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Houston We Have a Problem, No Known Technology to Deal with Fukushima

Toxic Sake
© Gulsah Bademci 2011Toxic Sake
It was reported today that a U.S. firm named EnergySolutions, which has been involved in the decommissioning of 10 nuclear power plants now aims to garnering multiple contracts for aiding other companies in dismantling Fukushima. This is supposed to also include the spent fuel rods housed there. However we have a slight problem with this you will see as reported today in The Denki Shimbun (The Electric Daily News), from Japan.

"In connection with the decommissioning of Fukushima I units 1 - 4, EnergySolutions aims to handle the planning of the entire decommissioning process, including cost calculation, and win orders for multiple projects, including the treatment and volume reduction of radioactive waste and the extraction and storage of spent fuel and fuel debris (damaged fuel).

Concerning the extraction of fuel debris, which is considered the most challenging process, "There is no technology which may be directly applied," said Morant. He added, however, that knowledge concerning the extraction of damaged fuel, which was obtained through the use of research reactors, and remote underwater cutting technology, as used for the Zion nuclear power station in the United States, may be applied to some extent."


Was Lenin poisoned by Stalin?

© UnknownTheory: Russian historian Lev Lurie believes Lenin, could have been poisoned by his political rival and successor Joseph Stalin
The founder of Russian communism Vladamir Lenin died after being poisoned by his political successor Joseph Stalin, according to a sensational new theory.

Russian historian Lev Lurie, believes that while Lenin was already in poor health having suffered several strokes, Stalin may have finished him off after a bitter feud.

Lenin, who had initially supported Stalin's rise to power, later began aligning himself with Leon Trotsky.

In notes dictated before his death, Lenin criticises Stalin's rude manners and ambitious nature.

He even suggested that Stalin should be removed from his position of General Secretary of the Communist Party.

Poisoning would later become Stalin's preferred method for dealing with his enemies, Lurie points out.

He added: 'The funny thing is that the brain of Lenin still is preserved in Moscow, so we can investigate.'


Best of the Web: MK ULTRA 2012? American Police Caught Mass Drugging Teens And Dropping Them Off At Occupy Minnesota

Police in Minnesota have been caught on video picking up teenagers, doing drug experiments on them, and then dropping them off at the local Occupy protest to discredit the movement.

It's the CIA's famed MK Ultra mind control drug program all over again but this time the drug experiments are being conducted on teenage volunteers who are apparently then being dropped off at the local Occupy protests.


SOTT Focus: The British Empire - A Lesson In State Terrorism

For most people in Western nations today, terrorism has become synonymous with large scale spectacular acts of violence by small groups against a civilian population and, within the last 15 years, primarily in the name of one religion in particular - Islam. Historically speaking (and I mean up until the present day) there is no justification for this perception, and it can only have come about through a massive and prolonged public propaganda offensive on the part of those with a vested interest in creating and perpetuating it.

The historical record shows quite clearly that states, or those acting on behalf of the state, have been responsible for the vast majority of large-scale terrorist acts against civilians.


Pedophile scandal in Lithuania: Judges and Politicians Implicated

The girl was born in 2004. Her father is Drąsius Kedys, and mother - Laima Stankūnaitė. The parents lived together for several years but later got divorced. According to the decision of the court, the custody of the girl was granted to the mother; however, she did not take proper care of her child. Having learned about this, the father decided to bring the child back. The court approved the decision, the mother refused the custody of the girl and the custody was granted to the father. The girl returned to live in the house of her father and saw her mother only rarely. However, she started telling that while living at her mother's she had been raped by some men, and that her mother Laima Stankūnaitė used to take her to some rented flat, where she had to satisfy sexual needs of three grownup men, had been molested, and sexually abused.

As soon as Drąsius Kedys learned about this, he immediately referred to the police asking to initiate a preliminary investigation.

The investigation was soon initiated; however, when it turned out what men were being accused of the paedophilia, the investigation was discontinued abruptly and illegally.

Comment: This sordid tale has gripped Lithuania. It should be pointed out that the media there is working overtime to paint the abused child's mother as a normal and pitiful human being. The state meanwhile, rather than investigating the cancer Drasius Kedys exposed at the heart of Lithuanian society, is waging a war of attrition to return the girl to her pimp (her own mother). This is unsurprising, of course, because her abusers include top state officials.

Shades of Marcel Vervloesem and the Zandvoort File:

Zandvoort File: Story of Marcel Vervloesem and the Elite Peophile Networks

Working Class Hero: Marcel Vervloesem Against the Pedocratic Elite

Beyond the Dutroux Affair: The reality of protected child abuse and snuff networks in a world ruled by psychopaths


Flashback Pedophile Network in Lithuania: Drasius Kedys Case Keeps Escalating

People power: neighbours and friends block police from going near the Drasius family home where the little girl is living.
The phenomenon of protesters gathering in Garliava, Kaunas district near Venckai house has received a lot of media and public attention. This spontaneous gathering of people from across Lithuania has received a lot of praise and criticism as well as raised questions in various society circles about the meaning and purpose of such occurrences.

The outrage and anger of protestors is caused by the 14th of May Kedainiu district court ruling that full custody of Kedys's daughter be given to allegedly abusive mother L. Stankunaite. The judge B. Versackis commented that the ruling had to be executed immediately, on the same day.

In the video filmed by Mr Kedys, Deimantele confirmed that the mother had taken part and given consent to the sexual abuse sessions that took place in the hotel rooms as well as L. Stankunaite's flat. Later, when Judge B. Versackis was asked to comment on the urgency of his decision, he stated that he didn't have enough evidence on Ms Stankunaite's involvement in the case.

Although this court ruling has been postponed by the Panevezys district court on the 20th of May, people have been left confused by the logic of the previous ruling and continue to protest in Garliava and around the world.


Flashback Pedophile-Hunter Drasius Kedys found dead in Kaunas

5,000 people turned out for the funeral of Drasius Kedys
Kaunas, Lithuania - The manhunt for Drąsius Kedys appears to be over, as police say the infamous fugitive's body was found in the Kaunas reservoir Saturday and Kedys' relatives have confirmed the body's identity.

At a press conference Wednesday, authorities announced that the identity of Kedys' corpse had been identified by his aunt Birutė Steponkevičienė, sister Neringa Venckienė and ex-girlfriend Laima Stankūnaitė, who is the mother of his four-year-old daughter.

Kedys was clean-shaven and had grown out his hair and dyed it black and police and relatives said he looked little like he did in his widely-circulated buzzcut photo, but other signs such as a matching mole and tattoo were found. The body had washed up on the banks of the reservoir and had a Baikal IZH-79 pistol on his person. An autopsy is currently being conducted and the cause of death had not been determined yet. Police have initially estimated that Kedys was dead for a week before his corpse was found. Kedys was 37 years old.

"No external marks of violence during the initial survey were found," Kaunas Regional Prosecutor Kęstutis Betingis told journalists at Wednesday's press conference.


Flashback Lithuanian Father Shoots Dead Pedophile Judge, Hailed a Hero

Judge Jonas Furmanavicius
The prime suspect in a brutal double-murder case in Lithuania has been hailed a hero for apparently taking revenge on those he believed had sexually molesting his daughter.

Drasius Kedys disappeared after Jonas Furmanavicius, a leading district court judge, and Violeta Naruseviciene, his daughter's aunt, were shot dead on 5 October.

The 37-year-old divorced father had made repeated and public accusations that the judge had sexually abused his four-year-old daughter, and also claimed that the aunt was supplying him with young girls.

Police believe Mr Kedys, apparently frustrated and angered with legal inertia and suspecting powerful figures in Lithuania's legal system might organise a cover-up, took the law into his own hands and killed both with his legally owned handgun.

Mr Furmanavicius was gunned down in what police called a "hitman-style" execution as he got out of his car in Kaunas, Lithuania's second city, while Ms Naruseviciene died a short time later.

Bad Guys

Throwing Us A Bone? Five Pedophile Priests Removed From Ministry While Others Continue On

© Associated PressPhiladelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput.
Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput says five priests have been found not suitable for ministry due to substantiated allegations of sexual abuse or boundary violations.

Chaput says three priests will be returned to ministry while another died during the investigation. He also says 17 other cases have been investigated but the findings are not being announced Friday.

The cardinal also offered his profound apology to the victims of clergy abuse.


Flashback Pedophile Networks: Drasius Kedys, an open letter to the People of Lithuania


Comment: Original translation by Adrian Zyzik. Text improved for clarity by Sott.net.

Stories from my four-year old daughter about naked men, her being undressed, her being licked and requests to "lick big sysalai" (as my little girl calls men's genital organs), dripping out cream, her being covered with that "natural" cream, the "sysalas" becoming very little (after the "cream" came out), putting "sysalas" into her mouth, its pulling forward and backwards, shouting strange sounds, putting and pulling "sysalas" in the living room, bathroom, lavatory... everywhere, always, hundreds of times when she visited her "Mummy" at weekends (even on my daughter's Christening day) do not move any of the officers involved to launch a judicial inquiry. "Nothing happened here," they say, "the girl is alive." Her mother received compensation from those with the "big sysalai".

Three interrogations of my daughter about circumstances of sexual abuse (even if, according to law regulations, a child may be interrogated only once), complex forensic psychiatry done with my daughter, forensic psychology expertise with the categorical conclusion that my daughter can properly understand particularly essential circumstances of the case and can testify. Increased predisposition to fantasise was not identified. Ten psychologists that participated in interrogations were not able to determine "lies" of the child. However, all this does not mean anything in our state. Categorical request of prosecutors to constantly interrogate the child (after she was interrogated and examined already) allows them to take the decision - the child was not sexually abused.

I do not know. Maybe, as her father, I look with another eye upon this situation and understand words of the girl repeated during interrogations and expertise. But maybe there are people in Lithuania who cannot understand words of the child in a different way - it is disgusting violence, orgies of degenerates, perverts, paedophiles... I do not know, maybe "qualified" prosecutors think differently...

Comment: The following is a Lithuanian TV news report from 2009: