Comment: Slovakia's new PM is, as the kids say, based.

Robert Fico
© Petr David Josek / APPrime Minister Fico

Comment: Rough transcription and editing by SOTT:
There were 2 chances to achieve peace soon after the conflict in Ukraine began, but the statesman and other adventurers from the West prevented Ukraine signing the first one with the Russians.

Since the prevailing belief was that if you give the Ukrainians weapons and money, the Russians will be on their knees, be powerless and destroyed.

This strategy didn't work. Russia is not on its knees.

It is clear that Russia will set the pace in the future negotiations.

And i know everyone doesn't like to hear this, but the real truth needs to be acknowledged.

The West is convinced that we must fight until the last Ukrainian, and it's convinced that this should weaken the Russian Federation internationally and economically, but this didn't work, and Orban, and probably one or two other prime ministers are saying the same thing: that we need to change this, force [Ukraine] to agree to peace talks.