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Sun, 27 Sep 2020
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Fireball 5

Approaching asteroid surges to the top of the polls

Election Poll US
© Babylon Bee
U.S. — Asteroid 2018 VP1 is making a splash in the polls, having immediately eclipsed both incumbent President Donald Trump and challenger Joe Biden.

While some campaigns get off to a rocky start, the asteroid is seeing a meteoric rise in the polls. Trump and Biden have struggled with their plans to end coronavirus and restart the economy, but the asteroid says it can end all racism, economic problems, and all of our struggles forever.

"I'll take the asteroid," said one man in Delaware. "I was leaning Biden, but he kept saying dumb and racist things. The asteroid has never done anything like that. No gaffes of any kind."

Mr. Potato

Kamala Harris, 'pranked' by Russian comedians posing as Greta Thunberg, 'accepts' hoax kompromat on Trump

Kamala Harris Thunberg
© REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque (L) REUTERS/Lucas Jackson (R)
(L) Kamala Harris; Greta Thunberg.
It seems pranksters Vovan and Lexus have successfully duped another politician, with audio suggesting Democrat VP nominee Kamala Harris was eager to accept a fake recording of Donald Trump, believing the caller was Greta Thunberg.

Vovan and Lexus, whose real names are Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov, posed as the teenage climate activist and her father Svante to make a phone call in January to Harris, just months before she became Joe Biden's running mate.

"Congratulations on all your leadership. I'm so inspired by your courage and your voice," Sen. Harris (D-California) tells the pranksters, in the audio clip obtained by The Sun.

The duo then claim they have "dirt" on Trump that could prove helpful to Harris, in the form of a recording of the president telling Thunberg "you will never achieve your goal."


Biden exceeds all expectations by speaking coherently for over 20 minutes!

Joe Biden

The size of the medical support team behind the speech is a closely guarded secret
Fans nervously gathered by the dozens on Thursday to hear Joe Biden's historic acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. After 20 minutes, supporters and Democrats across the nation were blown away by Biden's ability to make it through a coherent speech without forgetting who he was or falling asleep.

As the Biden delivered his final words, Democrats exhaled and erupted in rapturous applause, their abysmal expectations shattered.

"I can't believe it! He actually did it!" one campaign staffer exclaimed. "It's taken weeks to prepare for this event. We had to make sure and remove any distractions, such as heads of hair, or shiny objects from the stage. We surrounded him with teleprompters which included colorful pictures. He practiced reading the speech 1,200 times. We've been pumping him full of various drugs for 3 days to keep him more lucid. All our hard work paid off!"

Mr. Potato

Report: Kamala Harris already vetting VP picks

kamala harris
Supporters of Kamala Harris have been eagerly awaiting an announcement on who her VP pick will be when she takes over as president approximately 5 minutes after Joe Biden is inaugurated. According to sources close to the campaign, she is already vetting possible candidates for the job.

"I am proud to announce I will soon be announcing my pick for Vice President of the United States," said Harris. "We have searched all across this great land. While I cannot yet confirm who my pick will be, I can say this: my pick for VP will be even MORE of a woman and even MORE of color than I am. It will be the most colorful and womanly team ever!" She then threw her head back and cackled maniacally.


Strategy! Trump puts himself on all postage stamps, Dems forced to push for abolishing USPS

trump stamp satire
© The Babylon Bee
Sources are reporting that Trump has dealt a killer blow in his ongoing war against his sworn enemy, the U.S. Post Office. In a move of sheer, mind-blowing brilliance, Trump directed the Post Office to put his face on every single stamp, forcing the Democrats to reverse course and abolish the institution once and for all.

The new stamp, dubbed "The Trump-Stamp," to be used on all pieces of mail features a smiling Donald Trump, with the caption "GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER."

Don Lemon broke the news in a tearful address to the nation last night. "Our democracy is over," he said. "It doesn't exist anymore. I will never send another piece of mail ever again, and neither should you or else you're a racist."

Antifa and BLM responded by marching on local post offices and burning them down. Enthusiastic Trump supporters quickly bought up all the stamps. They are now selling for $3,000 apiece online.

