EGYPT's Great Pyramid of Giza has been exposed after a tiny robot headed into the air shafts of the ancient structure, making a breakthrough discovery which "adds another dimension to the story" can exclusively reveal.
The robot headed into the Great Pyramid
Led by a team of Britons, the Djedi Mission used state of the art robotics and technology designed for space exploration to finally look beyond the famous Gantenbrink Door. First spotted in 1993, the stone slab was hiding 65 metres up an airshaft behind the Queen's Chamber and was drilled through under orders of famous Egyptologist Zahi Hawass, seemingly revealing nothing during a live TV broadcast. But now, almost three decades later, experts have made a breakthrough, historian Matthew Sibson revealed to exclusively.

He said: "Basically, a few years ago, a robot went into the Great Pyramid and found a door behind an air shaft in the Queen's Chamber.

"Then a few years later, Zahi Hawass sent another robot in, drilled a hole through it and they didn't find anything behind it.

"But then the whole thing kind of went under the radar, but the Djedi robot went back up the air shaft and they found some red writing.

"These red marks - no one knows what they are - but they discovered them at the end of the chamber and it adds another dimension to the story."

Tiny Robot in Pyramid

Djedi heading into the gap
Images sent back to the team showed never-before-seen red hieroglyphs, which they believe could possibly by gang marks by the workers who built the pyramid.

Understanding them could help explain more about how such a colossal structure was created by an ancient society.

Pyramid Robot assembly

The new documentary will show the whole process.
Mr Sibson will be releasing "The Robot, The Dentist and the Pyramid" on his YouTube channel "Ancient Artefacts" on Wednesday, February 19.

The 45-minute documentary, directed by William Westaway, follows the team of academics and robotics experts as they explored the mysteries of the air shaft.

The new documentary will show the whole process.Mr Sibson added: "This documentary will show exactly what happened, it shows the team, what they did and how they did it.

"I've got a 45-minute documentary and I've also got nine hours of the raw footage of it going up the shaft which can be a research tool for anyone with a professional or a passion can observe it and see if there's anything they missed."

Djedi was the brainchild of Hong Kong dentist Dr Tze Chuen 'TC' Ng, who had already designed precision tools for space exploration.

Dr Ng assembled a project team through a friend, Shaun Whitehead, who he had made whilst working on a Mars lander project.

Shaun Whitehead

Shaun Whitehead is the brains behind the project
Shaun Whitehead is the brains behind the projectMr Whitehead said in a trailer for the film: "We know very little about the pyramids, that's the wonderful thing.

"You know the Great Pyramid has been there for 4,500 years, but nobody truly knows why it was built or how it was built and nobody knows what remains inside to be discovered."

Along with the new documentary, the nine hours of raw footage will also be available for the first time on Mr Sibson's YouTube channel.