Statue of Stepan Bandera in Lvov
Following up on this news item from Novorosinform, your volunteer translator searched for and found the relevant documents. Read them here..

And I follow up with a translation of the news article which was the starting point:

The CIA has declassified documents on Bandera's atrocities and aiding Hitler

Near Kiev, a priest called an APU militant a "fratricide" and drove his family out of the temple

The CIA has published in open access a report on the activities of the Nazi collaborator and war criminal Stepan Bandera, who is called "Hitler's professional agent." This was reported by the TV channel "Star".

The privacy stamp was removed from the document 15 years ago, but it has become available to the public only now. The reason for the declassification was the requirement of the American law "On the exposure of Nazi war criminals."

The report "Stepan Bandera and the Ukrainian State in 1941" was created in 1951. In it, the leader of the OUN * is described as "the Ukrainian fascist and professional agent of Hitler Stepan Bandera (the agent nickname Consul 2)", who proclaimed the reconstruction of the state of Western Ukraine in Lviv.

The document also describes crimes committed by armed Bandera gangs in Nazi-occupied territory.

"In just five weeks of the existence of the "state" of Bandera, 5 thousand Ukrainians, 15 thousand Jews and several thousand Poles were murdered," the report said.

Recall that on January 1, a torchlight procession of Bandera's supporters took place in Kiev.

Earlier, the new head of the "Ukrainian Institute of National Memory" Drobovich declared Bandera an eternal "national hero."

Recall that in December, the UN adopted a Russian resolution against the glorification of Nazism - Ukraine and the United States were the sole votes against it.

Note that the last rally held by Ukrainian police was called "Bandera, Arise!"

Recall also that the ambassadors of Israel and Poland called the banner with Bandera in Kiev offensive, and also expressed concern about honoring the memory of Nazi leaders in Ukraine.