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A leaked email shows the healthcare giant inviting minors to the workshop without parental knowledge.

Kaiser Permanente, one of the nation's largest health care organizations, is promoting gender-affirming programming to minor patients without the knowledge or consent of parents, a mother told Libs of TikTok in an exclusive interview.

The mother, who spoke to Libs of TikTok on the condition of anonymity, said she was tipped off to Kaiser's gender-affirming workshop after looking through her child's patient portal. Her 16-year-old trans-identifying teen received an email with an invitation to join the "Pediatric Gender Expression Care Workshop," a series of courses on social gender transitions. There is no parental permission required to join the workshop, according to the email provided.

pediatric gender expression care workshop
The California-based mother said that the email never came through her email inbox, as parents are reportedly only allowed to attend if their child decides to attend. The mother added that she wanted to attend the workshops to learn more about her child's gender identity, but was allegedly informed by the workshop coordinator, Aster Tang, that she could not attend without her child.

The "Gender Expression" workshop was created for kids aged 12-17 "who identify as transgender or non-binary." Topics in the workshop include, "Gender Joy and Europia, Changing Bodies, Gender affirming vocal exploration, gender-affirming wardrobe styling, and gender congruent hair styling."

This mother, like so many parents with transgender children, feels like her child is "becoming a guinea pig" at the hands of medical organizations.

In one article, Kaiser highlights the "journey" of a biological woman who underwent a double mastectomy and "masculinizing hormone therapy." Kaiser prides itself in being the first organization to transition a biological male physician to a biological female. Dr. Alison Taur, a biological male, hosts "chats" on transgender and non-binary "care" and affirming such identities.

Health care workers take an oath to "do no harm," yet Kaiser employees are harming and fracturing relationships between parents and their children by pushing an agenda behind parents' backs.