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On February 1, 2023 Anti-war activist and podcast host Jimmy Dore told FNC's Tucker Carlson on Tuesday that the U.S. general predicting war with China is trying to incite a conflict:
JIMMY DORE: What I think it means is the United States is trying to provoke and sabre-rattle with a nuclear power. Is is what we were supposed to be afraid would happen with Donald Trump. "He's a crazy man with a finger on the nuclear button." Now we have demented Joe sabre-rattling with two nuclear powers, and they get the corporate media sponsored by the military industrial complex to get Americans to cheer it on.

Why do Americans cheer this on? Because they have no idea what is happening with their foreign policy. What is worse, they have no idea that they have no idea that they don't have any idea what is happening with the foreign policy.
We have 400 military bases surrounding China since the Korean War. Do we really think China is ready to invade the United States? I'll tell you, they're not. They make everything we use in the United States. Why? because the same people that want the war are the same people that took the good jobs, manufacturing jobs in America, turned them into low paying crappy jobs and shipped them to China. Then we are angry for them for the system we set up.

Theyre so corrupt. Americans have no idea how corrupt our government is. They think our government is just regular corrupt, like Trump gave his kid a job, or Biden gave his kid a no-show job in Ukraine. That's not -- the whole thing is corrupt. The $800 billion-dollar military budget is $800 billion dollars of corruption.

Why do we need to have 800-900 military bases around? We are provoking this war, just like we provoked a war in Ukraine. We're now provoking a war with China.

Who benefits? I'll tell you right now, your enemy is not China or Russia. Your enemy is the military industrial complex fleecing this country to the tunes of hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars. How many times will we have a defense secretary say, "Hey we can't account for two trillion dollars in the Pentagon again." That has happened twice now in my lifetime.

People are being -- the war machine can not be stopped. Who is running the country? The war machine. It certainly isn't not Joe Biden making the decisions. I would like to know who is making the decisions.

I want to remind everyone, the United States is the world's terrorists. We set the Middle East on fire the last 20 years. Now we're doing a proxy war in Ukraine, which we provoked, NATO provoked. We have admitted we provoked it, by the former prime minister of Germany. Now we're trying to sabre-rattle this with China, and they're "predicting a war."

Again, China won't invade us. China is not our enemy. We may have a economic war. That's what these are. These are economic wars. In Ukraine it's about liquefied natural gas and making sure Germany and Russia never come together. Because we fear Russia natural resources and man power getting together with Germany with their technology and capital. That's why we blew up the pipeline and the Ukraine war. This is all about hegemony and imperialism and economics.

If there is a Marine somewhere it's because they're stealing natural resources from another country. People are screaming what a bad guy Putin is for invading Ukraine. The United States is currently occupying a third of Syria. And which third is that? It's the third that has the oil. How do I know we're there to steal the oil? The president of the United States said so.

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