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Dave Rubin (L) Steven Crowder (R)
Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Steven Crowder (Host, Louder with Crowder) and Bill Richmond about their Facebook lawsuit, the ongoing conservative censorship by Big Tech, and why cancel culture has created so many secret celebrity Republicans.

Steven first discusses the social media censorship he has been dealing with for years and why Facebook censorship was the final straw. Was Facebook throttling the 'Louder With Crowder' channel? Is political censorship the reason that his election livestream was removed without any explanation? Is conservative speech being censored on social media platforms? These are questions that will now have to be answered in court as Steven sues Facebook for fraud in his internet censorship lawsuit.

Steven discusses the difficulty of having a conservative news Facebook business. Facebook is constantly changing it's rules or simply not telling anyone what the rules are. Conservative media is in such demand that even big tech conservative censorship has not been able to prevent the successes like Louder With Crowder or The Ben Shapiro Show.

Steven gives a warning to people putting their business on Facebook especially if you are a part of conservative social media. Steven discusses YouTube censorship, Carlos Maza, the fallout of the Vox Adpocalypse and the damage that conservative censorship does to the market value of big tech companies. Steven shares inside stories of how Fox News and mainstream media didn't see the opportunity with YouTube and is now using its power and money to play catch up. He likens the competition between YouTubers and legacy media to David and Goliath.

Steven also talks about secret celebrity Republicans in Hollywood and the entertainment industry who remains closeted Republicans and secret conservatives for fear of cancel culture, losing their livelihood and being unfairly targeted like Gina Carano.