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Senator Chuck Schumer, (D-NY)
Republicans and Democrats failed to reach a compromise on a Covid-19 economic relief bill, but one comment from Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-New York) about schools needing to reopen has some seeing hypocrisy on the left.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-California) and Schumer addressed the press after failed negotiations with Republicans on a potential relief bill. While many of their complaints about Republicans refusing to continue robust unemployment and other government programs was to be expected, one comment from Schumer went viral as it didn't seem to match the outrage shown to President Donald Trump when he mentioned the same thing.

"If you don't open up the schools, you're going to hurt the economy significantly," Schumer said, "because lots of people can't go to work."

The president has floated the idea of fully reopening most schools in the fall despite the coronavirus pandemic, but he has found pushback with liberal critics each and every time.

Schumer's admission that not reopening schools will hurt the economy, which the president has argued, was seen as a surprising "moment of clarity" by critics on social media who latched onto the comment.

"Surprised but happy to see this moment of clarity from Sen. Chuck Schumer!" Newsmax contributor Dr. David Samadi tweeted.