USS Hampton
© UnknownUSS Hampton • North Pole • 9 April 2004
A scientist carrying out classified work onboard the USS Hampton nuclear submarine in the late 1990s says the sub was 'buzzed' by an unidentified object traveling underwater faster than the speed of sound.

In a YouTube interview with UFO researcher Chris Leto, scientist Bob McGwier said that the sub was "running deep and fast" when it was passed at extremely high speed by an object. According to McGwier, the encounter was confirmed by a member of the crew who was shocked at the speed of the Unidentified Submerged Object (USO), Daily Star reports.

"We were under way and all of a sudden I hear the sound. It's really strange because it's clear that what is going on is something is whizzing by us and it's moving so fast I just can't believe it," said McGwier, adding "This thing blew by us like we were standing still."

"A person with knowledge of onboard systems came out and said 'this goddam thing is going faster than the speed of sound underwater - but that's faster than the speed of sound in air'," he continued.

According to McGwier, the crew "didn't want to report it, didn't want to tell anybody, didn't want to cause any problems."

Sound moves at 1,480 meters per second in water (3,355 miles per hour) vs. 331 meters per second in air.

Perhaps it was a 'Tic Tac' UFO, which have been seen emerging from the ocean at high rates of speed.