elon posobiec
Human Events Daily host Jack Posobiec mentioned how Elon Musk, after having bought Twitter, is using the platform to call out organizations that he considers to be pro-censorship.

"Because Elon Musk is making these moves, he's ruffling some feathers," Posobiec said.

"But, what's amazing, what's absolutely amazing is that he's going after these people," Posobiec went on, specifically mentioning Media Matters first, an organization that has previously tried to cancel Project Veritas.

"So, Media Matters attacking Elon Musk. Media Matters, David Brock, Clinton world, those people are leading a massive group, and they put out this letter, I guess. It's some huge letter."

Posobiec then read some of the names of organizations that supposedly had a hand in the letter, including Black Lives Matter, Face The Music, Friends of the Earth and many others.

"The women's march, the women's march is attacking him!" Posobiec continued, incredulously.

"What did Elon Musk do?" asks Posobiec. "He tweeted out 'who funds these organizations that want to control your access to information? let's investigate.'"

"His very next tweet was a tweet directed at George Soros, and he said 'George, slide into my DMs."

"... Basically, he's just saying 'George, what are you doing? I just want freedom of speech. It seems like you're just trying to shut that down. Do you have a separate agenda, George? Do you have a problem with what I'm doing?"

"Let's chat; let's hop on the phone. Slide into my DMs," Posobiec explains further.

"This is amazing, right? Literally, the guy buys Twitter so he can call out his old buddy George and say 'what are you doing?'"