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Doctor Maja Marinkovic is the co-director of the Center for Gender-Affirming Care at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego and has received compensation from a company that is under investigation for advertising one of their products for off-label use as a puberty blocker.

A site that tracks public records related to the pharmaceutical industry called Caredash reports that Marinkovic has received $4,824 from Endo Pharmaceuticals in payments that were directly related to Supprelin and Supprelin LA, drugs that are used off-label as puberty blockers.

ProPublica even found that in 2018 Marinkovic received the ninth most amount of money of any physician in America for Supprelin LA. In total, Marinkovic has received $9,571 from pharmaceutical companies between 2015 and 2021, which is more than 96% of pediatricians in the U.S.

Maja Marinkovic

Maja Marinkovic, M.D. (Rady Children’s Hospital)
ProPublica discovered that doctors prescribe a drug more often when they have received compensation from pharmaceutical companies that are related to the specific drug.

"Doctors who receive money from drugmakers related to a specific drug prescribe that drug more heavily than doctors without such financial ties," ProPublica found.

The report specifically notes that "On average, across all drugs, providers who received payments specifically tied to a drug prescribed it 58% more than providers who did not receive payments."

The Rady Children's Hospital Center for Gender-Affirming Care, of which Marinkovic is a co-director, aids children's attempts to change their sex in a number of different ways. Listed on its services list is "gender-affirming medical care," "surgical referrals," and "gender-affirming vocal therapy."

Though pubertal suppression is not listed clearly on the "services" page, a fundraiser for the gender clinic that was done in conjunction with artist Adam Lambert encourages the public to donate in order to support "pubertal suppression," as well as "assistance with legal name change," and a number of other actions that assist child sex change attempts.

Breitbart News previously reported that children's hospitals across America, including Rady Children's Hospital, sponsored pride parades in June.

Both Endo Pharmaceuticals and AbbVie, the producer of a different puberty blocker, are currently under investigation by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. The two companies allegedly promoted and advertised puberty blockers "for unapproved uses without disclosing the potential risks associated with these drugs to children and their parents."

The FDA recently warned that Supprelin LA may carry the risk of causing brain swelling and permanent vision loss.

Rady Children's Hospital did not respond to a request for comment.