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I don't need to tell you that we are living through world-historical times right now. The frequency of world-changing events is accelerating even as the impact of these events on our day-to-day lives is increasing.

As Lenin rightly observed: "There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen." Perhaps there are years in which centuries happen.

With that in mind, I am taking my annual look at the year ahead and splitting it into three parts.

Last week, I looked at the tectonic shifts that are taking place in the global monetary space and consider what these changes portend for the future of the world economy.

This week, I will examine the ongoing (generated) COVID crisis and what we can expect as the Era of Biosecurity continues to unfold.

Finally, next week I will turn my attention to world geopolitics, analyzing the types of conflicts that we can expect to see over the course of this year and explaining how these conflicts will set the stage for even more dramatic events over the course of the decade.

When Will the Scamdemic End?

There are five main schools of thought about when the scamdemic will end.

The first school holds that the scamdemic will end on January 20th, because that's when Biden gets installed as the next puppet in the White House (unless Q and the good deep state launch their military coup before then!). But only Americans believe that the events of the past year were all about the American (s)election sideshow circus.

The second school of thought says the scamdemic hype will be gradually ramped down as the vaccines are rolled out. As viewers of the most recent New World Next Week will know, there is now a mechanism in place for the scamdemic scammers to do just this: the PCR tests. You see, the WHO has just "discovered" that RT-PCR tests with a high cycle threshold may be giving false positives, so we are likely to see new guidance for 2021 telling labs around the world to lower the cycle threshold in their PCR tests. And just like that (poof!) the casedemic will disappear. Of course, they'll want to time this just right so that the number of cases begins to fall as the COVID vaccinations begin in earnest, thus making it appear that the vaccines saved the day.

The third group believes that the scamdemic will end in June. Why June? Because that's when AstraZeneca says so! The deals that the various Big Pharma drug pushers have made with governments around the world are by and large secret, of course, because that's how the fascist corporate global kakistocracy rolls. But, according to at least one such agreement that has been "seen" (but not shared) by the good ol' Financial Times, the document actually declares that the scamdemic will end on July 1, 2021 unless "AstraZeneca acting in good faith considers that the SARS-COV-2 pandemic is not over." Read the report for the details, but in a nutshell AstraZeneca has agreed not to profit from their COVID vaccine until the pandemic is over, so they've had it written into their contracts that they get to declare the scamdemic over by July.

The fourth faction opines that the scamdemic will never end. According to this line of thinking, governments and their string-pullers will never relinquish powers once they've taken them. Proponents of this idea merely have to point to the War of Terror, which, as we all know, was never meant to end and is still ongoing (even if it has been put on the backburner while the scammers ramp up the biosecurity panic). In this view, we will be living with a never-ending emergency caused by an unceasing parade of "new coronavirus strains" and novel viruses that require the indefinite lockdown of humanity. After all, they've been telling us since the beginning that this is the "new normal," haven't they? Did you think they were joking.

So what's the fifth answer? The scamdemic is over when we say it's over. When we stop complying. When we disobey orders. When we stop watching from the sidelines while people get manhandled by the police for daring to play pond hockey. When we stop looking at the horrific videos of people getting raided for having too many people in their home and muttering our concern before turning back to our regularly scheduled programming. When we say "no more!" and mean it.

I know the fifth to be true, but if that rising up doesn't happen then I think we get number four by default. Which school of thought do you belong to?

The Needle and the Damage Done

Even in the most optimistic scenario (namely, the one in which people actually stop complying with the lockdowns and the WHO/Gavi/Gates/WEF scammers are forced to tuck in their tails and end the COVID scare early), the real damage has already been done. The precedents have been set. Even if the powers that shouldn't be don't go ahead with the bioterror false flag that they've long warned us about, we can still expect to see regular recurrences of the COVID scare for the rest of our lives. Why? Because it worked for (at least) a year, and it set the precedent for all sorts of interventions that would have been literally unthinkable just 12 months ago.

Don't take my word for it. Take scamdemic liar Neil Ferguson's word for it. As you'll know by now (if only from the 4th Annual Fake News Awards), Ferguson is the disgraced Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) member and "mastermind" behind the "mistaken" Imperial College model that the US and UK (and other) governments used as part of their justification for the initial "two weeks to flatten the curve" lockdowns.

Ferguson โ€” who, despite what the lying government and fake news media tell you is still advising the UK government on the scamdemic โ€” just gave a stunning interview to The Times admitting that SAGE was watching the Chinese government's barbaric lockdown of Wuhan with great interest. "They claimed to have flattened the curve," he told the paper. "I was sceptical at first. I thought it was a massive cover-up by the Chinese. But as the data accrued it became clear it was an effective policy."

After deciding that welding people inside their own homes, implementing biometric security screening and using flying drones to harass people out walking on the street really is a great way to "flatten the curve," Ferguson admits that SAGE then turned its attention to the question of whether such policies would fly in the "free and democratic" Western world:

"It's a communist one party state, we said. We couldn't get away with it in Europe, we thought. And then Italy did it. And we realised we could."

You couldn't ask for it any more bluntly than that, could you? Ferguson and his cronies have no moral qualms about implementing the draconian lockdown of millions (and ultimately billions) around the globe. No pang of conscience about consigning untold millions to grinding poverty, throwing families into food insecurity or depriving them of their economic livelihood or their reasons for living. The only question they had when weighing the lockdown question was whether they could get away with such bold moves. And they did.

So here we are.

