Eva Chipiuk Justin Trudeau
On the final day of the Emergencies Act inquiry, Justin Trudeau claimed, under oath, that he did not call the unvaccinated any bad names.

The Prime Minister was questioned on Friday by Eva Chipiuk, one of the lawyers representing the Freedom Convoy organizers, about statements he had made regarding the unvaccinated and the ways that he has described them.

"A number of people have testified in this inquiry referencing your widely published comments calling the unvaccinated racist and misogynist," Trudeau is informed, "and we have heard testimony in this inquiry about how some of your officials wanted to label protesters as terrorists."

The Prime Minister is then asked: "Would you agree with me that one of the most important roles of a prime minister is to unite Canadians and not divide them by engaging in name-calling?"

His response, under oath, is a flat-out lie:

"I did not call people who are unvaccinated names."

He goes on to defend this statement by arguing that he in fact "highlighted there is a difference between people who are hesitant to get vaccinated for any range of reasons and people who deliberately spread misinformation that puts at risk that life and health of their fellow Canadians."

"My focus every step of the way, and the primary responsibility of a Prime Minister, is to keep Canadians safe and alive," he concludes.
In an interview on the French-language talk show, La Semaine des 4 Julie, on September 17, 2021, Trudeau does exactly that.

"There are also people who are fiercely opposed to vaccines," Trudeau told host Julie Snyder, "who don't believe in science, that are often misogynists, often also racists."

He continued to tell Snyder that this was a small group of people opposed to the vaccines and that "we have to make a choice, in terms of leaders, in terms of the country."

He then threateningly asks: "Do we tolerate these people?"