kanye west ye tim pool
Tim Pool invited infamous entertainer, fashion designer Kanye West onto his Timcast IRL on Monday night, only to have the celeb, along with his entourage, to storm out of the studio, and leave the premises when questioned about his antisemitism.

While Pool attempted to engage West in a discussion about his recent, controversial dinner with former President Donald Trump, West insisted on airing his grievances against the Jewish people, who he kept referring to as "they," and claiming that he was a vessel of God, and that his children would be okay because his ex-wife is rich.

When Pool pressed back, saying "they have been extremely unfair to you," Kanye asked "who is 'they' though?" Pool said plainly that he meant the corporate press, but for West, "they" was a specific reference to the Jewish people, who he blames for his own downfall.

Nick Fuentes, who is persona non grata in virtually every circle but those who espouse racism and hatred, jumped in to offer his understanding that "they" were to blame, meaning Jews. In the brief conversation that did occur, it was confirmed that Donald Trump was unaware of who Fuentes was when they dined at Mar-a-Lago.

Pool pushed back, saying that he absolutely was not in agreement with these horrifying and despicable views. West, and his entourage, including the two men he brought with him to Mar-a-Lago on Thanksgiving, Milo Yiannopolous and Fuentes, left.

Pool was not particularly surprised, and spoke out against identitarianism. What Pool wanted to understand from West and his small crew were what went down at the dinner, and what West is considering in terms of a 2024 presidential run.

"I'm all about individualism, meritocracy, personal responsibility," Pool said. "That means an individual of any background can be capable of anything."

"If you live in a world where a single group of people is haunting you, you're trapped, you're not going to get out. The issue is you can overcome anything," Pool said.