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Sat, 03 Dec 2022
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Why Has the Government Never Apologised to Those Who Took the Vaccine 'To Protect Others' via a Herd Immunity That Never Came?

herd immunity illustration
From the very start the UKHSA Vaccine Surveillance Reports delighted in telling us all how many millions of people had been vaccinated. Clearly, it was considered an important aspect of the message that Government wanted to send to the population. Week by week, the numbers vaccinated climbed ever higher, indicating that increasing numbers were now protected from infection by the tried, tested, safe and effective vaccines... And the nation waited with baited breath for the moment that we would achieve the much heralded herd immunity that would mean that our nation would be free from the scourge of Covid.

This aspect of the report was discontinued in April of this year, a month that saw a Covid wave peaking at around 7% of the population of the U.K. concurrently infected with Covid.

The UKHSA's final graph of vaccine coverage in that April 2022 report showed that uptake had flatlined for most age groups.

Comment: See also:


US won't let China take Taiwan chip-makers 'intact'

taiwan microchips
Speaking at the Richard Nixon Foundation's Grand Strategy Summit on 10 November, former US National Security Advisor Ambassador Robert O'Brien appeared to lend credence to reports the US will disable Taiwan's semi-conductor chip manufacturing capabilities if China attempts to reunify the island with the mainland.

"If China takes Taiwan and takes those factories intact - which I don't think we would ever allow - they have a monopoly over chips the way OPEC has a monopoly, or even more than the way OPEC has a monopoly over oil," said O'Brien.

Scorched-earth strategy

The US Army War College Press published a paper in November 2021 recommending that the US make credible threats to destroy Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) facilities, eliminating the most important supplier of micro-processing chips to China and the World.

The paper by Jared McKinley and Peter Harris, Broken Nest: Deterring China from Invading Taiwan, became the most highly downloaded paper from the US Army War College of 2021, and suggested that the US lay plans in Taiwan for a targeted scorched-earth strategy that would render the island "not just unattractive if ever seized by force, but positively costly to maintain."

Comment: Seems like the US has a bad case of cutting off one's nose to spite one's face, and taking the rest of the world down with them.

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The Inquiry: Everything mattered except the truckers and millions of peaceful supporters

Justin Trudeau testifies Emergency Act inquiry

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau testifies at the Emergency Act inquiry on Nov. 25,2022. Courtesy Public Order Emergency Commission
There was one critical thing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the premiers apparently neglected to discuss during a teleconference hours before the Liberals hammered Canadians with martial law.

That would be the right Canadians have to exercise their democratic freedom to protest and assemble on Parliament Hill.

It appears that none of these premiers stood up to Trudeau on behalf of the Freedom Convoy protesters in any significant way, according to minutes of the confidential meeting obtained by Blacklock's Reporter.
police Ottawa
© Alex Kent/Getty Images
Police face off with protesters on February 19, 2022, in Ottawa, Ontario.
Most did object, for other reasons, to him invoking the War Measures Act, now referred to as the Emergencies Act. Same menacing thing.

But all Canadians — pro-Freedom Convoy or not — needed, deserved, to have at least one premier howling and beating his/her chest in outraged objection to this extreme measure inflicted on Canadians. That doesn't seem to have happened.

Politicians federally and provincially — of all party stripes — failed Canadians that day.

Comment: In the province of Alberta, with then Primer Jason Kenney at the helm, see how the truckers made out along the Canadian side of the Coutts-Sweetgrass Boarder and who would come to their side near the end:

Black Magic

Zelensky launches crackdown against Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Zelensky church

Screenshot. It is reported that the Security Council ordered a probe into the existence of legal grounds and compliance with the conditions for using the properties located on the territory of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra monastery.
Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has said that the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) decided to launch a crackdown against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC). Among other things the executive body issued instructions to submit a bill to parliament banning "religious organizations affiliated with Russia's centers of influence" and to intensify measures to combat Russian "intelligence agents" in the Ukrainian church.

In a video message uploaded to a Telegram channel early on Friday, Zelensky announced five measures.

The National Security and Defense Council instructed the government to submit to the Verkhovna Rada "a bill on the impossibility of activities in Ukraine of any religious organizations affiliated with centers of influence in the Russian Federation."

Comment: See also: Zelensky is Not in Charge of Ukraine, Nazis Are - And They Believe They Are on a Mission From God to 'Derussify Ukraine in Holy War'


Federal appeals court halts special master review in Trump Mar-a-Lago documents case

© Patrick Kelley/US Coast Guard/MGN
Former US President Donald Trump
A federal appeals court halted a former Brooklyn federal judge's review of documents seized from former President Donald Trump's Florida resort by FBI agents in August.

In a major blow to Trump, the three-judge panel ruled unanimously that Florida federal judge Aileen Cannon had erred in appointing Raymond Dearie to scrutinize the documents for privileged information over the objections of the Biden Justice Department.

The judges wrote:
"The law is clear. We cannot write a rule that allows any subject of a search warrant to block government investigations after the execution of the warrant. Nor can we write a rule that allows only former presidents to do so."
Cannon's Sept. 5 order had slowed the pace of the probe into whether Trump violated federal law governing the retention of sensitive records by removing presidential papers and other documents to his home at Mar-a-Lago after leaving the White House in January 2021.


