military ufo encounter
Congressmembers say UFOs pose major national security risks as the Pentagon's highly anticipated UFO report gets delivered to Capitol Hill.

Members of the House Intelligence Committee received a quiet sneak peak of the bombshell report explaining that while the existence of alien life is questionable, any UFOs pose a major threat to national security.

The unidentified objects could be espionage assets used by adversaries of the US, which means the abundant phenomenons in the sky prove alarming for how up to date the country is on foreign espionage tactics.

"We take the issue of unexplained aerial phenomena seriously to the extent that we're dealing with the safety and security of US military personnel or the national security interests of the United States, so we want to know what we're dealing with," said Representative Sean Patrick Maloney.

US intelligence experts have produced a UFO dossier on what the government knows about unidentified aerial phenomena, examining whether decades of orb sightings constitute a national security threat.