally have no conscience was and is a bitter pill for our society to swallow — but it does explain a great many things, shamelessly deceitful political behavior being one." — Dr. Martha Stout, clinical psychologist and former instructor at Harvard Medical School
© YouTube
Twenty years ago, a newspaper headline asked the question: "What's the difference between a politician and a psychopath?"

The answer, then and now, remains the same: None.

There is no difference between psychopaths and politicians.

Nor is there much of a difference between the havoc wreaked on innocent lives by uncaring, unfeeling, selfish, irresponsible, parasitic criminals and elected officials who lie to their constituents, trade political favors for campaign contributions, turn a blind eye to the wishes of the electorate, cheat taxpayers out of hard-earned dollars, favor the corporate elite, entrench the military industrial complex, and spare little thought for the impact their thoughtless actions and hastily passed legislation might have on defenseless citizens.

Psychopaths and politicians both have a tendency to be selfish, callous, remorseless users of others, irresponsible, pathological liars, glib, con artists, lacking in remorse and shallow.

Charismatic politicians, like criminal psychopaths, exhibit a failure to accept responsibility for their actions, have a high sense of self-worth, are chronically unstable, have socially deviant lifestyles, need constant stimulation, have parasitic lifestyles and possess unrealistic goals.

It doesn't matter whether you're talking about Democrats or Republicans.

Political psychopaths are all largely cut from the same pathological cloth, brimming with seemingly easy charm and boasting calculating minds. Such leaders eventually create pathocracies: totalitarian societies bent on power, control, and destruction of both freedom in general and those who exercise their freedoms.


Rudy Giuliani files police report on purported Hunter Biden laptop, alleging child endangerment

Hunter Biden
© Getty Images
Evidence from alleged Hunter Biden computer was turned over to the Delaware Justice Department.

Rudy Giuliani, one of President Trump's private attorneys, has reported to Delaware police concerns that materials on a laptop purportedly tied to Hunter Biden contained evidence of possible child endangerment.

Giuliani, a former U.S. attorney and New York City mayor, confirmed Tuesday night he went Monday to a local police department in Wilmington to report his concerns of children endangerment and sexual exploitation. Giuliani told Just the News that former New York Police Department commissioner Bernard Kerik joined him when he delivered photographs and text messages to the New Castle County Police Department.

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