Comment: Despite the humor- and satire-challanged gatekeepers at Twitter, the Bee lives!

SATIRE PURGE: Twitter suspends multiple conservative satire accounts including The Babylon Bee


Wild boar who stole German nudist's clothes to be culled

A nudist gave chase after the boar stole his bag
© Social media
A nudist gave chase after the boar stole his bag
Forestry officials say the boar has lost its fear of humans and could be dangerous

A trained marksman is to be deployed to shoot a wild boar that stole the clothes of a naked German man, Berlin authorities said on Friday.

The boar made international headlines last week after photographs of the portly nudist giving chase were shared on social media.

But in a sad postscript to the incident, the local forestry department said yesterday (FRI) the boar would have to be killed as it has lost its fear of humans and presents a danger to public safety.

The boar in question emerged from the forest with two cubs last week and made its way through crowds of Berliners seeking to cool off in the Teufelsee, one of the city's many lakes.


Mother dog jumps into floodwater to save her puppy in China

A mother dog jumped into floodwater to save her puppy in southwest China. The heartwarming clip, filmed in the city of Meishan in Sichuan Province on August 12, shows a police officer trying to stop a mother dog from diving into deep floodwater. But, she rescued her puppy who was stranded in the middle of the water and brought it back to the shore.


Bald eagle attacks government drone, sending it plummeting into Lake Michigan

bald eagle
A bald eagle launched an attack on a drone belonging to a Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) pilot last month, sending the drone plummeting to the depths of Lake Michigan.

The drone was helping to map erosion along the shoreline of the lake when the eagle, which was entirely unprovoked, decided that skies weren't big enough for the two of them and decided to rip a propeller off of the Phantom 4 Advanced quadcopter, reports WLUC.

EGLE environmental quality analyst and drone pilot Hunter King had captured roughly seven minutes of footage before the satellite reception began to break up. King pressed the "Go Home" button to recall the drone and began to reacquire a stronger satellite feed when things took an unpredictable turn.


Identity Politics: Party of the Poor and Oppressed nominates Old, Rich, White Man and Cop

joe biden kamala harris

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
The party that claims to represent minorities, the poor, the oppressed, and the marginalized has nominated an old, rich, white man and a cop, sources confirmed Tuesday.

"If you want to fight for oppressed minority groups, you must vote for this rich, old, white man who authored the 1994 crime bill and this corrupt police officer who has made a career out of throwing minorities in jail for non-violent drug crimes," said a DNC spokesperson. "It's the only way to fight the establishment."

According to sources at the DNC, the old white guy you're supposed to vote for, in order to show that you love and respect women, has been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior by several women.

"Several photos circulating on the internet demonstrate proof-positive that Joe Biden loves women and children very much," wrote Snopes, the internet's premiere fact-checkers.

Campaign analysts believe that the cop bolsters the old, rich, white man's bid to become President by bringing some much-needed group identity politics, along with her newfound stances on decriminalizing many crimes she formerly prosecuted and defunding much of the police, in a year in which being an old, white man and anti-crime is seen as a hindrance.

"Look, he has even nominated a woman of color to be his Vice President like a true champion for the poor and oppressed would," reported Brian Stelter of CNN. "Just use your eyes and see: there is only one party in this country for people who care about the downtrodden."

"Now I can go back on Charlamagne tha God's program and show him Kamala," mused Biden to some suddenly panicked staffers.

At publishing time, the DNC was airing ads in flyover country about how the cop they've nominated once called herself the "top cop" of California, threatened to arrest parents of truant students, and tried to keep prisoners in jail as long as possible in order to use them for cheap labor, while simultaneously airing ads on the coasts and big cities featuring clips from her interview in which she bragged about how much pot she smoked because she is part Jamaican.


The only way to be healthy in 2020

JP Sears
© YouTube/AwakenWithJP (screen capture)
Healthy habits like exercise, nutrition, and good sleep won't make you healthy anymore. It's 2020 and our health authorities are making sure we don't discuss those habits, because they don't work anymore. With the pandemic in 2020, this video will show you the only way to be healthy. How to be healthy during the pandemic is a mystery solved right here.