Covid-19 Dashboard Screeshot
The video clip shows the only nation to have reported the drop in the last month was India. Something to think about.

Hear much about COVID-19 lately? Sure you do, you think. We hear about vaccinations taking place and all manner of furor about whether the vaccine is any good, or if it is a mind-control drug or some fiercely dangerous compound that kills more people than the virus it is supposed to protect everybody from. In the United States, the ferocity of this argument appears to be fierce, while in Russia it is quiet. Life goes on, at least in Russia, with businesses beginning to run "as usual" once again.

But have you heard much about COVID-19 itself, lately? That is the question here. The answer is probably "no."

Look at February 19th's COVID tracker for the world, generated by John Hopkins University of Medicine:
Covid-19 Chart

February 19th, 2021 depiction of new case reports of COVID-19
Note the downturn. It started in late December of 2020, dropping new daily case counts from nearly 900,000 per day to 403,000 on the 18th of February.

This one of the United States is even more surprising:
Covid-19 Chart

COVID-19 new cases for the United States as on February 18, 2021.
From a peak level of just over 300,000 new cases per day noted in the US, the number is now 69,000.

Comment: The sharp decline in cases is probably the result of the new guidelines issued by WHO to all labs that are making PCR tests to decrease the number of amplification cycles because up to 90% of tests made with higher amplification cycles (Ct40) were false positives.

The new guidelines from WHO were issued immediately the installation of Biden and his administration in the White House.

There is a further interesting factor. The previous two waves showed a slight decrease - the worldwide graph shows a peak, then a fall to between 50-75% of the peak, and then a rise to the next peak at a much higher level. The most recent drop is more than fifty percent worldwide, and in the US that number is down to 23% of the peak.

Further, the cases were supposed to be on the increase with cold weather's onset. At first, this appeared to be the case, but the winter this year is rather cold in the US, and in Western Russia, it has not been this cold in years. Here in Moscow, we see below zero (F) readings quite often this season, with wave after wave of cold and snow. Last year was practically no winter at all.

Moscow's COVID cases during this time look like this:
Moscow’s COVID-19 Chart
We see the same decline taking place. Admittedly in Russia the rise and the decline of COVID cases was much more gradual according to the official accounts. Many of my friends and colleagues have had their own run-in with the virus. At least one friend passed away from it, and others got very sick, indeed. But the incidence rate is falling. A few weeks ago, in January, we were recording five and six thousand new cases per day in Moscow.

What does this mean? Is the pandemic over? Is this because of the success of vaccinations?

The honest answer is we really do not know. COVID is still a (publicly) unknown disease. I am saying "publicly" because I suspect that this illness was either used or even deployed to make sure it had the required effects: namely to remove a very strong US President and allow China to try to organize the world according to its government's own desires. I suspect a lot of people hopped right on board that plan, though the virus has caused problems worldwide, with very nasty illnesses and very cruel deaths.

I say this in hopes that I am wrong. Pandemics arise about every century or two, and we have now had ten of them recorded in the Christian era. This one is very mild as pandemics go. Also, I do not like conspiracy theories, but there is so much evidence of manipulation of this crisis (at the very least) that it does seem clear that there has been some co-opting of the virus if it is natural, and after that, the curve only leans towards artificial or deliberate actions to bring it about.

Now, it is going away, or appears to be, largely on its own. The amount of vaccinations cannot be credited with the reduction of the disease yet. We have statistics that show this:
Vaccination rate chart
These numbers show the number of people vaccinated per 100 in population. Israel has reached nearly 100% inoculation, but the US density is only about 17%. That does not account for a 78 percent drop in case incidence. Russia and China are not even visible until much farther down the list, at 2.67% and 2.82%, respectively.

India, the second-highest infection count nation, has experienced an 86%% drop in case incidence per day, and its vaccination rate is 0.68% at this time. The video below was posted on January 23rd when the drop became too great for the Indians to ignore.

What does this tell us?

I personally believe it tells us that we know very little about COVID-19, still, and if this pandemic is ending, it may leave us with as big a mystery as it presented when it arrived.

...Unless someone did this to us.