What we are witnessing right now is not a temporary power grab but the birth of an era. This is not about COVID. It never was. It's about rolling out the infrastructure for biometric tracking and tracing of every movement of every individual. It's about creating a narrative to justify locking people away indefinitely with the convenient excuse that they are an "asymptoamtic carrier." It's about the digitalization of the economy and the end of interactions and transactions outside of the purview of Big Brother's watchful gaze. And, ultimately, it is about the end of humanity.

Yes, the single most important precedent being set right now is the erosion of bodily autonomy. If things proceed as planned this year and the experimental COVID vaccines are forced upon vast swathes of the human population โ€” either through outright compulsion or by making participation in meaningful public life contingent on proof of vaccination โ€” then Ferguson and his likeminded central planning fellow travelers will see that there really is no limit to what the public will accept. And with that, they will be able to begin the reengineering of humanity in earnest.

You see, this isn't just about the experimental gene therapy that Moderna and Pfizer and their cronies are pushing on the public in the guise of mRNA "vaccines." After all, as the scientific head of President Trump's military-run Warp Speed project to inject every American has openly admitted, "Vaccine isn't the objective; the objective is vaccination." And why is that? Because they want to break down the public's resistance to having experimental technologies injected into them at the government's say-so, that's why.

No, this isn't about one particular mRNA vaccine. It's about the self-assembling protein nanoparticle vaccines and the edible GMO tomato vaccines and the remote-control implantable drug delivery devices and other novel injections that will be coming down the pike soon. It's about the military-funded implantable biosensors that "could be the future of pandemic detention" and the injectable nanobots that will be monitoring us on the inside and injecting drugs into our system directly. It's about (as Corbett Report member studiotwoseven has been pointing out in recent investigations) the pursuit of mind control through optogenetics and all the other future technologies that will be used to alter our bodies, our minds and even our DNA itself.

Yes, we have well and truly entered the age of biosecurity and the technologies of that age are just being unveiled to the public now. But these technologies will not all be foisted on the public at once. In fact, some of these invasive devices will not see the light of day for years now. The first step was to set the precedent with the rollout of the COVID "vaccines." The next step will be to use these vaccines as the excuse to bring about the biometric surveillance state. And that step certainly will happen this year if the scammers get their way.

The Vaccine Passports Will Be Rolled Out This Year

Barring some minor miracle (where's Q when you need him?), the so-called "immunity passports" are one of these pieces of the biosecurity grid infrastructure that we know will be rolling out this year.

For those who haven't heard (oh, sweet innocent child!), immunity passports are certifications that will be used to identify those who have received the vaccine. Their first use will be in the most literal sense: as passports to enable travelers to cross into other countries. But once the public is acclimated to the idea that their immunity passport is required for international travel, it will not be long before these passes are rolled out for everyday life. Soon, you may be required to show proof of vaccination to enter public buildings, access public events, or even enter certain stores or businesses.

Of course, this was the stuff of tinfoil hat nuttery when conspiracy theorists like myself first started talking about this development in the early stages of the scamdemic, but it has since become mundane reality, touted in slick ads by the private companies that are working on the development of these COVID passes and by the national governments that are hoping to force them on their populations (oops! looks like the government of Ireland got scared of all the negative comments about their proposal and decided to take the video down!).

This passport will be digital, of course, to allow for people to carry it around on their slave devices and fondleslabs. So who is working to develop these passports? Why a consortium of Big Tech companies, medical-industrial complex cronies, and billionaire foundations, of course! Specifically, the "Vaccination Credential Initiative" is working on rolling out an international standard for these digital vaccination certificates, a coalition that includes Microsoft (of course), the Rockefeller Foundation (of course), MITRE (yes, that MITRE) and Oracle (yes, that Oracle). Go read the mealy-mouthed blather that they've spewed at the public via their latest press release:
The goal of the Vaccination Credential Initiative is to empower individuals with digital access to their vaccination records so they can use tools like CommonPass to safely return to travel, work, school, and life, while protecting their data privacy," said Paul Meyer, CEO of The Commons Project Foundation. "Open standards and interoperability are at the heart of VCI's efforts and we look forward to supporting the World Health Organization and other global stakeholders in implementing and scaling open global standards for health data interoperability.
Translation: Buckle up, tax cattle. You're about to get branded by your globalist owners.

Now on the note of the People's Reset (which, you might recall, is my aspiration for 2021), there are people working on the answer to this problem. One such group is Freedom Airway, who are working to create travel options for health freedom advocates, promising to help preserve travel options that don't require travelers to submit to vaccination, face masks, quarantines or other aspects of the "new normal."

I will have more to say about Freedom Airway shortly, but they certainly do have their work cut out for them. Sadly, the insanity of COVID vaccine passports aren't just being floated in the Five Eyes states or even among the NATO allies. This idea really is being forwarded all around the globe right now. Yes, this is another nail in the coffin of those who believe the BRICS are our saviours from the New World Order: all of the BRICS misleaders are going along with the vaccine charade.

Take Putin, for example, who not only touts the benefits of Russia's COVID vaccine, but is now pushing for an immunity passport rollout.

As ZeroHedge notes:
If push comes to shove and this concept of travel papers based on vaccination (immunization passports) comes to pass then it is very likely that non-Western versions will "not count" at border crossings. Although with enough time and money one can probably get any type of vaccine anywhere, for the overwhelming majority this could create a new invisible Iron Curtain - the Western Vaccines on one side with the Russian one (with other possible outlier versions) on the other.
A new invisible Iron Curtain? Based on competing vaccinations? What does this mean? War?

Yes, dear reader, that's exactly what it means. But, as I shall explain next week, this is not war like anything you've seen before. . . .