The UK's overweight PM, Boris Johnson
Vulnerable Brits will be told to remain inside to avoid mass lockdown if the country sees a sharp spike in cases over the next few months.

Comment: Asymptomatic cases will spike if the government intensifies its faulty testing regime.

A Cabinet minister told the Sunday Telegraph that the government's plan was a "stiletto not a sledgehammer" approach to tackling outbreaks.

Experts are currently looking at ways NHS data can be used to target people in vulnerable groups.

These include people who are aged over 50 and those who are obese.

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Preston youngsters have been warned 'don't kill granny'
According to the paper, they will be contacted and urged to stay indoors if the country experiences a second spike.


A Cabinet minister said: "They are understanding that age does come into it.

"The shielding cohort is way too broad - you can't say that every fat person has to shield. It will be more subtle."

Comment: The totalitarian tip toe indeed.

It comes after Boris Johnson launched his war on obesity last month.

The Prime Minister revealed junk food ads will be banned online and before TV's 9pm watershed.

Shops could also be barred from promoting unhealthy food and drink products in store.

The PM unveiled the sweeping new restrictions on the marketing of high-fat and sugary foods as part of his blueprint for making Brits leaner following evidence obese people are more likely to die from coronavirus.

Comment: Now the coronavirus hysteria is being used to restrict citizen's food choices... One wonders what tyrranical measures it'll be used to justify next?

His radical plans contrast with the PM's previous opposition to nanny state interventions.

However, in May he said he had undergone a "damascene conversion" following his own brush with death after catching coronavirus, which disproportionately affects overweight men.

He said the coronavirus pandemic had convinced him that urgent action was needed to tackle Britain's obesity crisis.


It comes after Preston youngsters were told "don't kill granny" after the city was plunged into a local lockdown.

The city has been slapped with ramped-up rules in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus after a surge in cases.

Council leaders have now doubled down on warnings to young people in the area after it emerged half of the fresh infections are people aged under 30.

Preston locals are now unable to meet one another inside homes, private gardens or any other indoor areas.

But people are still able to meet others in groups up to six individuals, or two households, in outdoor public places.

And pubs will remain open - but only those who live together can enjoy a pint.