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Russia's response to Ukraine coup has revealed the depths of western impotence

william hague ukraine
© ITAR-TASS/Barcroft MediaWilliam Hague, the British Foreign Secretary, meets Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the Ukrainian prime minister in Kiev on 3 March.
I am starting to lose this one. How dare anyone excuse a great power hurling brute force against a small one, justifying it with some nonsense about extremists and a "responsibility to protect". There should be no place for such cynical bullying in a 21st-century world order. And for what? So a leader with a virility complex can play to his domestic gallery. The whole thing is utterly unacceptable. There must be costs and consequences.

But enough of Iraq. What of Ukraine? We can only gasp at the hypocrisy of a British foreign secretary and an American secretary of state lecturing Russia from a Kiev street corner on the evil of invading small countries. Did no ghost of Iraq or Afghanistan, of Kosovo or Libya, hover over their shoulders? To be sure there are motes in Vladimir Putin's eye, but they are nothing as to the beams in the eyes of Washington and London. The occupation of Crimea is a village fete compared with shock and awe over Baghdad and Belgrade and the killing fields of Falluja and Helmand. As the western powers repatriate their blood-stained legions, surely a twinge of humility is in order.


Surprise! Ukrainian people will bear brunt of IMF deal with tough austerity

© AFP Photo / Louisa GouliamakiA woman holding carnations walks on Independence (Maidan) square in central Kiev on February 25, 2014
As part of a proposed $15 billion IMF deal to save the Ukrainian economy, lenders will make sure Ukraine makes tough economic reforms which will hurt ordinary people, global financial markets expert Patrick Young told RT.

He also warned that unless economic and political stability is quickly restored, investors will be put off from investing in Ukraine, thereby creating further problems.

War Whore

What "invasion"? Russia has 16,000 military personnel in Crimea even though its 1999 agreement with Ukraine permits it to have up to 25,000‏

© AFP Photo / Viktor DrachevUkrainian marines look at a Russian ship floating out of the Sevastopol bay on March 4, 2014
Ukraine's statement at the UN that '16,000 Russian soldiers had been deployed' across Crimea sparked a MSM feeding frenzy that steadfastly ignored any hard facts that got in their way.

Especially unwelcome is the fact that the so-called 'invasion force' has been there for 15 years already.

The media many trust described in hysterical tones how the Autonomous Republic of Crimea was under a full-scale Russian invasion with headlines like: "Ukraine says Russia sent 16,000 troops to Crimea", "Ukraine crisis deepens as Russia sends more troops into Crimea," as well as "What can Obama do about Russia's invasion of Crimea?".

Comment: If having military bases in other countries counts as an invasion, then the US has invaded pretty much every country in the world. Where's the outcry for the millions upon millions slaughtered by US/NATO troops in the past few decades alone? The governments overthrown, the people starved, and the whole countries devastated? The hypocrisy displayed by the western presstitutes is simply unspeakable, and those who still believe the propaganda and support this will get the reality they have chosen.


Glaring propaganda: NATO warns that Russia is risking Europe's peace and security

© UnknownNATO General Secretary: Anders Fogh Rasmussen
Ukraine has mobilised for war amid warnings from Nato that Russia's annexation of Crimea "threatens peace and security in Europe".

With tension nearing boiling point, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Nato Secretary General, vowed the organisation would stand by Ukraine, a nation of 46 million which occupies a vital strategic position between Europe and Russia.

Speaking before he chaired an emergency meeting of ambassadors from the 28 Nato member states, he said: "Russia must stop its military activities and its threats."

The United States dramatically instensifed pressure on Moscow, threatening to remove Russia from the G8 club of developed economies.

John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, condemned Russia for what he called an "incredible act of aggression" and threatened "very serious repercussions", including Russia's possible expulsion from the G8.

"You don't just, in the 21st century, behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on a completely trumped-up pretext," he said.

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In case of sanctions: Putin adviser urges dumping U.S. bonds
The true cost of Russian sanctions to London and UK investors


How and why the U.S. government aided a coup led by neo-nazis in Ukraine

The people of the United States are being deliberately misled and misinformed about the leading role played by the U.S. State Department, intelligence agencies and neoconservative leaders in bringing neo-Nazis to power in Ukraine.

The same neoconservative politicians and strategists that drove the country to war against Iraq in 2003, against Libya in 2011 and nearly against Syria in 2013 have been neck-deep in a protracted regime change effort in Ukraine as part of a larger geo-strategic struggle against Russia. The fact that they have worked hand in glove with armed neo-Nazis in Ukraine - with Sen. John McCain and Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland literally joining the protests - speaks volumes about the political nature of the events.


Ukraine crisis: Moscow catches the world off guard

© Alexey Druzhinin/AFP/Getty Images
After the shock, the response. For two days Western governments clung to the illusion that Vladimir Putin would not ignore their concerns, despite the hour-by-hour escalation of events in Crimea. The Russian parliament's vote to send in the tanks snapped them out of that illusion.

The European Union, which at lunchtime yesterday was vaguely saying that foreign ministers would meet "early next week", announced this would now happen tomorrow. The UN Security Council went into emergency session last night.

