Comment: The evidence pile in Trump's favor continues to mount...

georgia election results
(President Trump was up by over 100,000 votes the morning after the 2020 election.)

Tonight a batch of 23,000 Biden-only ballots have been identified and determined to be fraudulent - removing these fraudulent ballots will give Georgia to President Trump.

Comment: This video was uploaded on November 21. TGP is a bit late to the party - but that's okay, the video is solid. See also this video response to the original video (and Endeez's response in the comments):

A video has surfaced showing a batch of 23,000 ballots all for Biden that were reported in Georgia - a state where the media says Biden is leading by 10,000 votes:

In a twitter thread one individual compared the video to affidavits from people in Georgia:

Two affidavits describe a batch of Biden votes which were in pristine condition and perfectly made:

Poll workers saw votes that were all for Biden that could be easily identified:

These ballots may have been counted after Republicans were removed from the room due to a reported water main break:

We however were the ones to break the story that the water main break was a fraud - it never happened - it was a lie.

BOOM - there you have it - and these are easily enough votes to move Georgia over to the Trump column where it should be.Georgians need to rise up and demand justice and integrity in their election and demand these fraudulent votes be eliminated from the count. Biden should be disqualified as well.