The door is flung wide open to government-backed, bullying minions sent to divide people into opposing camps: the clean and socially responsible separated from the unclean and morally reprehensible who are to be bludgeoned into submission.

Vaccination AKA gene therapy is the holy grail, the path to purity, the hope of survival in a future living with Covid-19.

"Keep others safe" these supercharged Neanderthals screech at those refusing gene therapy. "Do the right thing or suffer the consequences!" Large clubs of doom swing wildly over the heads of those friends, family and colleagues rejecting gene therapy and ducking for cover.

A curious mix of fear and power has perverted the thinking of people previously trusted. You may discover, as our family did, that your GP is not averse to wielding the club of doom.

This week a family member was warned that if they refused gene therapy the specialist care needed if their cancer returned could be withheld. In a cruel twist of fate, several cancer tumours were diagnosed.

Thankfully the GP was wrong because the specialist pulled out all stops, fast-tracked the scans and was suitably horrified when the threat was recounted, exclaiming, "That would be murder!" Indeed, murder and insanity both. The gene therapy club has curdled previously auspicious brains.

Wibble renamed Pfizer's Covid-19 gene therapy "fizzer therapy" presumably because its effectiveness is short-lived and it cannot fulfil Ardern's promise to end the pandemic.

We recently discovered its waning efficacy within months of the second jab, and within six months recipients are playing Russian roulette. This government knows that gene therapy is more an effective club of doom than an effective weapon against the virus.

When the traffic light system was introduced we were promised most restrictions would be lifted when the country reached an unachievable 90% vaccination rate, but the waning efficacy of gene therapy ensures regional lockdowns are here to stay.

Recovering from Covid does not exempt you from gene therapy because your antibody levels cannot be tested. The government won't allow it. These unlucky souls are special little fizzer guinea pigs with naturally acquired, superior antibodies topped up with the second rate, short-lived gene therapy antibodies and whatever unknown side effects they may have on the immune system and other important bodily functions.

Covid is not easily treatable in the early stages of infection because the government has gone to great lengths to ensure that cheap effective treatments are difficult if not impossible to access.

indian covid response tweet
The solution to ending Covid using gene therapy means the virtuous are tasked with its distribution, bringing conflict first into homes and then into workplaces.

This week a customer phoned to book an essential service and after I had processed their request they said, "I presume your employees are vaccinated."

This was not a question, it was a statement delivered with the collective authority of government and media backing, the inference that naturally employees are jabbed.

I had no idea if these employees were vaccinated. Employee health matters are personal information and nobody's else's business but the employees to share that information if they choose to. Unfortunately, the government's one source of truth has empowered the club of doom wielding enthusiasts to believe gene therapy is not a personal choice, it is a collective responsibility. The one source of truth works hard to keep their front line warriors up to date.

Misconceptions are common, such as gene therapy means Covid free. The truth is those treated with gene therapy can be infected and contagious. Another misconception is gene therapy is like the 'flu shot only requiring an annual booster.

Diplomacy is a requirement for effective customer service and I want to keep my job, so I responded with the pared-back truth.
"Our employees health records are private, but I can tell you that we operate in Auckland under strict level three protocols including protective clothing and social distancing. Employees are required to advise if they have Covid symptoms before starting work."
I would have liked to give this customer penultimate assurance that our employees will be Covid free on the day they visit the site because they will take a 15-minute rapid antigen test before work. Unfortunately, the government has been twiddling its thumbs for over a year and just two weeks ago authorised the purchase and distribution of 300,000 Abbott PanBio COVID-19 Ag Rapid test kits expected to arrive this month.

At any rate, producing a negative test may not have appeased this customer who was totally fixated on gene therapy's mysterious powers and well-schooled by the government's single source of truth.
"After all we have gone through, we cannot risk an unvaccinated person coming on site."
All of Auckland has gone through exactly the same thing and we are weary of 18 months of intermittent lockdowns too.

The villains in this story are not those who refuse gene therapy or the Neanderthals slamming around their clubs of doom, it is Jacinda Ardern's Government and media lackeys who weaponised gene therapy as their only solution to Covid.

People sincerely and incorrectly believe that gene therapy will not only protect them but end the pandemic. The process of indoctrination was alarmingly simple: first, terrify them out of their wits and then offer just one solution.

Millions of New Zealanders are carrying out this government's dirty work (and breaking privacy laws at the same time). No lives are safe from their reach and there is no place to hide.

But neither can the government hide from the impending result of their Covid strategy because Covid case numbers are rising alongside the numbers of people believing that they are "fully protected".