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Biden's 'Arrest'
Last night I had a dream... Everyone that I knew... And everyone that you know was in my dream... I saw a vampire... I saw a ghost... Everybody scared me but you sacred me the most... In the dream I had last night... — Randy Newman

Last night I had a dream. In the dream I woke up to the banner headline: BIDEN ARRESTED. It was only a dream, but was most satisfying, as it made vivid and emphatic what must happen to correct the dreadful tendings of the criminally psychopathic enterprise that our government has become.

The gang behind the shabby and absurd pretend-president — a figure as comically macabre as the plastic effigies of the undead who crowd American front yards this time of year — is not content with running the country into a ditch. Lately these rogues and degenerates are making noises about blowing up the world.

The autumn days dwindle down to signal events that will overturn this wicked enterprise. The yellow-and-blue flag of Ukraine can't compete on the lawn with tableaux vivants of werewolves, skeletons hung with rotting flesh, radioactive burn victims, hooded demons from hell escaping their graves, and tortured souls shrieking from the various zones between this world and perdition. America is expressing itself with stunning verisimilitude to the onrush of reality: maybe we've had enough of romancing death.

That's the developing lesson of our fiasco in Ukraine. The past three weeks, the US and its vacillating NATO cohorts issued a set of challenging insults aimed at Russia, the designated "villain" in the concocted Ukraine melodrama produced-and-directed by the Party of Chaos as a diversion from our own acute problems at home.

First, the sabotage of Nord Streams One and Two. Maybe a US op, maybe UK, maybe Poland in the mix somewhere. Obviously not Russia, despite all the clumsy propaganda on CNN. What was the idea there, exactly? To deprive Russia of a natgas export market? Guess what? The destruction of the Nord Streams leaves plenty of natgas for the other 70-percent of the world that's not Europe. And plenty of natgas for Russia itself to develop industries in an import-replacement program to offset the idiotic economic sanctions recklessly imposed on it by "Joe Biden" & Company.

Not such a good outcome for Germany and the EU, though. They will, first, freeze through the winter with idle furnaces and, second, starve in 2023-24 from a lack of fertilizer (made from natgas in the Haber-Bosch process). Oh, and no more industry for you, Euroland. It's back to the jolly rigors of the Twelfth Century, planting barley and peasecods with pointed sticks while wolves roam the streets of your depopulated cities.

Next, days ago, the attempted destruction of the bridge over the Kerch Strait in the Black Sea, connecting the Crimean Peninsula to mainland Russia. Nice try. Didn't work. Both the railroad lanes and the motor lanes are operational again. Who did it? We'll know soon enough.

Note also: the ongoing shelling and bombing of Ukraine's giant nuclear power generation plant at Zaporizhzhia — admitted by US officials to be a Ukraine operation in a September 13 New York Times report. Yes, that was the bright idea of America's advisors to NATO and Ukraine: lob explosives into the biggest nuke plant in Europe. See what happens....

Note also that the main human object of all this US, NATO, and Ukraine mischief is the leader of Russia. That'd be Vladimir Putin. One must admire Mr. Putin's prudence and fortitude in the face of such provocative effrontery. So far anyway. Now, it appears that he has had enough of these shenanigans. For seven months, the strategy behind Russia's Special Military Operation has puzzled the West. Why so tentative? Why not just use Russia's manifest superiority, air power especially, to go in and bust the whole joint up? Do what the US has done in places like Libya and Syria?

Forgive me for repeating what I've written more than once before: Russia will not benefit from having a broken, failed state on its doorstep. Such a situation would clearly just invite more international hugger-mugger. Rather, Russia will benefit hugely from having a neutral, functioning Ukraine next door, a state with ample agricultural resources that could plausibly feed its people and live in peace, perhaps even enjoy special trade privileges with its bigger neighbor to the east... a Ukraine that would be a geographical buffer between Russia and what is apt to be a very disorderly and distressed Western Europe on the other side.

The Ukrainian leader, Mr. Zelenskyy, capped off the weeks of sabotage by appealing to the US and NATO to conduct "preemptive nuclear strikes" against Russia proper. That'll work in Ukraine's favor, I'm sure. He promised to call German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and make the pitch for NATO jumping into the action on the ground. (And with whose army would that be?) Such cheek from this desperado! Going mad-dog is probably not a sign of confidence.

As of Monday, October 10, Russia began delivering some disciplinary actions against Mr. Zelenskyy's insolent regime. Russia sent missiles into at least 10 Ukrainian cities, targeting electric power generation, water, central heating, and other "key services" in Kiev and elsewhere.

Message: if you think we're fucking around, consider this an attitude adjustment opportunity.

The action is an overture to a strategic shift: Russia aims to speed up the game clock, consolidate its ownership of the Donbas provinces, destroy Ukraine's remaining military capability, bust up enough stuff to perhaps prompt the Ukrainian people to ask whether continuing to follow Mr. Zelenskyy's gang is a good idea, and leave no alternative to talks that will leave Ukraine neutralized. Mr. Putin is calling "Joe Biden's" bluff. All of this could have been avoided, of course, if the maniacs of America's deep state had simply abided by the promise made thirty years ago to not expand NATO. What part of that deal didn't we understand? Apparently, all of it. On purpose. Because we have acted with conscious and arrogant dishonor.

Of course, our "president" could commence that nuclear war he affects to be so avid for. It would be a fitting career-capper for the Ol' Dawg. The show-runner behind all this needless mayhem, former President Barack Obama, reminded us a while back: "Don't underestimate Joe's ability to fuck things up." Roger that, BHO! Which gets back to that dream I had of the headline: BIDEN ARRESTED. It was good, but not enough. How about : BIDEN, OBAMA, AND 639 FEDERAL OFFICIALS IN NINE AGENCIES ARRESTED. What a strange moment in our long and steadfast history as an orderly Republic that would be. And yet, what a perfect ending to these years of perfidy and travail.