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As we approach the end of 2021, the team would like to wish all our readers a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Truly, a happy new year! As depressing and foreboding as the general climate is right now, we remember that there is much to be thankful for, not least the friendships and fellowship we discovered and made along the way to building this global network of courageous truth-seekers!

It seems like an age ago now, but the year actually began with hope that the 2020 US presidential election could be 'un-rigged', until a bunch of naive 'revolutionaries' were led up the garden path and straight into the heart of Congress, a trap laid for them by Federal agents who used it to cement the regime's re-taking of the presidency, finally silence Donald Trump, and replace majority with 'minority rule'.

The US presidency has been restored to its purely ceremonial role (and the incumbent can't even carry that out half-decently), and since then everything has just gone downhill real fast. It's a veritable 'sign of our time' that the 'will of the people' has been so thoroughly side-lined - and not just in the US, but right across the world. We all live under the planetary regime of 'Pandemia' now. And it feels like we're in the 'end game'.

The 3,000 or so super-rich who act as if they own this planet are going all-in with 'boosters', online censorship, mass surveillance, police checkpoints, outlawing protests, and generally doing everything they can to squeeze people and make them miserable. These tactics work rather well on those whose dependence on authority is paramount, but for the rest of us, we're at the point where our best hope is that this corrupt global regime will collapse under its own hubris.

As we warned at the outset of this madness, their efforts to tighten control over the human population under the guise of 'controlling the virus' runs a serious risk of fundamentally damaging the delicate global economic and social system. The supply chain issues - skyrocketing prices, labour shortages, scarcity of goods, etc - are not going to resolve themselves as long as the super-rich (and those who follow them) continue 'fixing' the problems they themselves created.

But it seems there's no disabusing them of their belief that they possess god-like powers. They are either ideologically 'possessed' - convinced that they are 'saving the world' - or perhaps the smarter ones privately acknowledge that they are wilfully destroying tens and possibly hundreds of millions of lives. Maybe it's both; maybe they really do believe that, in order to 'save the world' - from 'overpopulation' and 'limited resources', presumably - they must 'nudge' as many people as possible towards the precipice.

But not everyone is obeying. Massive protests against the growing totalitarianism have been taking place in cities large and small all over the world. Mostly ignored by the media, whenever they are reported, their scale is significantly downplayed. Anti-government protests have surely by now returned to, and exceeded, their late-2019 levels, but governments and the globalist cliques that run them don't care; they wishfully think they can succeed in instituting a slave planet by controlling everything and making everyone dependent on them.

As bleak as this oppressive situation is, take heart in the fact that a sizeable minority - perhaps as many as two billion people - have left (or never joined) the Covid Cult. In doing so they've ended - or are in the process of ending - their abusive relationship with government. Things are going to get a LOT stranger in the coming years as narratives and beliefs about the nature and functioning of reality continue coming apart at the seams.

Many will go mad and 'check out'. Many more will likely perish due to a devastating reduction in food production and energy supplies - which is the fault of feckless government, not the virus - just as extreme weather events have begun decimating crop harvests in earnest. Criminally negligent in their responsibility to actually solve any of these issues, governments instead appear to be 'leveraging' the crisis they created by methodically turning the screws so that 'the herd' voluntarily accepts depopulation.

When we began chronicling events and trends two decades ago, we did so on the hypothetical basis that the trajectory of civilization was downwards towards destruction, a la Fall of Rome. This is no longer a fringe view. What's not generally known, however, is that the Roman Empire - following a period of rapidly deteriorating social, economic and environmental conditions (and insane leadership) - ended suddenly.

Catastrophe awaits those who passively follow the crowd, but the future is not set in stone if you see what's going on and actively link up with others of like mind, strengthen your immune system against physical attack, and protect your psyche against lies. In all cases, knowledge is key.

There will likely be many twists and turns in the months and years ahead, so no matter how depressing the situation seems now, don't give up hope, because we don't intend to, and will be right here bringing you the knowledge and analysis necessary to navigate these times with grace, humor and - dare we say - even a little hootin' and hollerin'?

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Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year - and remember: Let's Go Brandon!