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Biden has Covid - again! Or is it 'Paxlovid rebound'? Whatever the case may be with the demented 'leader of the free world', it's patently clear that understanding of 'the science' of seasonal respiratory viruses remains as elusive to Our Dear Medical Authorities as ever. Media blathering aside, the sheer paucity of 'Covid deaths', coupled with widespread ennui towards 'anti-pandemic measures', means The Rona is done for justifying further lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

Also on this week's NewsReal, Joe and Niall track Nancy Pelosi's plane across the Pacific Ocean to explore the likelihood of war between the US and China over Taiwan's future, lampoon the latest insane 'energy-saving measures' Western governments are imposing on people to 'defeat Putin / save the planet', and list the latest Ukrainian atrocities projected onto Russia as that awful country continues disintegrating under the weight of its own lies.

Running Time: 01:38:15

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Yesterday, 31 July 2022, some authoritarian geek at YouTube decided to censor an older, archived NewsReal podcast, one livestreamed on 12 December 2021 (!), thereby preventing us from livestreaming on that platform this week. This podcast is also available to view, share and download on VK [from 12:42] and Odysee. Show Notes