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Former Senator Ron Paul • Senator Robert Kennedy, Jr.
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. appeared on the Ron Paul Liberty Report last week to primarily discuss concerns with vaccines in relation to the COVID-19 scamdemic. Kennedy, Jr. is a leading advocate against mandatory vaccinations, a stance that has earned him the ire of the Big Pharma-funded medical establishment.

However, an interesting part of the discussion occurred when Paul asked Kennedy about what happened to his uncle, the former U.S. president who was shot dead by what the official government experts said was a "magic bullet." Kennedy does not believe the official story about what happened to his uncle, and instead believes that Kennedy was assassinated due to the family's battle against the CIA's program to meddle in foreign affairs.

"He [JFK] said we should dismantle it. We should remove the Plans Division from espionage, and [former CIA Director] Allen Dulles never forgave him or my family for that.

"You'd be an idiot not to believe what the Congressional investigation found out in 1985, which is President Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy."
He also explained that a similar conspiracy killed his own father, who was serving as Attorney General under President Lyndon B. Johnson at the time, and the official government story that he was assassinated by Palestinian militant Sirhan Sirhan was bunk.

"If you look at the MKULTRA manual, they have a whole section that the CIA was experimenting on creating these Manchurian candidates, and what this psychiatrist who was working for them said is that it took them a year to turn someone into a Manchurian candidate, someone who would actually commit a murder involuntarily," Kennedy said, as Paul and co-host Daniel McAdams gave stunned awes in response.

"But they said they can make a distractor in three months and they could make it out of anybody," he added.

At this point, Paul brought up a point once made to him by a constitutionalist that having an entity like the CIA is incompatible with having a Republic. Kennedy agreed wholeheartedly with Paul's assertion that the creation of the CIA, with help from agents usurped from Nazi Germany, has transformed America into an evil global empire.

"You cannot have an imperial nation abroad and have a democracy at home. They are incompatible with each other," Kennedy said.

Paul noted that both John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy, Sr. held positions that put America First, and neither man wished to maintain an imperial foreign policy at the great expense of the people.

Kennedy further explained:
"My uncle, two months before his death, he signed National Security Order 237, which ordered all troops out of Vietnam... He was surrounded by militarists who were telling him you gotta put in a quarter-million American troops, and he said I'm not going to do it.

"And the day he left for Dallas, he asked his aide for a report about American mortalities among the advisors, mainly green berets and helicopter pilots who are in Vietnam, and there were 75 men killed, and he was horrified... He signed a national security order to bring the first thousand men home by December of that year. He was killed in November, and he would bring 100 percent of them home by the following December, and he was killed a few days after that."