A poster for the 2007 Hallmark Channel miniseries, "Pandemic"
Axios reports that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shared a video with members of his cabinet, which he believed to be proof of an Iranian coronavirus cover-up. It turns out that it was actually a clip from the 2007 Hallmark Channel mini-series Pandemic.

Two Israeli Cabinet ministers told reporter Barak Ravid that Netanyahu had informed them that he'd personally seen proof that Iran was concealing the full extent of the COVID-19 crisis in their country. He said that national security adviser Meir Ben-Shabbat had shown him a video of Iranian soldiers putting dead bodies in trucks and throwing them into garbage dumps.

The 2007 series starred Faye Dunaway, Tiffani Thiessen, French Stewart and Eric Roberts. In the show, a fictional offshoot of the "bird flu" rocks Los Angeles.

"The prime minister's office didn't deny this account," wrote Ravid, "It said the video had only been sent to three Cabinet ministers who requested it and were told it came from social media and its authenticity was unclear."