Putin tells Scholz why Russia is targeting Ukrainian infrastructure

© Vitally Koval Telegram Channel/AFP
Ukraine firefighters extinguish a fire at energy infrastructure in Rivne region.
Russian precision attacks against Ukrainian infrastructure are a necessary response to Ukrainian sabotage on Russian soil, including the bombing of the Crimean Bridge, President Vladimir Putin has told German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

The two leaders spoke by phone on Friday at Berlin's request, according to a statement released by the Kremlin. Putin explained the logic behind Russia's military operation against Ukraine and stated that the Western policy of arming and training Ukrainian troops was "destructive," according to the readout.

The Kremlin said:
"It was noted that the Russian Armed Forces had been refraining from conducting precision missile strikes on certain targets in the Ukrainian territory for a long time, but now such measures have become necessary and unavoidable as a reaction to Kiev's provocative attacks on Russian civilian infrastructure, including the Crimean Bridge and energy facilities."
The "terrorist attack" against the Nord Stream undersea pipelines "stands in the same category" and requires a transparent investigation that would include Russia, Putin told the German leader.


US troops are combat ready on Russian border - Lithuanian commander

© Petras Malukas/AFP
Lithuanian Chief of Defense Valdemaras Rupsys in Vilnius, 2019
The US forces stationed in Lithuania have switched their stance from deterrence of Russia to combat readiness, Lithuanian Chief of Defense Lieutenant General Valdemaras Rupsys has said. The country shares a border with Russia's Kaliningrad exclave on the Baltic Sea, as well as with Belarus and Latvia.

Rupsys told radio LRT on Friday:
"The main factor used to be deterrence, the demonstration that they were here and could increase our forces at any time. And now the situation has changed: those units are being deployed so that they can fight immediately. It's a seamless ... transition from one mode to another.

"At least until 2025, we will have rotating US units that will carry out military training and serve as a factor of deterrence, but also will be ready to carry out defensive actions together with us and other allies."
The chief of defense said on Wednesday that he had been assured by the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley that American troops would have "a persistent presence in Lithuania."

Comment: All wars are delusional ...until the final count.


Chinese anti-lockdown protesters earn the praise that eluded their Western peers

china protester
© AP Photo
"It's really important that citizens be able to make themselves heard, that they are protesting on a specific issue that touches on so many others - of government control of authoritarian states - we, of course, stand with those protesters," Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said this week in response to the ongoing protests in China against the government's zero-Covid policy.

Where was Trudeau's support when those of us living in France back in March 2020 were ordered into our homes for over two months under the threat of hefty fines, and allowed only to go out with a personal-trip certificate that entitled the bearer to leave home for one of a few select reasons?

Either you were performing a professional activity that couldn't be done remotely, going to a grocery store (where lineups outside were mandated to ensure social distancing inside), going to the doctor, or attending to an urgent family matter. You could also go out for one hour of individual exercise, once a day, but it had to be within one kilometer of your home.

Trudeau and his fellow Western leaders adopted their own zero-Covid measures by various degrees. Not one of them denounced the others as authoritarian for effectively placing people under house arrest and depriving them of their freedom to move, assemble, protest, work, and make decisions about their own health and well-being without involving the state.

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Pathocrat: WEF's Yuval Harari says we 'don't need the vast majority of the population'

Yuval Noah Harari WEF depopulation schwab
© Nicholas Maeterlinck/Besga Mag/AFP via Getty Images
Yuval Noah Harari
Yuval Noah Harari, historian, futurist, and World Economic Forum (WEF) adviser, said, "We just don't need the vast majority of the population" in the early 21st century given modern technologies' rendering human labor economically and militarily "redundant."

Harari's remarks were made in an interview with Chris Anderson, the head of TED, published on Tuesday. He assessed widespread contemporary disillusionment among "common people" as being rooted in a fear of being "left behind" in a future run by "smart people." Such fears are justified, he added, given his projection that emerging technologies will displace economic needs to many categories of existing work:

Comment: At least this loon is upfront about his and Schwabbie's agenda. Unfortunately it's so in your face that the majority don't seem to be taking it seriously. These people are not joking.


China condemns BBC for distorted report on treatment of journalist during Shanghai protest

Zhao Lijian

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian
China decries the BBC for issuing a distorted report on the Chinese police's recent treatment of one of the British Broadcasting Corporation's journalists.

The Chinese foreign ministry's spokesman Zhao Lijian made the remarks to AFP on Tuesday when asked to verify the BBC's allegations that the law enforcement had earlier "arrested and beaten" the corporation's resident journalist, who had attended a protest in Shanghai.

"The remarks from the British side are a serious distortion of the facts and constitute grave interference in China's internal affairs. We are firmly against this," Zhao noted.

Comment: For another example of how shamelessly the BBC and its representatives will lie, check out the following, enlightening and satisfying, exchange between China's foreign ministry and a BBC representative from back in March of 2021:

Meanwhile just today over in this UK the government announced even greater powers to deal with protesters - of which there will likely be many more as inflation surges further, and energy and food rationing bite: