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This didn't make any headlines in the fake news media.

Georgia Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted last night on a senate report on election abuses, fraud, and abnormalities.

The Georgia committee recommended there is enough evidence to decertify the vote for Joe Biden.

Steve Bannon opened The War Room on Tuesday discussing this huge development.
Steve Bannon: Last night in Georgia the Judiciary Committee on the senate voted on a report. This report that there were so many outrageous election irregularities and so much "evidence" CNN, "evidence" Brian Stelter, "evidence," "evidence," that they have said that the Georgia assembly should immediately come into session in a special session. They should discuss this. The Democrats should throw their two cents in, they should debate this, the evidence, and their recommendation is there is enough evidence to decertify!
Rudy Giuliani then told Steve Bannon that Arizona lawmakers are also looking to vote to decertify the fraudulent election results.

Via The War Room: