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A lecturer at the University of Texas, Arlington, is attempting to stir up a #resistance against conservative comedian and podcast host Steven Crowder, who is scheduled to speak at SMU on March 22, but may end up getting a hard lesson on the definition of "libel."

In a statement he posted on Facebook on March 5, lecturer Charles Hermes accused Crowder of "call[ing] graphically for murder and extermination of Jews and LGBT people." Hermes also linked to a series of clearly photoshopped screenshots of tweets supposedly written by Crowder. Here is the statement Hermes posted:
"There's a popular alt-right Neo-Nazi to be hosted at SMU McFarlin Auditorium on March 22, sponsored by SMU College Republicans. He calls graphically for murder and extermination of Jews and LGBT people.

You may leave a message with the president regarding Steven Crowder at 214-768-1206.

This is the second time that despicable Steven Crowder has been invited in the last month, previously hosted by Student Government and the Young Americans for Freedom.

I have contacted the Women's and LGBT Center on campus. They said there was a small demonstration outside last time, with little fanfare. There was some pushback on the student government for inviting him, but not enough, I was told. They were surprised he is invited back again so soon"
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Here's the post followed by a screenshot of it:

Charles Hermes post
Hermes also posted a screenshot of tweets supposedly proving that Crowder is a Neo-Nazi. As the screenshot partly shows, however, the screenshots actually come from the infamous white supremacist site, The Daily Stormer. As the unaligned text of the supposed tweets clearly shows, the tweets are fake. (Warning: Language)

Hermes fake tweets
In their coverage of Hermes' accusation, Louder with Crowder provides the following close-up to show just how obviously fake the absurdly racist fake tweet posted by The Daily Stormer is:
Hermes fake tweets 1
Hermes has yet to delete his original post smearing Crowder based on fake tweets.

The responses to Hermes' unfounded accusations have been blistering, with many predicting that he will soon learn more about libel laws and may want to dust off his resume. A few examples:

fb hermes response 1
fb hermes response 2
fb hermes response 3