"We are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken by the Russian Federation inside of Ukraine," President Obama said. John McCain, the former presidential candidate who in recent days has insisted threat be met by threat, went further. He wrote on Twitter: "Russian Senate backs Putin request to send troops to #Ukraine - straight out of Soviet playbook. Don't want Cold War back, but Putin seems to."

Catherine Ashton, the EU foreign policy chief, said last night: "This is an unwarranted escalation of tensions. I therefore call upon the Russian Federation not to dispatch such troops, but to promote its views through peaceful means."

Yet, as the howls of protest grow, what can actually be done? The international community has looked impotent, condemning the actions but remaining a considerable way away from putting boots on the ground.


Neo-Nazi takeover: Ultra-nationalists take center stage amid political chaos in Ukraine

"Fascists of the world, unite!" Yes, they're clearly interested in democracy.
The threat of neo-nazi ideology is causing alarm in Ukraine. The country, home to over 13 ethnicities, is now rocked on a daily basis by shocking videos - uploaded to Youtube by some of those who came to power following the ousting of President Yanukovich. Maria Finoshina reports.


Getting closer to the truth: Estonian Foreign Ministry confirms authenticity of leaked call on Kiev snipers

Estonian foreign ministry has confirmed the recording of his conversation with EU foreign policy chief is authentic. Urmas Paet said that snipers who shot at protesters and police in Kiev were hired by Maidan leaders.

Paet told RIA-Novosti news agency that he talked to Catherine Ashton last week right after retiring from Kiev, but refrained from further comments, saying that he has to "listen to the tape first."
Urmas Paet
© AFP Photo / Vasily MaximovUrmas Paet
"It's very disappointing that such surveillance took place altogether. It's not a coincidence that this conversation was uploaded [to the web] today," he stressed.

"My conversation with Ashton took place last week right after I returned from Kiev. At that time I was already in Estonia," Paet added.

Paet also gave a press conference about the leaked tape on Wednesday, saying that the dramatic events in Kiev, which resulted in people being killed, must become the subject of an independent investigation.

The Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also issued a statement on its website, saying that the recording of the leaked telephone conversation between Paet and Ashton is "authentic."

Comment: So all Ms. Ashton could muster up was a "Well, yeah...that's, that's terrible," comment and do diddly squat about it. Instead she and the European Commission have chastised Putin and Russia, while giving high fives to the new regime of thugs along with 15 billion euros of taxpayers money.

It is well pointing out that the EU had no money to give 3 months ago, when they wanted the elected president Yanukovych to sign on the dotted line for an agreement with the EU. They were playing hard ball, knowing that the lack of an agreement would arouse the tensions between the pro-EU and the pro-Russian people of Ukraine. It served the purpose, being helped along with some well-nurtured neo-fascist groups and some snipers.

The EU and the US got their prize: A bunch of servile neo-nazi idiots with Nuland's chosen man Yatsenyuk as leader. Now comes the time for austerity measures in Ukraine along with the opening Ukraine up even more for vulture capitalism.

The new regime in Kiev and it's foreign backers have a lot to answer for.

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Ukrainian MP calls for investigation into why same snipers were shooting both protesters and Ukrainian police


Ukrainian MP calls for investigation into why same snipers were shooting both protesters and Ukrainian police

According to Estonia's Foreign Minister, most in Kiev believe these snipers disguised as police were hired by the new government to shoot at both protesters and real police.
Watch as senior Ukrainian Member of Parliament Inna Bohoslovska pleads with fellow deputies in Kiev last week for an investigation into who the mystery snipers were. She claims in the following video that she saw the snipers murder both protesters and the Berkut security forces. Note that she made this plea before the leaked tapes of a phone conversation between the EU's Cathy Ashton and Estonia's Foreign Minister on 5 March 2014, suggesting that it's being widely discussed in Kiev.

The new putsch government has said it will not investigate who was behind the shootings. Does it have something to hide?

"100 people were shot dead in cold blood by snipers. I saw Berkut members (Ukrainian security force) who clearly weren't from Berkut with automatic kalashnikovs shooting at people in the crowd, one after the other, at Maidan Square, and then they turned back and started shooting at Berkuts... we must investigate this."

~ Inna Bohoslovska


U.S. pushing Israel to stop assassinating Iranian nuclear scientists

© Alalam.ir
As Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flies to Washington - due to arrive on Sunday (March 2), to prepare for talks with President Barack Obama at the White House on Monday - it's clear that there are several points of friction between Israel and the United States.

The two countries are allies, but their leaders often differ on the details of key issues: Israel's peace talks with the Palestinians, America's nuclear talks with Iran, how to approach political turmoil in Egypt, what might be done to limit Syria's horrible civil war, and a broader issue of whether the Middle East sees President Obama as a powerful, influential leader.

Recently, as I sought to update a book I co-wrote about the history of Israel's intelligence agencies, sources close to them revealed that they felt pressure from the Obama Administration - more than a hint - to stop carrying out assassinations inside Iran.